Louisiana man presumed dead in Ida floodwater alligator attack survived Hurricane Katrina, officials say

Authorities have not found the man's body. Rescuers have been using boats and high-water vehicles to search for him, authorities said.

9/1/2021 11:56:00 PM

A Louisiana man presumed dead after an alligator attacked him in Hurricane Ida floodwaters this week had survived the devastating wrath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, authorities say.

Authorities have not found the man's body. Rescuers have been using boats and high-water vehicles to search for him, authorities said.

floodwaters this week had survived the devastating wrath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, authorities said.The 71-year-old man, whose identity has not been released, was walking in floodwaters at about noon on Monday when a large gator attacked him outside his home in Slidell, a city on Lake Pontchartrain across from New Orleans, his wife told authorities, according to the

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office.The man's spouse told deputies a commotion prompted her to go outside when she witnessed the attack and rushed to help her husband. A statement from the sheriff’s office on Tuesday said the couple had experienced hardships before, including surviving two of the region’s most violent hurricanes.

Aug. 17, 202102:15“They are Katrina survivors,” Lance Vitter, a spokesman with the sheriff’s office, said Tuesday. The couple had moved to the area after Katrina and “survived Ida then this,” Vitter said.Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday with howling 150 mph winds as a Category 4 storm on the same date that Hurricane Katrina struck 16 years earlier. headtopics.com

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Katrina pushed the levee system in New Orleans to failure,flooding about 80 percent of the city and leading to 1,800 deaths.Authorities on Tuesday unsuccessfully searched for the man’s remains, Vitter said. Rescuers had been using boats and high-water vehicles to look for him.

“All accounts at this point are leading to a terrible tragedy that his wife had to witness,” Vitter said. As the search continues, authorities were concerned about rising waterways Wednesday and Thursday.But if waters were to crest, Vitter said, “Maybe the body will surface."

The man’s wife told deputies she pulled him out of the floodwaters immediately after the attack and went inside the home to gather first-aid supplies, the sheriff's office said in a statement.Sept. 1, 202104:32Slidell fire spokesperson Jason Gaubert told NBC News earlier this week the man had lost an arm.

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"When she ... realized the severity of his injuries, she immediately got into her pirogue (boat) and went to higher ground, which was approximately a mile away, to get help," the sheriff's office said."When she returned, her husband was no longer lying on the steps." headtopics.com

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith has urged people to be cautious walking floodwaters."Wildlife has been displaced as well during this storm and alligators and other animals may have moved closer into neighborhoods," he said.Antonio Planas

Antonio Planas is a breaking news reporter for NBC News Digital.

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Man attacked by alligator in flooded Louisiana waters after Hurricane IdaA spokesman for the St. Tammany Fire District No. 1, told USA TODAY the attack took the man's arm off and his wife went to call for help. When she returned, he had disappeared in the flood waters. this is terrible news

A Louisiana man is presumed dead after an alligator attacked him while he walked in floodwatersAuthorities in Louisiana are investigating an apparent fatal alligator attack on a 71-year-old man as he walked in floodwaters following Hurricane Ida. Get the broom momma. I think they died of covid, 100% it will be on cert. Hello.. Are you looking for a front-End developer who can convert your PSD, XD, AI, PDF, SKETCH, FIGMA, ZIPLINE design to HTML Bootstrap page with perfect pixel following your requirement.

Man, 71, presumed dead after alligator attack in Louisiana floodwatersAfter a man lost his arm in an alligator attack outside his home, authorities said his wife went to get help. When she returned, her husband was gone. I mean… shithole state. Was? say a prayer for this poor man

Louisiana man, 71, missing after being attacked by alligator in Ida floodwatersThe man's wife went to get help after he was attacked and returned to find him gone, she told police. Unfortunately.. I think we all know what happened here. That's so scary Later Gator!!!

How does the impact of Hurricane Ida compare to Hurricane Katrina?NBC's Joe Fryer reports on the impact of Hurricane Ida on Louisiana and how it compares to the damage done by Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago. Now From what I read there is less loss. Thanks to the armycoreofengineers Now Nothing to be compared both these storms destroyed people's life's Now Bad news

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