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Louisiana Governor on not shutting down Mardi Gras over coronavirus concerns: No one from federal government told us to cancel events

Louisiana Governor on not shutting down Mardi Gras over coronavirus concerns: No one from federal government told us to cancel events

3/29/2020 10:57:00 PM

Louisiana Governor on not shutting down Mardi Gras over coronavirus concerns: No one from federal government told us to cancel events

Governor John Bel Edwards reiterated Sunday that last month's Mardi Gras celebrations weren't cancelled or downsized because 'not one person' at the federal level directed the state to take such action - but he said it's now time to move forward.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards reiterated Sunday that last month's Mardi Gras celebrations weren't cancelled or downsized amid concerns about the coronavirus, because"not one person" at the federal level directed the state to take such action -- but he said it's now time to move forward.

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The Democrat doubled down on remarks he made last week defending his decision -- or lack thereof -- not to cancel February 25 Mardi Gras events. He conceded that the raucous partying scene"likely" contributed to the spread of the virus in the New Orleans area, where health experts now say the next coronavirus"hot spot" is emerging.

Speaking on several Sunday morning TV news programs, Bel Edwards tried to focus the conversation on the state's need for respirators and federal government supplies rather than rehashing the past. He warned Louisiana's largest city will run out of ventilators by April 4 and hospital beds by April 10.

But Bel Edwards did confirm Sunday that the Centers for Disease Control Prevention -- or any other federal government agency -- made no mention of ever scaling back Mardi Gras celebrations over coronavirus concerns."You didn't cancel it. Do you regret not doing so?" CBS News'

Face the Nationhost Margaret Brennan asked Bel Edwards on Sunday."I know you said the CDC didn't issue guidelines saying to do so is that what you were waiting for? For the federal government, as a state, what to do?""There was not one person at the federal level, not at the CDC or otherwise, who recommended canceling anything. Not just Mardi Gras, but I don't think anywhere across the country ... But right now that's not our focus. We can't do anything about what happened yesterday."

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Canceling flights was not a clue... NBA cancelled games and much more... Its a State and local decision to decide whats needed and what is not needed. Louisiana Governor: Waaaa waaaa OrangeManBad didn’t do my job for me. Someone also needs to burp me Why do you need to DC Government to tell you how to live your life? Are you incompetent!!

Wow. What a leader. Refer to federalism for Dummies Page 1 I honestly thought after the Katrina debacle the local leadership would have learned how federalism works & behave accordingly. Wherever there is negligence and stupidity, there is a DEM politician. In other words, he’s terrible at his job and doesn’t understand what federalism means.

Leadership ? That is not the White House's job. That is the job of the governor and the state. Attention townspeople, THE FED is not your daddy. Those things are taken care a at the state level, that is what the 10th amendment is all about. For the love of God, take a civics class. But the fool will now ask for Federal help and Money.......

Governor, it’s called Federalism. I feel like we’ve heard this song before Gotta get that sweet sweet Bourbon St money. Hey Gov, put your big boy pants on!!!! You are the GOVERNOR!!!! You should NOT have to be told what to do. Use your brain!!!!!!!!! Does newsweek understand why this may be the dumbest political statement of the year....in a year filled with dumb political statements.

And if the Trump admin had told you to not have Mardi Gras you liberal TDS sufferers would have bitched about that. That was 100% the Governor's job ...not anyone in the Federal government. If your governor had even the slightest bit of common sense he would shut down the Madi Gras festivaties him self. Quit blaming Trump for all of your problems. He spends an inordinate amount of time dealing with the problems that you create.

Why even have a governor with leadership like this? If the federal government needs to tell a mayor what to do the city needs a new mayor OMG! This Governor doesn’t know what the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is. Do YOUR job! It took several days of 'arm-twisting' leaders in Houston to shut down the RODEOHOUSTON after other events had cancelled. MEGA $$$$$$$ no other reason they delayed

Political toddler. The governor of Louisiana needs to remediate basic civics class. 🤯🤯🤯 So much for Leadership. Louisiana has a State Department of Health. Why was LouisianaGov not in communication with public health doctors, epidemiologists and his state’s preparedness team? LameExcuse Doesn’t anyone know how our government works? My God.

Common sense will take you far Mr. Governor. What a f*cking infant. Why even have a governor? Just turn the state over to Trump. A governor who doesn’t understand how our system even works -and now wants to blame federal govt for the fact he doesn’t? Why did the people of Louisiana elect an errand boy for their governor?

I didn't vote for this fool! What an incompetent. Blaming others for his own failure to lead. Perhaps people should inform themselves, weigh the risk, and then stay away if they are concerned rather than rely on the feds or any other govt? DEMOCRAT. Nuff said He learned this from the Katrina playbook Democrats can't govern. It's always somebody else's job. Louisiana is quickly gaining on California as worst-run.

Oh my... Pathetic excuse from an incompetent governor. This is laughable! You need someone to tell you what to do 🤣🤣🤣 No one told the other states how to handle the crisis, but their governors acted responsibly. That’s the point of being a Governor of a state. We are the United STATES of America. Not “America”

The Governor was stupid and now wants to pass the buck. Closing down major events in his state is HIS job Dear Louisiana, Please look both ways before crossing the street, (at designated and marked crosswalks, thank you!). Love, The Federal Govt. How’s that Republican denialism working for Louisiana now fool!

Dear Louisiana, It might rain today. Wear appropriate attire, carry an umbrella. Love, The Federal Govt Every time I see these liars I'm calling them out! I cancelled my trip to Mardi Gras because I paid attention to what the President said! DID I HAVE MORE INFO than the mayor or governor? Oh my. I wonder what else they haven't instructed you to do. Pathetic.

💰Money talks,bull sh..t walks I think she must’ve been watching re-runs of the FakeNews mainstream media when they were saying there was no need to panic. Every single event nationally was being cancelled. How did she miss that and WHY did SHE choose to ignore it? IfIOnlyHadABrain Money Blame somebody else. Always somebody else's fault.

Seriously And Newsweek is actually reporting this worthless crap 🤦‍♀️ So now the left is saying they’ll take orders from President Trump. You’re the damn governor of your state. Make a decision. It is your job to do that, jackass. Also is FakeNews. BeHonest StopTheBias Truth That’s what they did after Katrina. They blamed the federal government for their own ineptness. Ray Nagin got hundreds killed because of his incompetence, & then they re-elected him mayor of the city! 🤦‍♂️🙄He’s in jail now for 10 years, for corruption. It seems nothing has changed

'No one from the federal government told us to'? Since when does a Governor need the federal govt to tell them to shut down an event that is harmful to their citizens in a crisis? Does he seriously not understand that people see this as an excuse to 'blame trump'? It is common sense Oh wow Is this Governor capable of leading Louisiana? It seems as if this Governor has no wisdom.... and blames others for their decisions. That’s not a leader... just a complainer.

Seriously? I think somebody really needs a refresher on the system in which this country was founded. Well you are the governor. You could say the president of Louisiana. Get with the program and lead. LouisianaGov really? Hmmm Gov. I see that taking on responsibility isn’t your strong point. Not sure you’ve read the constitution, we are a representative republic. The states are to run their states. Stop and help your state. It’s shameful.

Quit blaming someone else ! No one knew what to expect from this virus ... It’s no one’s fault ! Governors want their hands held Is he that stupid really The president told states to go it alone you nincompoop. The federal government shouldn’t have to tell you these things. You are responsible for your state

They've tricked us into being scared to death 19 years ago. I, for one, am not falling for it. Does he need to be told by the federal government to wipe his ass? Makes you wonder. Shutting down Mardi Gras was his job, not the federal government. These politicians that dont even understand how their own govt works🙈

He dropped the ball He is responsible for his state that he runs. Governors run their own states. Man up and stop acting like a jackass, governor. Leaders lead. He doesn’t. GTHFOH with the bs! Blame your PettyPresident for not telling the country! So stupid. You know the school district we’re in hadn’t canceled classes yet but I kept my kids home anyway. 🙄 If you have to wait to be told to do the right thing you shouldn’t be in power

It’s as if no one has even heard of the 10th Amendment...and people actually retweet this garbage. I mean they freaking closed Disneyland and Las Vegas OMG 😳 You did realize you would be tasked with decision making when you took the job! Put on your big girl panties and help!! I live here in Louisiana and the idiots debated on having Mardi Gras...the Money they decided on was More Important!!!! Now what money are they bringing in. Look at the rats taken over in New Orleans besides the political Rats.

Wait what? Another one, how did he get elected? So dumb.. Were they depending on Trump? bonehead That’s your job knucklehead It’s not the president’s job. Louisiana has the worst elected officials. Had the same problem during Katrina - waited until it was too late to evacuate New Orleans Where did his common sense go?

That’s not in the President’s scope. gee, make a decision--that's what governors and leaders are supposed to do. not sit about sucking thumbs or playing stupid. The governor of the state makes this call. Breaking News - The governor of LA or mayor of New Orleans could've shut it down. Bad excuse. Why do Louisianans keep electing these morons?

🤦‍♂️ Louisiana Governor does not get to pass the buck for their own stupidity! The federal government doesnt make that call it's your call Governor. Should the government tell you when to take a shit too Take some fucking accountability. Citizen of Louisiana from 1952 until 1984. Moved out of state due to limited opportunities and extremely corrupt state and local politics! Can see that things haven’t changed! Especially in New Orleans!

Governor on sucide mission? The Louisiana Department of Public Health’s job is to “ensure we’re ready for disasters & threats and fight chronic and communicable disease”. It’s literally in their mission statement. Y'all are a liar it is inevitable we were going to get it anyway it comes down from up above and that's where you are up above so shut up woman the governor's doing right I got to stand signs they quarantine Goodwill Prevail over evil

Reminds me of the empty buses discovered after Katrina 🙄 Hurricane Katrina redux: Feds ready to help but Louisiana politicians dither and people die, but blame the Feds. LOL, guess the buck doesn't stop on her desk. How many citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding area has she killed? 🤔🤔 That would be your job, genius!

Did anyone tell them not to cancel events? WTH, does Louisiana require it's elected officers to blame others for their deficiencies? What a good little UsefulIdiot can't do anything until the feds tell her to. These weak-ass Democrat governors are getting their incompetence exposed in a national spotlight. Same with the NY Health Commissioner.

It was the responsibility of the Governor and the Mayor of NO to make that decision! State and local government always act first. This was not a federal matter. Gov must have missed that in his Civics class Wow!! That's a very poor answer. Your the governor.......you should act like one. He needed to be told? What a moron, he just wanted the revenue.

Dude is a moron What a IDIOT. Duh don't you think that would be the smartest thing to do Is shut down the parade this year 🙄🙄🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😎😁 That would be a local decision? Common sense isn’t very common 😳 Didn’t want to give up that $$$... took a gamble.. LOST Didn't realize it was the federal government's job to tell governors how to run their state.

Mmmm, k Gotta forgive the guy, he has the iq of a grapefruit. Emergency Management protocol. Municipality, State, Federal. LOL - it couldn’t be mine 😇 So to be a government official...no common sense or brain's is needed. Especially in L.A. Stupid. I doubt a lot of people will go unless they offering free drinks.

Let him go ahead and thin out the herd. Easy answer...then she shouldn’t be Governor Why bother to elect governors if they just wait for the Fed. To tell them what to do. “We can’t think for ourselves.” Stupid. Lets let people die and use up more medical supplies. It’s your job LA governor to run your state.

Flotus DrRandPaul MardiGras will cause another Outbreak Zone if it's soon! Franklin_Graham 700club 25ccm NBC VP And so spreads the virus big time someone explain federalism to JohnBelforLA And just like that he proves he is an unfit fool why elect governors then? That’s your job. His last name is Edwards. His family calls him John Bel. The rest of us call him Gov. Edwards. Fix it. Run a correction

Wt? Do you think your job is Gov? Local Gov't should have commons sense and protect it's community. Probably King Donald wanted to ride on the King Rex float! The Governor of Louisiana made poor decisions. Remember that at the polls, Louisiana! Cajuns dont forget! Democrats cant lead - clueless.... Google passing the buck and his picture pops up

Turns out the federal government isn't responsible for doing the governor's job. He's an idiot, can't think for himself. GET READY FOR AN INCREASE OF INFECTED PEOPLE GADEMIT! Congrats Louisiana you elect people that dont know their job On February 26th our King Trump told the world we had 15 cases and will have 0 in a few days. Only have 135000 33 days later. How inept can one be?

Louisiana has an idiot running the state Do u but brush your teeth with out the federal government telling u to do it? SMH Yep, they’re that stupid. Bless your hearts! Sounds like something Catherine Blanco would’ve said. Trump said it was a hoax. wasn't drumpf saying it was a hoax during tat time? Stuuuuupid Jackass governor.

Governor Kathleen Blanco 2.0 The governor failed. Period. Just like Cuomo and DeBlasio utterly failed NYC. Governors run their states, not the President. Folks who disagree are basically advocating for Martial law. That's what it's called when the Federal govt takes over the executive decisions of states.

Just like not repairing your levies when you are given federal aid to do so then blame the president after they fail 🖕🖕 It’s their fucking jobs not the federal government! Has to be a republican to be that dumb You have to be told like a child dont kill people. 🤭 Hmmm...someone please remind me, what do Governors do?

He's an idiot. Was he not watching the news? He should've exercised common sense. Take personal responsibility for once Did the government tell him to hold the Mardi Gras this year? I see we are continuing the tradition of blaming the Federal government for inaction. Isn’t HE the Governor of Louisiana? Isn’t he supposed to govern the State? Jeez, what’s he waiting for? Whining and bitching vs. Leading!

Nor should they That’s your responsibility governor, under the 10th Amendment, which states that individual states are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their people. Guess you don’t have PPE for medical teams or ventilators for the ill, and it’s not your fault. stepup Every time there’s a crisis in NOLA there is a Democrat governor but it is someone else’s fault. Always...

You don’t need nutcase trump White House to tell you what to do , only a very lame excuse when the virus already spread all over the world .🙄 I understand governor. You’re incapable of making a decision without the feds. Step down and we’ll find someone who is. Thanks for your service. The Governor is feckless and not real good at making decisions.

Hello! It’s your job to protect yours citizens not the federal government. Should you also be told when to go to the bathroom? Goober! So this fukken clown doesn't know what his job is huh I didn't look but I would bet a DemoRAT No shit - LouisianaGov Shifting blame for ruinous consequences of incompetence is a Louisiana tradition. Subsequent prison sentences too.

Most states don't want the Federal government telling them what to do. You aren't smart enough to figure things out on your own? Resign. Blame game is all you politicians do Then what the f*ck do we need you for? The handholding the state of Louisiana government needs is shameful. Just blame someone else instead of taking responsibility

The federal government doesn't run your state “My dog ate my homework.” Geniuses. Why the fuck do people vote democrat? Because they’re better at calling names and pointing fingers? Just damn. Pretty sure no one from the federal government told him when to go pee. He made an executive decision when he had to....😷😷😷😷

They shouldn't have to. Where was your common sense. That's because that's YOUR job ! Well his failure to cancel Mardi Gras may have help spread COVID-19. Because he doesn’t have the authority. Youu u would’ve screamed bloody murder if he attempted to. This is 150% on the Mayor and Governor. Are you saying that Louisiana government doesn’t have common sense?

Ah the classic ' blame Trump for our own mistakes' move. Democrats love that one. TrumpDerangmentSyndrome Nobody at the Federal level told you to think for yourself. Check. JFC Pcola. Mobile. Biloxi. All had parades 2/25. Millions of people at mardi gras events across FL MS AL TX and western LA. So everybody could be a governor and wait what mom and dad will order to do

He’s the Governor. If he has to be told what to do, Louisiana needs a NEW governor. It’s YOUR job to lead this state! Stop spreading blame! THAT’S LITERALLY YOUR JOB Seriously idiot?! It's almost like the more local you get, the more responsible you should be. And the fed govt is supposed to have a different function. Strange.

That is not one of the duties listed in the Constitution for the federal government. The people elected you to lead them and act in their best interest. Idiot. No one told us? What rock has he been living under? He rather risk the lives of thousands for a party? If the importance of voting after this pandemic isn’t finally recognized, I don’t know what is!

If you can’t make decisions on your own without the federal government telling you what to do then you should not be in charge of a state or city. It’s literally your job to determine what’s best for your people and state not the feds.... Hello mirror, meet mr. govenor.. Easy for all the liberal fools to criticize POTUS when they are responsible.

How did this guy become governor? Does he not realize that’s HIS responsibility?! JohnBelforLA — Please tell us you are joking. If not, resign TONIGHT. And if the President shut it down they would be screaming fascist! BTW, it’s your job. How does someone get elected without even understanding what the job is?

Something in the air Baton Rouge attacks personal accountability in the Governor’s Mansion. The same people who call Trump a dictator are mad he’s not acting like a dictator Head and butt need more time apart. That's your Job. That is a dereliction of duty by you sir. Why are you even in charge? Creep. Doesn’t he follow what’s going on or does he have to have his head pulled out of his ass to find out?

Everybody but you. You were clearly listening to the Lying President Is the Gov really that stupid ? Resign. Did anyone think it was the President’s job to police Mardi Gras? Everyone’s brain is switched off until Washington says something? Good Lord New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor needs direction from Washington to protect their own people. Zero common sense. Both need to resign immediately. Incompetence.

Talk about stupid. All Governors have had 3 years of knowing its every state is in its own regarding things like this. This should help states recognize that from here forward it can happen again. Use your initiative. Politicians are all the same, they never take accountability for their mistakes. Instead they blame someone else. It’s almost like every one of these progressive DEM have a glass box hanging on their wall that says if you F up break glass, and the note inside says blame Trump.

That’s your decision or the Mayor’s, it has nothing to do with the Federal government. Trump is a fascist dictator Trump didn't tell us what to do so we did nothing and it's his fault Same people Why is he a Governor if he needs the federal government to run his state? And in early March, NYC mayor was telling people to get out for the parade. When Trump says he may quarantine NYC, Cuomo says it's a 'declaration of war on the states.' They don't do their own jobs and blame trump, but also bitch when he does propose to intervene.

But you were told to make your own decisions. YOU chose wrong, not Trump. oh okay I guess if Louisianans are dumb enough to elect someone this stupid to govern them they deserve what they get. Next time elect a governor who is intelligent enough to know that he or she doesn't need permission from DC to cancel Mardi Gras when the next pandemic hits.

And he couldn’t make this decision on his own or with the LA State legislature? VoteHimOut People from Louisiana must be idiots to elect this fool and the mayor of nola, neither have three brain cells. That’s your job. If you cannot do the job you were elected to do, then quit. My goodness you run a State. Do your damn job.

Did the Feds tell him to take a bath & brush his teeth? Does he need to have the White House tell him to wipe his ass. That mayor was and is an idiot... It wasn’t the Federal Governments job to cancel events in the different cities. The states scream states rights, sanctuary city laws telling the federal government to leave them alone then blame the federal government when shit hits the fan.

Are you f*cking serious? Poor excuse Why does everyone want an authoritarian federal gov? 🤦🤷 You need daddy Trump to tell you what to do governor? 😂😂😂😂 Uhhh, isn't that your job? Why do these people worship money? Yeah of course not. Because trump is our idiot in charge & doesn't care if people die You actually need someone to tell you to do the right, responsible thing? Do you not have your own health advisors? Are they not smart enough to tell you it was a bad idea or were you afraid of the economic impact first? Now you’re caught and have to blame the federal gov’t!

LOUISIANA GOVERNOR You are the Governor, where was your common sense? On 2/9/20 the Federal Coronavirus Task Force had a conference call with all US Governors to update them on the virus' impact. It had already been declared a national emergency on 1/31/20. To allow Mardis Gras to go on was the state's choice.

Some people are too stupid to be in charge of anything. It seems to be a common issue with New Orleans mayors. Bare. Minimum. Stuff. Yeah ok it's Trump's fault. You democrats are seriously deranged. I guess the President was supposed to call every mayor and have them close every event in the nation. JohnBelforLA GOHSEP LouisianaGov realDonaldTrump VP GOP SecPompeo mikepompeo was informed TeamTrump

So the governor of Louisiana is mad at Trump for not being governor of Louisiana This ought to be remembered next time Louisiana goes to the polls to elect their leaders, make sure they are competent enough to know how to do their job. Nobody told me to wash my hands back then but somehow I managed to do it.

If anyone believes a Louisiana mayor would have done that, you don't know Louisiana mayors. Do better LA voters Having a governor in Louisiana or a mayor in New Orleans has always been a waste of money. Especially during a crisis. We are a republic. The states are to govern themselves. Who elected that idiot?

Reporter: Why didn’t you go into the shelter after you saw the Category 5 tornado from 10 miles away? Guy in hospital bed: No one from the federal government told me to take shelter. So what’s the point of having a governor then? Lmao. Really dude. No one from federal government to the Mayor of Houston to close the HLSR but he did any way. And I spent thousands of dollars which I have not gotten a refund from yet on tickets. Stop blaming Trump for your stupidity.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. My God civics are dead and our failing media hold the gun. I bet they all have fithy asses since the government didn’t tell them to wipe Stop blaming. U didnt want to give up the big revenue $. March Madness was cancelled, NBA, MLB are cancelled seasons. But u need someone to tell u to cancel Mardi Gras. What a fool!

States Rights! These are the same people that called Trump a racist for shutting down flights from China back in January. Siri, why do we have city governments? Governor Blanco, is that you? No one told you what to do?! GEEEEEEE.... New Orleans' mayor was whining about the same earlier this week. It's their job.

WTF Good leadership there. What a moron. I don't think the federal govt told local authorities to shut down SXSW did they If you cant make decisions, quit your job. Our governor and mayor didn't wait for the feds to tell them how to do their jobs and keep their communities safe. Louisiana...always wanted a government rescue...just like Katrina! Nobody at the Federal level told them to use all of those fucking school buses to evacuate people either!

President Trump banned flights from China MORE then a full month before Mardi Gras...but Gov Latoya need to be lead by the nose to do anything because she is joke...not a leader. Funny how state and local govt will shut down their state and cities or not shut sown their state and cities, but blame Trump when they are to blame

REALLY .LouisianaGov . I’m sure with the beauty of how this republic has been set up, the decision was YOURS to make. Even, perhaps, mayorcantrell could have made it. Unbelievable that you can’t step up and make a decision for your people. Why should the federal government coddle you? Come on don't blame trump bel edwards the governor he saw what was happening other places he still allowed mardi gras

That a local call He is shameless. Hay Governor, did you wash your teeth this morning, make sure it is 2 minutes long. Hey dumbass: NOT the job of Federal Gov’t to shut down/cancel local events - CDC provided guidelines on CoronaVirus BEFORE event - talk to NewOrleans Mayor; she is denying responsibility as well 🙄

Ok. He doesn't deserve help & supplies. Someone needs to step in for the people of LA!! What the hell kind of leader are you, are you not taking responsibility either. RESIGN‼️ Lousy Louisiana Governor is at fault for keeping Mardi Gras venue! It’s YOUR job! So the governor is incompetent. It was his decision he needs to own it and fix his problem.

As if she would have listened anyway and she knows it. Just another libtard trying to blame trump for their poor leadership Way to pass the blame, you bum. She needed to be led instead of leading. Vote for a Republican next time and your city won’t be in ruins again and again. So basically the governor is admitting that he’s incapable of making his own, common sense decisions. Sounds like Louisiana needs a new governor

Follow the money. NOrleans cashed in. Now it’s time to pay . LouisianaGov and mayorcantrell You realize you don't need the Feds to TELL you to cancel Mardi Gras, right? The US is not a centralized state with authority to make commonsense decisions to protect your citizens coming from DC. Or are you CYAing by deflecting blame. Do better.

Like they would have listened to the federal govt You don't hate to wait for the federal government to close thing down or cancel big events. Ohio did both before and other states did too. the states that did not where southern GOP states because the cant use their brain and wanted to wait to see what Trump told them

Went to the hometown for Mardi Gras with the family. Surrounded by tons of friendly people. Had a blast. Came home heathy and still are. Just more drama. If the federal government is in control then i guess they can also tell you to end your sanctuary city nonsense in New Orleans. Can’t have it both ways

Were any adults in the room......Stop it. Dear God! 🙄 So Louisiana Gov wants Trump to become a Dictator? If this the case then why we have an governor? He says Trump is a fascist but needs Trump to tell him that big parades/parties during an epidemic are a bad idea. Passing the buck I’m curious if anyone at Newsweek explained to this dolt that America is a Republic made up of self governing states. The idea that this needs to be explained to an elected governor is sad and pathetic. Shame on for not calling him out on his stupidity.

You’re a governor. It was your job. 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Brought to you by the same people who scream Trump is a fascist. These people need to be removed ASAP.

Democrats cannot Govern. They are absolutely pathetic. That's the same thinking that caused the state who needs a nanny used when it shirked it's responsibility to prepare for Hurricanes. Here's what I'm reading from Democrats: Trump should not be a dictator and Trump was not enough of a dictator. Dizzy loons.

Holy shit... he better not ask for cash down the road Does he raise his hand to use the bathroom too? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hello...wtf were you doing? relying on someone else to run your territory? I see. I guess Governors can only reasonably be expected to manage their states when everything is running smoothly and there are absolutely no problems at all.

They don't need to tell him he could've just done it. If this ‘Governor’ needs his hand held and cannot make independent decisions for his state, he should be removed. Dude is in a hard spot Marti Gras is a big economic boon for the state and the fact that he’s a Republican means he’s spineless and ignorant soo...

They didn’t tell to not chew glass either. Just for the safety of your citizens I’m telling you now. DONT CHEW GLASS!!! Do you need to be told to go inside when it’s storming outside. Stop blame others for your complete lack of leadership. It’s your job as governor to protect your people you dope. Yeah because Trump is sitting in the oval office thinking hey I really need to jump on that Mardi Gras thing

If there was ever a time for citizens to request state responsibility its now Doesnt something like Mardi Gras get canceled or postponed by state or local govt? Uh that’s your job dude. Your responsibility. Own it you F’d up If Trump told her to cancel what do you think she would have said. Who elects these idiots

That’s HIS job. Not the Presidents Governors say the federal government needs to stay out if our business then when shit spirals out of control they blame the federal government 😂🤣 u can't win with these people.. such 🤡 So it's the federal government's job to tell that asshat what to do in Lousiana? It's not the federal government's job to tell you what you can and can't do in your state that's up to the states and their elected representatives to decide on what's best for the state./1

All libs in government are absolutely horrible. Governor: leave us alone we want abortion!!! Also Governor: The feds didn't help us. Trump gave governors the authority to make those decisions. Its his State until he screws up Im sure it has nothing to do with the amount of money the town makes from those morons. Ooooooh they're just dumb.😩

JohnBelforLA poor excuse, NYCMayor NYGovCuomo ericgarcetti GavinNewsom made the right decision for their Citizens without realDonaldTrump assistance or approval. Life needed to be save. You wanted to save yourself with Trump. Maybe when he see the aftermath of COVIDー19 he will be awaken. It’s almost as if nothing exists outside of his own navel. The whole world is shutting diwn and self isolating but Dumbfuck here is oblivious to it all

This was held on Feb. 25th. No one was cancelling anything because realdonaldtrump was busy shouting it to be a hoax. Under the 10th Amendment, states are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their people. A national emergency was not yet declared, and this Governor presumably did what he thought was best, given limited information coming from China.

Someone should tell the Louisiana Governor about states’ rights. Nobody tells her to wipe her own ass either !!!! If Austin can cancel South by Southwest and Chicago can cancel St. Patrick's Day...maybe I'm missing something here But if they did tell you to walk over to a cliff and jump off…? Will the media give John Bel Edwards a pass who’s blaming the Federal Government for his allowing Mardi Gras to go on while at the same time it is criticizing Ron DeSantis for not stopping Spring breakers from flooding Florida beaches?

Smh Let it run rampant fck the old people anyways. It’s the Republican Party way I think everyone has now learned not to count on the WH for truth. Gotta blame Trump, can't take responsibility for himself. If he would have been told to shut it down, he and the mayor would have screamed about overreaching federal interference.

Bullshit. Mardi Gras was 2/25, correct? January 31: President Trump declares a national health emergency and imposes a ban on travel to and from China. Former Vice President Joe Biden calls Trump’s decision “hysterical xenophobia … and fear-mongering.” bruttafica Wtf He has to be told to cancel? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Did the governor have to be told to shut down Mardi Gras. At what point does common sense not kick in with some people? The federal government has pandemic plans and is supposed to have issued guidelines before governors and mayors act. Sort of like emergency chain of command. Trump defunded this team and didn't fill the void. All governors and mayors did step in and decide...after Mardi Gras.

To be clear you can’t make your own decisions? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Trump will blame you. Passing the blame game. Trump is never in the wrong. 'Sarcasm.' That's his decision....not the Government. Why is he Governor if he can't make a decision. Unbelievable. So what? That doesn’t dismiss any culpability you or the mayor may have.

What’s the point of having governors and mayors? Pathetic that they are not taking any responsibility

Coronavirus deals one-two financial punch to state budgetsThe coronavirus is pounding state governments with a financial one-two punch, costing them many millions to try to contain the disease just as businesses are shutting down and tax revenue is collapsing. Oh, man! These are all you commies' wet dreams, aren't they? Why do we pay federal taxes if the federal government chooses favorites. The states did this to them selves with over reacting to this, and not stopping to think, it could have been handled way differently and better, shutting things down was not the answer

ER Doctor describes impact of medical supply shortage'We have a certain number of surgical masks,' says Dr. Rob Davidson. 'We're being told to save those throughout the shift and only replace them if they get soiled or if they get moist.' 'We feel like we’re really being let down by our federal government.' And your not doing surgery on covid patients so use a respirator mask Go ask Cuomo for some masks, thousands stacked next to the ventilators. It’s because you are... being let down...

Drew Brees Vows $5 Million Donation Will Feed Kids, Put Adults' Minds at EaseDrew Brees wants his $5 million donation to coronavirus relief to ease people's minds in Louisiana . Thank goodness Hall of Fame QB, but more importantly a Hall of Fame Human Being. God Bless Drew Brees and his family. BS. Just give. You gotta send out press releases! You bought ur wife a 10m diamond did u go on press tour? Brees will make 3-4x this in endorsemebt deals on this self promotion.

Trump says he told Pence not to call governors who aren't 'appreciative' of White House coronavirus effortsTrump said that Pence 'calls all the governors' about the coronavirus. 'And I say, 'Mike, don't call the governor of Washington.'' Really funny guy, I love this dude!😂😂 25thAmendment I have not received an answer as to what 'appreciative' means. We asked our governors, as voting Americans, to proceed to protect our health and they listened. Did you?

First Federal Inmate Dies of Covid-19, Deepening Fear of Coronavirus Spread in PrisonsThe first federal inmate has died from the novel coronavirus, the Bureau of Prisons said, fueling concerns of an outbreak throughout the nation’s lockups. There are infected federal prisoners in Colorado as well. I read something describing the outcome of a situation like this. Not good. club fed?

Michigan and Louisiana are becoming virus hot spots — their governors warn supplies are already running outThe governors of Michigan and Louisiana , two emerging hot spots of the coronavirus outbreak, warned Sunday of looming shortages of essential medical supplies as the health crisis worsens. How would they know. DoNothingDemocrats don’t know what’s going on. listenToTrump