Louisiana GOP Fails To Override Veto On Anti-Trans Sports Bill

“This bill will not protect our girls,” a Democrat opposed to the legislation argued.

7/22/2021 7:23:00 AM

“This bill will not protect our girls,” a Democrat opposed to the legislation argued.

“This bill will not protect our girls,” a Democrat opposed to the legislation argued.

to revive a bill banning transgender students from sports failed Wednesday after legislators didn’t muster enough support to override the governor’s veto.Had they been successful, a bill banning transgender girls from school sports would have moved forward even though Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) vetoed it last month, calling it a discriminatory solution to “a problem that simply does not exist.”

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Wednesday’s outcome was a blow to Republicans who took historic measures to countermand the governor’s decision on the matter. Rallying around the transgender legislation last week, the state’s GOPcalled a special veto sessionfor the first time in decades.

The strategy was “democracy in action,” Louisiana GOP House Speaker Clay Schexnayder said Friday. On Monday, he boasted that he was “comfortable 100%” that his party would overturn the veto, which requires a two-thirds majority in both the state House and Senate. headtopics.com

But despite success in the Senate on Wednesday, Republicans fell two votes short in the House. Though one Democrat joined their ranks, a GOP lawmaker and an independent opposed the veto override.Some of the most impassioned remarks Wednesday against the bill came from Rep. Royce Duplessis (D), who ripped apart the GOP argument that transgender girls have an unfair advantage in school sports.

This is how you sustain a veto. Thank you,for your words, your passion, and your leadership. Read more: HuffPost »

The bill will just accelerate the purging of women from school women's sports and replace them with trans women with the physique of men. Soon there will be women's sports without natural women. Congratulations Democratic political correctness. Sadly, this country does not have a lot of love for women's sports, so this is more symbolic than anything.


Louisiana GOP Fails To Override Veto On Anti-Trans Sports Bill“This bill will not protect our girls,” a Democrat opposed to the legislation argued. Misogynistic man voted against women’s rights. And this magazine is promoting this hate to women. R they ever going to use plain language so its easy to know what the issue is? Course not. Women are upset about cocks and balls in our spaces. Is that plain enough for you? Why are men challenging women who say no to men where they aren't supposed to be and how is that progress? Men who want to allow other men to have access to female spaces, categories, services, etc, don't care about protecting girls. We know this already, people. It's ultimately pointless to pretend we're don't. And in the meantime, girls and women are getting hurt.

Transgender Sports Ban Fails In Louisiana—Another Loss In Culture War CampaignLouisiana's first-ever veto override session was called to enact the ban. That's too bad. Keep up the good fight!

In a Victory for Anyone With a Modicum of Compassion, Trans Kids in Louisiana Can Still Play on Their Sports TeamsLawmakers failed to reverse a veto on a bill that would have kicked trans girls off their teams. I have a lot of compassion for men wanting to be women, but why is competing against women on the sports-field so important to these men? Be kind girls. Make way. You don't matter. Feminist my arse.

Halfway Through the Year, 2021 Is Already the Worst Year Ever for Anti-Trans LegislationWith many pieces of anti-trans legislation currently sitting in committee as state legislatures go into recess, the GOP attack on trans rights is certain to continue into 2022.

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Louisiana legislature 2 votes short in effort to overturn transgender sports ban vetoDemocrats were unswayed by Republican arguments, leaving them short of the supermajority vote required to bypass the governor. Corporate political influence spending is considered to be free speech. So why isn't the act of registering & voting considered free speech too and protected under the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Congress needs to act & end all efforts to suppress the voter's voice.