Personal Celebrations & Life Events

Personal Celebrations & Life Events

Lorraine Kelly celebrates mum's 80th birthday with personal family photos

Lorraine Kelly celebrates mum's 80th birthday with personal family photos

9/21/2021 2:02:00 AM

Lorraine Kelly celebrates mum's 80th birthday with personal family photos

Lorraine Kelly has shared very rare photos of her mum to celebrate her 80th birthday

SEE: Lorraine Kelly's floral M&S dress is an autumn must-haveThis week my mum celebrates her 80th birthday and we were all so delighted that she was able to come down from Scotland to visit us. No one can actually believe she is in her eightieth year as she looks incredibly young and even more importantly has a really youthful outlook on life.

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Mum is interested in everything and always wants to know what's going on in the world. I think she would have made a brilliant journalist and interviewer, and I am sure I have inherited her sense of curiosity. READ: Lorraine Kelly reveals why she missed NTA Awards

READ: Lorraine Kelly reveals secret to her 29-year marriage with husband SteveShe watches my show every morning and gives constructive, but very honest feedback, which is invaluable, and I am sure she could do a far better job at interviewing celebs than me. She knows all the latest gossip and breaking news and the latest fashion trends and soap storylines.

Lorraine's mother was celebrating her 80th birthdayMy wee dad isn't fit enough to travel, but is being well looked after by family, friends and neighbours, and when mum gets home she can enjoy another celebration with him.Meanwhile, my daughter Rosie and I have enjoyed taking my mum shopping, out for some lovely meals and just been spending time together.

She enjoyed meals out and shopping tripsLots of people are kind enough to say that I look a lot younger than my 62 years, but I owe it all to my mum's fantastic genes, especially her glowing skin and gorgeous cheekbones. Mum doesn't do anything special to look younger, has never had anything"done" and roars with laughter at the very thought of Botox or fillers.

Lorraine's dad was unable to make the trip to LondonShe does, however, make sure she drinks enough water and moistures her skin morning and night. She also sleeps like a baby and never gets anxious or upset about things that she either can't change or that don't matter. Mum doesn't keep things for best and happily wears her"posh" shoes when going for a walk with Angus, and her designer scarf to do the shopping.

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I can only hope I look as good when I turn eighty. Read more: HELLO! »

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reallorraine Fabulous women reallorraine What a beautiful family . Stunning 3 generations ❤️ reallorraine Congratulations happy birthday x reallorraine Happy 80th birthday to your beloved Mum. She definitely doesn't look her age & long may her good health continue. Hopefully your Dad will be well enough to celebrate her birthday when she comes back home.

reallorraine 'Personal' 😅😅 reallorraine What a very lovely picture this is Lorraine. I lost my lovely mum in my early 20's and my dad in my early 50's. I'm 57 now but still bloody miss them so much, have lovely dreams about them, but then wake up! Please treasure the moments. ❤️ reallorraine Kerching Kelly 💰💰💰💰

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