Looking Forward to the End of Humanity

6/20/2020 10:30:00 AM

Essay: The coronavirus has spotlighted the promise and peril of 'transhumanism,' the idea of using technology to overcome sickness, aging and death

Covid-19 has spotlighted the promise and peril of “transhumanism,” the idea of using technology to overcome sickness, aging and death. By Adam Kirsch June 20, 2020 12:01 am ET It sounds bitterly ironic now, in the midst of a global pandemic, but not long ago some of the most forward-looking people in the world believed that humanity was close to abolishing death.

“If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes,” said Bill Maris, the founder of Google Ventures, in 2015. Three years later, biomedical researcher Aubrey de Grey estimated that “people in middle age now have a fair chance” of never dying.

Eternal life through advanced technology seems like a pipe dream for a...

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“We’re going to put the connectome on a laser beam and shoot it to the moon. In one second, our consciousness is on the moon. In 20 minutes we’re on Mars, in eight hours we’re on Pluto, in four years our ...” Let's talk when my tweets are remitted on these 'beams' and not glass. 'Transhumanists believe we will be able to master them sooner than most people think, with the help of superpowered artificial intelligence.' Right. My Google Speakers can't even play the right song half the time. That AI?

'Transhumanists envision several possible avenues to immortality.' To all the people that died today, sorry. If it's all invariably going to end Why don't we end it all tonight in spectacular fashion 1999 rushkoff Transhumanism This will be used largely to enslave humanity. Transhumanism is a threat, the end of history.

It’s easier to believe in the book of revelations than science for religious conservatives. cc zoltan_istvan Good read but short on technological insights Wow, they are people too. Not very PC of you to use proper pronouns.

Louisville Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor's Death to Be FiredThe other two officers, John Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, have yet to face any disciplinary action.

idiot 1010101010101010101010101001101010101010101010 Looking forward to the End of CCP. *existential horror intensifies covid-19 pandemic may preview the end of this civilization, not the end of Humanity Wow Debbie downer I thought it said ‘trashhuman’ and honestly I did not give it a second thought “20 years of research”? If you speak to an actual neuroscientist it’s obvious we are no where near “mapping the connectome”. You have a responsibility to the idiots that read this trash to be realistic. Billions of black and brown people will die from climate disasters before...

you don't need a crystal ball to see where that's going... about like the Shaker religion !!!

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 Has Been Delayed Again, by 2 Months To NovemberPreviews of the game come out June 25, right after the studio has its own “Night City Wire” presentation.

Więcej pokory 😐🤔 Did the journalist who wrote this, & the giddy paper that published it, read, even glance in passing, over the long history of plagues the human race had had before spinning up this “end of humanity” heresy over Coronavirus? Keep matters in perspective, folk. No flame-fanning. PERIL: If the Trump Administration had ordered lockdowns and not interfered with the CDC re testing, we might have been able to save upwards of 80% of the thousands who have died in the U.S. so far. So many dead at the hands of this potus.

Good guy Keanu Reeves is auctioning off a Zoom date to raise money for charityThis is almost enough to make you look forward to a Zoom call! Almost. tudo que tenho, 5 reais🥺 i'd rip out my own heart and pay with that. but it is a rock so nvm... uglybagelbits Danny Devito is still a bigger (sex) icon

How Ultrarunning Helped Jill Karofsky Power Through a Challenging CampaignWhen Jill Karofsky started campaigning for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice last year, her campaign team quickly realized that her daily run was non-negotiable. cc SteveYeagerNV Love this story! Very inspiring!!

What It’s Like to Be Black at Liberty University'I cannot encourage students of color to go to that university the way that it is.' It's an evangelical biblical college. Their founding principles are racism and hatred. I feel terrible for BIPOC who's attended there. BLM Ugh, fake Christians and racists! No one should be encouraged to go to Liberty University.

For Three Philly-Born Chefs, This Juneteenth Is About Looking Back—and Pushing ForwardLast year, culinary historian and author Michael W. Twitty (koshersoul) went to Philadelphia to celebrate Juneteenth with chefs Omar Tate, Kurt Evans, and Ben Bynum. Here he writes about how this year's celebration is different. KosherSoul Hello, did you solve the payment problem? KosherSoul BA please! Stop with this displaying of BIPoC. Speak up, pay up! then you can sell us stories KosherSoul Hey did you pay everyone yet? I see Epicurious is uploading again but are you still throwing slurs at unpaid minorities in your office? I use to love BA but we want actual change, yesterday.