Long-Term Symptoms Of COVID-19

Long-Term Symptoms Of COVID-19

5/24/2020 12:26:00 AM

Long-Term Symptoms Of COVID-19

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with he New York Times' Mara Gay about her recovery from COVID-19.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks withhe New York Times' Mara Gay about her recovery from COVID-19. Read more: NPR Health News »

Opioid drug overdose deaths are down in US, study finds, but Covid-19 could change thatMore than 151,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, alcohol and suicide combined in 2018, slightly lower than the overall numbers in 2017, and leveling off for the first time in two decades, according to a new study CNN overdoses daily on FakeNews Democrats want this Right. And do we see CNN sh!tting their pants every day over that?

Can Covid-19 Be Smelled?A company is working to develop coronavirus-odor sensors, while researchers are trying to train dogs to detect the disease. tyranny check I used to cough to cover up my farts - now it’s different ✌️ I’m not sure, but it can be exaggerated.

Michael Connelly on 'fake news,' COVID-19 writing and his nonprofit-set thriller'Fair Warning,' Connelly's latest, sends ex-L.A. Times journalist Jack McEvoy into a nonprofit news-gathering organization. The author talks shutdown.

Thousands of young people are volunteering to catch COVID-19 for medical research, potential vaccine“I feel that this is such a clear and obvious choice for someone healthy and young,” one volunteer for a coronavirus human challenge study explained. Why?

Beware of COVID-19 contact tracing text scams, authorities warnThe text message scams claim a person has been in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus and asks them to click a malicious link. The people that do these scams are already looked down upon. This is a new low. Beware of contact tracing period. Do not let the government track you. Not now not ever Yeah. This is all a scam.

Months into COVID-19 crisis Trump still lacks basic understanding of key issuesRachel Maddow shares video of Donald Trump stumbling through answering a question about coronavirus outbreaks at meat processing plants, and criticizes his inability to speak to significant, mortally serious aspects of the crisis even months into it and almost 100,000 Americans dead. maddow maddow maddow He lacks the basic understanding of life!