Long Covid can cause memory problems. Does it raise Alzheimer's risk?

Long Covid can cause memory problems. Does it raise Alzheimer's risk?

7/29/2021 10:11:00 PM

Long Covid can cause memory problems. Does it raise Alzheimer's risk?

New research shows how the coronavirus continues to affect the brain, even long after the virus is gone.

The connection likely has to do with a part of the brain called the olfactory bulb, which processes sense of smell. The olfactory bulb also sends signals to other parts of the brain that play a role in emotion, memory and learning. Past research has shown that this is the point of entry that allows the coronavirus to infiltrate the brain, which is why people commonly lose their sense of smell. However, it's also possible that the virus may not have to reach the brain to affect the olfactory bulb. Instead, memory loss or speech impairment may be caused by the body's inflammatory response to the virus.

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Past researchalso showed that people who were sicker with Covid-19 were more at risk for cognitive impairment, but only 10 percent of patients in the Argentine cohort were hospitalized, and 50 percent had cognitive impairment, suggesting that the severity of the disease at the start doesn't appear to determine long-term effects. And in another new study, published Thursday in

JAMA Network Open, Norwegian researchers found that 12 percent of people reported continual issues with concentration eight months after they had Covid-19. Eleven percent had ongoing memory problems."The actual disease typically lasts about two weeks, but after the virus is gone, people aren't recovered," said Feixiong Cheng, assistant staff at the Cleveland Clinic's Genomic Medicine Institute, who wasn't involved with the new research."Covid-19 sets off biological processes that can produce long-term effects even in people who had mild or no symptoms at the start." headtopics.com

Download theNBC News appfor full coverage of the Covid-19 pandemicAnother piece of preliminary research presented at the conference by New York University physicians focused on biological markers in the blood. They found that Covid patients who had cognitive impairment, most commonly confusion, had some of the same biomarkers that indicate brain injury, neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease. The researchers said they believe the biomarkers may be tied to inflammation in the blood-brain barrier caused by Covid-19; they said in a news release that more research is needed to determine whether or not those patients are at higher risk for developing Alzheimer's disease down the road.

Cheng led a study published last month in the journalAlzheimer's Research & Therapythat also linked biomarkers indicative of Alzheimer's disease and dementia to those found in recovered Covid patients who experienced cognitive impairment."Covid-19 does increase the probability of having cognitive impairment, but for all we know, people may improve over time," de Erausquin said. Even so,"that coincidence makes us suspicious that Covid-19 may be accelerating the biological brain process that leads to Alzheimer's disease over the course of 10 to 20 years."

The impacts on the brain are concerning, given the staggering number of Covid cases in the world."The majority of people with Covid-19 do not end up in the ICU, but a lot of people still have cognitive impairment that greatly impacts their lives, and that's very worrying," said Dr. Wes Ely, co-director of the Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction and Survivorship Center at Vanderbilt University and the Veterans Administration."It creates a disability in patients who never got very sick."

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Wow interesting. Would Dr Fauci know exactly how many are still alive from the German Measles/Rubella outbreaks throughout the years? Now HIV positive did not effect the brain, right?

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