Long before his war in Ukraine, Putin waged war on Russian journalists

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President Vladimir Putin has sought for more than two decades to control — or shut down — reporters and editors in the country.

Meduza, felt forced to leave in March because of severe wartime censorship laws. He crossed into Europe in the middle of the night, “with my panic-packed bags on my back and my dog in tow.”

sought refuge in Latvia, along with 53 of the paper’s staff, intent on starting a new European version despite having no money to finance it.Yet Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Russian media began long before his Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine and the threat of lengthy prison terms for any journalists who call the fighting anything but a “special military operation.”

“Putin is a control fanatic, and he believed he should control the media. We can see that now,” said Alexei Venediktov, who was editor in chief of the radio station Echo of Moscow when it was shut down in March. He escaped to Latvia.Putin won his first term as president in March 2000.

Not long after, he complained to Venediktov about his radio coverage. The journalist says he had gotten similar complaints from the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and his successor, Boris Yeltsin, but they merely vented while still letting journalists work freely.


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Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s - Vladamir is trying to catch up

Zelensky closed down all the opposition media outlets. Read: Zelenskyy's 2021 illegal banning of Russian Language TV Channels via myscotlandtoday

Mistake... so called 'russian journalists' ... War started in 2014.

And Putin ordered kill to almost 400 kidnapped school children..... just became the kidnappers wanted him out, he rather kill children than negotiate. At beggining of this nonsense war Zelensky wanted negotiations/meet with him, but he refused. Surely he rather kill people 🤔

First step of dismantling democracy.

Ditto USA. freeassange

If Europe does not provide all the necessary weapons for Ukraine's victory over this Russian horde, then this horde will not stop at Ukraine and will continue to fight in Europe👇

Please donate 👇🏽💛💙 SlavaUkraini

Trump called them enemy of the people and told his supporters he'd pay their legal fees if they beat them up, among more insidious methods of intimidation. And people wonder where this acute right turn in our discourse came from. We wonder that, right? Right?!

If only CNN nytimes USATODAY NPR MSNBC FoxNewsSunday and the main stream media was aware of what’s coming…maybe they wouldn’t peddle stories that help fascists.

Ukraine's regime banned almost any media and oposition parties, they burned alive and shelled the dissidence. shut up.

Is below true ?

Talking about journalists...

Русня едет в Грузию: 2008-й и 2022-й Russia goes to Georgia: 2008 and 2022

This sounds like what a particular US political party has been doing in the US for decades.

Russia is dictatorship and Russia never has been democracy. Russians like dictatorship.

Long before Putin, western bankers installed communism in Russia. This is my opinion WASHINGTON POSTY!!!

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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