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Lonely Japanese billionaire seeks 'female partner to go to the moon with him'

A lonely Japanese billionaire is seeking a 'life partner' who can accompany him on his upcoming trip to the moon.


A lonely Japanese billionaire is seeking a 'life partner' who can accompany him on his upcoming trip to the moon.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is holding another contest of sorts on Twitter , this time he is hoping to find his 'life partner' who will accompany him on his upcomi

"I'm sure I've been able to acquire my share of money, social status, and fame along the way. But now I'm restarting my life. I'm 44 now," he wrote."As feelings of loneliness and emptiness slowly begin to surge upon me, there's one thing that I think about: Continuing to love one woman."

Zozo founder Yusaku Maezawa attends a news conference, Sept. 12, 2019, in Tokyo.

"I want to find a 'life partner,'" he added."With that future partner of mine, I want to shout our love and world peace from outer space."

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Let me slide in them DMs real quick.....brb. Epstein Epstein Epstein. Nobody cares about the moon. You sat on the story while he raped with Bill Clinton. Explain yourself Aww, hope he finds someone. Rich loser He hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Maybe he'll have better luck with a middle-aged Chinese guy; there's a glut of those.

Don LeMon? “Rich” and “eccentric” sounds like a recipe for trouble The Japanese are strange people.... Found someone,may be she has experience in space as well Bless you

Meghan's Friend Says She Had Seemed 'Lonely' and 'Silenced' LatelyMeghan Markle felt hounded and lonely while she was in the royal family. Meghan and Harry recently announced they are stepping back from royal duties. Meghan I’ll pray for your happiness

See thats why you should have good friends They will never let you stay lonely and may be even save you from becoming butt of all jokes Good Luck finding fake love Where’s the link? Hasn't he ever heard of a golddigger? Sólo está tratando de aprovecharse de mujeres ingenuas, y que necesitan dinero. Esté tipo anda buscando prostituir mujeres jóvenes. CUIDADO MUJERES, NO SE DEJEN ENGAÑAR

Creepy _NooN_777 I think he wants to do the horizontal shuffle in space He lost me at “wishes for world peace”. Damn, so close. HERE I AM Whomever gets this guy's wallet do him a favor and cut his f'cking hair.

Fly me to the moon: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyageJapanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa 's search for a girlfriend to join him o... how many would be willing do dress up and laugh at his jokes for a chance to go to space? Give him a troll and teach him a lesson wish i was there

There are better ways to get laid than this. dance for the billionaire everyone, dance. 'Stick with me baby, I'll take you to the moon' It's a good pick-up line I’ll be his homie if he’s accepting that. Need a magic friend ASAP that's couplist. why is abc roasting a dude for trying to meet someone Don't come to California, all you'll get is Pedophiles

Advice: baby steps, try traffic first. If this guy is single then for sure there’s some “other” stuff she has to be into

Fly me to the moon: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyageJapanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa &39;s search for a girlfriend to join him on a voyage around the moon will be the subject of a new documentary program, in the latest attention-grabbing stunt by the entrepreneur. 44-year-old Maezawa, who sold his online fashion retailer Zozo Inc to SoftBank Group Um. K.

Now that Epstein is gone. Can the women have penises? Catching our attention for more popularity? Is he attempting to buy a woman? Match dot com Now my friend you are surrounded with the whole family, happier life ! No Need to go the moon / Apollo never went back ! Why not taking us Bun Bun , Pam Pam , Butterfly and my 2 years old daughter to Mickey mouse ,Orlando Florida . Fun Fun times , Family first ! Doma Arigato

The Japanese billionaire flying round the moon with SpaceX is looking for a 'female part... - Business Insider Yusaku Maezawa announced he's looking for a 'female partner' to accompany him, and he will find her through the medium of a reality TV show. Japanese and reality TV shows. Lolz

Everyone, let's sign up! Pam Pam is coming too ! No more loneliness. Doma Arigato Take Trudeau lol I think he's there already ! I’m in He just horny 🍆💦🍆💦🍆💦 He's a psychopath ladies, be careful Look a new series Bachelor Outer Space - Moon Landing. This series would be much better than the current one.

Once he takes you to the moon he will probably try to go to Uranus

Meet Yusaku Maezawa, the billionaire giving away $9 million on Twitter - Business InsiderMeet Yusaku Maezawa , the Japanese billionaire giving away $9 million on Twitter and looking for a 'female partner' to fly to the moon with him and Elon Musk This is the worst pickup line ever. A lunar 3-way? With those two? Uhhh... To the MOON baby

How can a billionaire be lonely? This could be a mental illness that’s being ignored. Let him relocate to Nigeria where people are grooving day and night and see changes to his life And Butterfly is coming too! He paying for the woman trip also 🤔 Proof that money doesn’t buy happiness Interesting!!! He could get MELANIATRUMP or IvankaTrump for the right price. The right price being Any price.

Sounds like a Steve Carrell movie Anonymous Source claims AOC may take him up on the offer. People in NY are ecstatic. Will there be LSD provided for this trip?

Moonstruck Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa wants to find romantic partner for upcoming lunar voyageA Japanese billionaire, hoping to be over the moon in love, is seeking a romantic partner for an upcoming lunar adventure. Questions? Does he speak fluent English? Music preferences? Movie preferences (comedy, drama, action)? Does he only speak Japanese Sounds like he needs a partner temporarily. The pay is probably good. Don’t trust Stormy. She will take your money, breach your agreement, ruin your name, and sue you later. As well as expose the shape and size of your personals. Try bumping a cart at Walmart?

Surprised Elon Musk has not started a dating App for future wedding venues and likeminded mars enthusiasts to have their meet-up in orbit aka “space” ✅🤷🏽‍♀️ may i suggest some AV idols who are my favourite... Can I bring my cat? why ? he can always masturbate ! Whats wong with this dude? Interesting. This man has all the money in the world, yet, can't find love?

What type of doll will he select? I'll show him a moon The woman’s name had better be Alice.

But very vulgarity because he looks Presenting shallow and immediate values. Not noble. He may be good for business, just only he is . I do not like these type of advertisement . someone have big money want to find partner on line, it is big topic and they said many woman gathered to get him. Not even if he owned the moon!!!! Lol!!! No way would I get in a rocket ship not today no tomorrow not next week NEVER!!

There's one called Megan something who's in the market for high-end astronauts.... “Take my her 👇👇”, said Bill. TheOnion they’re still your material Good luck! I will gladly be this mans friend for an annual million dollar allowance Who wouldn’t agree to take a trip with a needy guy outside of the earths orbit Where you have NO ESCAPE!

For more hard hitting news, tune into ABC. Oh wow Nope As kids starve Paging Marianne Williamson Just a fooooool🥱 He can have my wife If you leave your Billion$ to my family, I’m a go. She lives in space already

KatTimpf you're up, just bring her back to greggutfeld in one piece ABC isn’t the place for this story! Get on Tinder buddy. Get him a life size robot or find someone else who isn’t think with his little head. Who gives a fuck about this crazy motherfucker He needs to also reveal something more about himself as a person so his potential partner knows the man he is besides being smart in business & rich. (ps I'm single) via YouTube

Be lonely no more. LoL people are going to the moon already, God when? Not important.. me Is this series on netflix or amazon?

You're lovely already search in Japan, Asian, Europe or America but not in Africa Aren't lonely billionaires supposed to be creating sex robots so that the rest of us will eventually get a cheaper model? Looking for a guinie pig then... what better person to take up to the moon and do research than a pregnant woman. Pregnant because... what.. you think the trip is free!?!? Sshhhiiiittttt.

you need to get out more Pass PLEASEEEEE!!!! What happens when they breakup? Hard pass!! Take your money. ...hahaha...give me some....sensei

Thought ladies would be over the moon for a billionaire? Shoot! Billionaire looking for a partner?🤔 Why is this news? He wants to join the 238 Thousand Mile Club Keep looking good luck to U 👀👀👀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 He broken up with Japanese famous actress recently. Take me with you. What’s his If you’re a lonely billionaire, there’s an issue lol

not news

Take IlhanMN or AOC wth u All that money couldn't buy him enough class to win someone's heart... Too bad the government won’t let a civilian go to the moon !! hate to say it but I think his spaceship is going to explode somehow!! Is Nicola sturgeon available? Everyman with they cross How is this news? Radiation belt....

How sad that in this world of millions of people we can't find someone to love and love us in return 💖 I hope he finds happiness 💖 Good luck with that. That’s a great opportunity? Hey, wanna go on a date and die?

fuckthem00n2 rosemcgowan If he met the right woman, he wouldn’t want to go anymore.😢 ToneDigz nickmaraldo there ya go Hey _GinaTron Please I am begging you 310$ Billionaire and lonely? Thesis material right here! Take trump Woaw - tell him to play death stranding. I donno - my heart goes out for the Japanese.

Can rent from from Pattaya for a score lad

Hmmm let him cast his love fishing net in Japan before going international I am sure he will get more than he so desire calicopat it me Sign me up NOPE Same fam He can take me, no questions asked. ValleyJimm He already has a woman in mind. A sweetheart lost to a career or another man a long time ago. Or he lost her by his own mistakes. Either way, this message is for her only, whoever she is. Because only people with a lost love put out something like this to get specific attention.

Here you go Meghan!!!! Get ready for a Dose of Love on ADOSpodcast. Candace Owen?

Get on the show flirting dancing . You'll be surprise how you will connect After conducting a social experiment by 'throwing away' million dollars' in order to see whether human can be happier if they have more money, Now, he starts to find 'moon walker partner'.Then what's next? Cant think what rich people want sometimes.

Fukin nips...killed 100s of thousands Americans just 75 years ago Do you accept transgenders ? I have an Idea Hi Hunni...il come to the moon widge you LOL LOL 😂 Man does not belong on the Moon. We have enough Problems here on Earth. And going to the Moon or Mars won't Solve the Evil and Corruption that the Selfishness of Man has Created on Earth.

Somebody wants to bang someone in space xD Melanoma's contract should be up soon, no? If she flies to Andromeda, I'm willing ...😉😁

Out of this world 🤣 Won’t be able to do much with his spacesuit on! ifeyeee 🐸☕️ Trip?! acryingunicorn yo Ask rakhi sawant ArmantG11 kyk die comments Unbelievable, someone get him to rent Coming to America Starring Eddie Murphy. If hes a billionaire it wouldnt be stretching it if it was multiple 'life partners' would it? Let's make a moon frat house. Girls may leave you but the boys never will

priscantly , you've always wanted to go the moon

My dog is very interested!!! Really scraping the bottom of the barrel huh? Also, first world problems. Fact is, there are many millions of women out there willing to take him up in the offer. How many other men have as much money as he has to offer? Alice Cramden might be available. Fuck it, I'm in. When can we leave?

Ain't no such thing as a lonely billionaire, money might not buy me love but it can buy me a boat and a pickup to pull it with ,and rent me some pussy He'll love you to the moon and back!! 😁😁😁😁😁 This guy is now becoming dramatic, he has to do one thing at a time 1. Give the dollars as promised 2. Then the benefited ones shall reward him with their sister 3. Take the goddamn vacation Piece of advice let him spend his cash properly he cant be lonely Drama🚮🚮

Mr. Billionaire, please use some of your money to put an end to the brutal killing of intelligent dolphins and whales in your country. Praying for change in Taiji Japan. Tokyo2020 SummerOlympics Taiji ShameonJapan The Japanese hunters need vocational rehabilitation. That is just harsh and bad journalism. It not befitting of your franchise to say such a thing.

Phil_Amaro you still looking for a roommate? I’m in. Paging Alice Cramden, paging Alice Cramden... Hey baby, I’ll take you to the moon and back. You’ll have stars in you eyes. We’ll name our first born, Sun (especially if it’s a boy haha). I'm sure there are just so many ladies lining up for that.... Toy esperando los millone que pasa japone toy esperando por ora lo que me bas adar para ayudar alos pobre de mi pueblo

I found someone.... Never heard of a single billionaire 🤷🏼‍♀️ A smile will get you the gold that money cannot buy Be a normal and simple Man who could travel in women's heart❤️. Then he will be able to go to the moon and beyond 🐝✍️

Reminder!!! The application deadline is Jan 17th! I wouldn’t take a long car ride with someone I don’t know well, meanwhile this man is planing a trip to the moon with a stranger. Just found out I was into Asian dudes yesterday...so..yea Hi I’m a long lost relative seeking financial assistance, please send money through western union.

Her name is Alice. nothing wrong with this. This was my Tinder profile bio for years. Brilliant! I’m sure there are many women out there anxious to take him up on the offer. They would have all the money they ever wanted, a life of luxury, just for selling their bodies. Dork Will he take a 67 year old?

proulx_kasey greta Watch out! Buttiege will leave his husband and go with you... Is that include providing tax free on the moon? Has he asked Elon Musk to go with him? Sounds suspicious. Maybe he's expecting not to come back. Something in how it's worded. He almost sounds desperate and hopeless. Nope. The moon doesn’t take cash, credit cards or checks.

Any chicks want their own 'space?' This guy has plenty in his head. I’ll go💃💃 A 🍯 🌒 on Earth will do! On a 1st date?

Ugh! And you advertise / condone Damn, if this guy cant get a girl I got no hope lol He’s Lonely and wants a trip to the moon 🌙 with a partner? Seems like he enjoys being lonely. I hate spoil it, but it doesn’t end well. Those ladies considering commiting suicide should take a second look at this option.

I’ve made worse decisions, sign me up 🙋‍♀️ FYI... You can't spend money on the moon. He can go on Terrace House and become the GuiltySamurai Some folk just have too much money

Rich loser Nope. Not me. Not going to the moon. Don't do it!! You'll be half way there & it'll start...nagging about how unkept the capsule is, why haven't you jetisoned the garbage? the windows need washing...can you open this squeeze tube of steak? You better not be planning on hitting golf balls once we get there etc etc.

✋ Good night Moon I dont travel well, I am moody, and I hate to leave my couch. Guess I'm not a viable candidate..... Planning a trip to the Moon with a bride and you as the groom, Don't forget the crackers and cheese holding your breath because you can't breathe, Make sure you kiss her under the Moon light cause there won't be any other Beautiful Sight. Happy Moon Year

Millions in the bank but Poor life skills. he wants to buy a lady.thats an insult! Fly me to the moon...

Prisoner? 🎶Can’t buy me love 🎵 I'm pretty sure he can find someone Donnie Trump may be game!! I’m game. 🖐🏻 greta The American People would like to Donate , Nancy Pelosi ! Please take her to the Moon, or Mars, or Jupiter or the unknown! Keep America Great 🇺🇸⚖️ Nancy Pelosi available? I know there’s a press secretary in the WH we can nominate.

Take Trump

greta Is it a trip or is he relocating? I can’t stomach the fake news publications. They read like a sixth grader’s book report. Might be a catch: He could have enough money to live there. I think we know what the problem is. 😶 greta Transgenders need not apply! greta Wasn't there a Bond Movie with this plot?

greta Nancy Pelosi in space gear, works for me! Sentient, or robot? Gonna be the number one candidate! greta YusakuMaezawa 🚀🌝 .IvankaTrump -- ask your stepmother if she's interested.

The odds are good, but the goods are odd. I’ll ask my ex everyDEIcm jcandido721 If he wants a Brazilian life partner like me, I'm avaiable to travel with him to the moon from now on.👍😘👍👏👏 greta Cool! greta Incelionaire You had me at billionaire. Lost me at moon. Nobody goes there anymore. The place has no atmosphere.

The moon? My daughters not going. HMU Can I bring my husband? 🚀🌚

This is one of his business. Swipe . . . Up? Hmmm.. can I just have the air fare? Will he pay for a sex change? Asking for a friend. I wish I can go there in space maneuver to do work around spaceships! Time is hard unless she needs to understand the creatures we're implemented for us to pursue live forever.

NOBODY : ME : Boy or girl? Audrey Meadows aka 'Alice' from the 'Honeymooners'...if you get my drift?! I'm sure he won't have any problems finding one.

damn, thought love didn't exist can I be his beneficiary? Well.... I've been saying I need to get off this planet 🤔 Let me cash out my 409k plan and I'll go. may I suggest Nancy Pelosi because her brain is already on the moon! He is not lonely. Every woman is sad. Awwww what the hell, this planet won't last much longer. I'll volunteer.

A popular dating app called Tinder might be just the fix for him, but make sure you quote the offer and love dogs! Take Bernie w you fine...let's go. just no funny stuff Anyone notified FLOTUS ? Is Dora the Explorer 18 yet?

FLOTUS ? Take Elon Musk. Oh oh, then crash your ship so we'll have two fewer capitalist parasites. How about Jared?

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