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London Mosque: is the alt-right hijacking the issue to inflame tensions?

A mosque proposal in the heart of London sparks controversy fuelled by fear-mongering.

5/29/2020 11:00:00 PM

Is a mosque a threat to the “native people” of England? The far-right seems to think so

A mosque proposal in the heart of London sparks controversy fuelled by fear-mongering.

News outlets such as Breitbart, known for their right-wing opinions, haveattempted to framethe proposed plans to convert the well-known Trocadero, as an attempt to build a “mega-mosque.”“The word 'mega-mosque' is used to scare people,” said Heena Khaled, a co-founder of the UK-based organisation, Advancing Voices of Women Against Islamophobia.

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“What do people think there will be a loud call to prayer? Britain is already a divided society and setting up petitions against planning permission and using language like 'mega' and saying that central London will have a mosque is being used to show there is a 'takeover',” added Khaled speaking to

TRT World.The proposals have also galvanised rightwing networks as far as the US who have used the issue to drum up images of a Muslim takeover.“The opposition towards the mosque is coming from the same group of right-wing mobilisers like David Vance and Pamela Gellar (who isn't even in the UK). The thing is they're an organised network who make use of their social media platform to galvanise fear,” said Khaled.

Serving the communityBuilt in 1896, London’s Trocadero, as it has come to be known, was originally a restaurant. By the late 1990s, it had become a hideout for youngsters skipping school, attracted by the neon lights of arcade machines and the cacophony of music emanating from its various storeys.

With its heyday long over, the building closed in 2014, even though Piccadilly Circus became even more of a hotspot for tourists.The Trocadero building is part of a multi-billion pound portfolio owned by Asif Aziz, the chief executive of Criterion Capital. The Aziz Foundation, a charity set up by the same owner, which offers scholarships to Muslim students, has brought forward a plan to turn the basement and ground floor into a mosque.

In astatement, the Aziz Foundation said that the aim of turning parts of London’s iconic Trocadero building into a mosque was to “serve the Muslim community who live and work in the West End and to provide a community space to those of all faiths and none.”

Not everyone, however, has welcomed the plans.Apetition opposing the mosquegarnered almost 5,000 signatures, with one supporter claiming that “our country is being overun [sic] with mosques while our historic churches are in a state of disrepair, and since when was this an islamic [sic] country?”

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The London district of Westminster is overseeing the consultation process, and feedback on the mosque proposal closed on Thursday 28th May. Read more: TRT World »

they think so because they are ignorant. Why you all call them far-right? İ see just İslamophobia.

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