Europe, London Aquarium To Raise 'Genderless' Penguin - Cnn

Europe, London Aquarium To Raise 'Genderless' Penguin - Cnn

London aquarium to raise 'genderless' penguin

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A same-sex penguin couple will raise an adopted 'genderless' chick for the first time, a London aquarium has announced. The 4-month-old Gentoo penguin chick will not be named or characterized as male or female, Sea Life London said.

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Poppycock This is all kinds of FUCKED UP. Are you trying to equate gays with animals ? Is this theAnimal Onion?' Why? What?!!! I! How then should David Attenborough describe this penguin? ? Boooooooo 🖕🏼

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Oh geesh, are you kidding me. A bit too far I think. Since when can we not define sex? Just plain living this❤ This is just stupid. “ A queer penguin couple adopted a “genderless” “chick”...or “dude” and may name it “Pat””. CNN sux🤠 Did the penguin said that they are couple? Oh for God's sake! Give this genderless crap a rest!

🙄 Those penguins are going to hell! 🤣 How does this make sense? Please, everybody: stop being stupid. Penguins don't know or care what you name them, or how you 'characterize' them.

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respect. will the children of the non-binary gender also get similar respect or is that only limited to the non-binary gender? Miles to go before I sleep... CNN: the most trusted name in nonsense... What makes the chick genderless? Not really the first time, but maybe first time in UK. Why? This is a joke right?

How dare they?! How do they know it identifies Liberal nutjobs. Poor penguins

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Now they want to ruin the animals too. Scheise!!! This is the third time this story has been shared by CNN....Why? We're back to the times when abuses in the name of science are ok. Those people call themselves 'progressives'. Lame Calling it genderless does not make it genderless. It does make the aquarium workers look foolish though.

This is going too far. The penguin doesn't speak English or any other language. It doesn't know how genders are tied to names or even that it has a name. What exactly is the point here? Another near miss. Darn it! Ok? Why? I bet there will be no story when this genderless unnatural freak show doesn’t thrive and dies. I’m bookmarking this to ensure it doesn’t fall off radar

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Of course, it always starts in Europe. A genderless penguin chick to be raised by a same sex penguin couple. After Centuries of normalcy Climate Change has produced LGBT Penguins in a London zoo. Sounds much like the homos produced by Americans in the Abu Graib Prison in Iraq. Shut uppppppppppppp Joke all you want about how stupid this is...but it is accomplishing the goal of publicity which was the only real reason of this taking place. So really, job well done.

Retweet number 955 🐧😴🙄 It’s a bird! Just stop it! Man! You guys really had to scape the bottom for this one! What the actual flock did I read? Awe … give the little one a name ….

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The arrogance of humans projecting their own corrupt nature. Ridiculous Wasn't the pilot episode of parksandrecnbc about this? Um did anyone ask the penguin ? This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen This is the third weekend in a row you've run this news article,what gives? Poor penguins. If only they can speak as humans and tell us how dumb we become.

So people are forcing this penguin to b gender less! It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ Liberal BS.... You can guarantee it. A human deciding not to 'characterize' a penguin chick as male or female does not somehow makes that chick 'genderless.' It makes that human 'brainless.'

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Very sick News Network How did they know they were a couple? Were the penguins caught having h o m o s e x u a l sex London has fallen Give the penquin a genderless name then, but no name ☹️ ? Complete fakenews In a related story, the Pence family agreed to sponsor the Gentoo’s conversion therapy. Mike Pence was heard to say, “it’s critical that this penguin know which bathroom to use to avoid years of browbeating from people like me.”

No one cares What a crock of s**t that baby has an identity.And this is news? Weekly World News at it's worst! So the humans decided it had no gender. Those humans have no brains

This was an episode of Parks and rec Woke idiots Don Lemons relatives? Psychos 🤦🏻‍♂️ So this penguin chick has neither a penis or vagina ? If I might ask...what is the objective of such a stupid and useless experiment? This is really news? Changing God’s order of nature. Doesn’t matter. They all taste the same in the end.

On the junk science scale, there are no genders global warming

At least that’s not too weird but it is a male or female.....unless it said otherwise 😐 but talking penguins ? Nonsense. Genderless penguins is enough. What is this world we live in? This is from The Onion, right? Ha ha ! Cnn you are crazy Who gives a shit? I don't get it.. If the new way of the world is to let people choose their own gender, including genderless, why did a zoo get to decide that the penguin it's genderless? Does the penguin have a say? These progressives are delusional!

Again. How many times is that? 45? Does this make u feel better Anderson. 🤦‍♀️ Oh wonderful because penguins also don’t believe in genders

They obviously are ignoring what makes the World go round. It's why we are in existence. PC Duh! I name him Tennessee Tuxedo then Really nigga What choice do they have? They are caged animals... hmm... dying is only option... well guess we will what we would naturally do if mom had been eaten by a sea lion...

I’m done “News” It delusional and illogical to believe the chick has no gender... OMG ok we get it gays/lesbians/115 'others' are all welcomed at cnn with open arms (pants optional) they are such a small minority but your way of thinking is, we get all the small ones it'll = 1 big one, BUTT PENQUINS? IS NOTHING SACRED OVER THERE? No wonder you're 9 outta 10

Poor penguin. The baby's name should be Uno, because they are one in a million. Nobody in CNN’s editorial board care about reader’s opinions like you, they just want to make this a “truth” by telling it a thousand times. stupid The Penguin lays an egg ... nope, still genderless. What a joke. What happened to scientists caring about facts and helpful research?

Oh the lunacy of the leftists Whatever happened to the asteroid? What about Huffman? Too many hard hitting stories to keep up with

Society is in such a weird place right now. Now some enterprising conservatives can invent animal conversion therapy. Why is it everytime I see this retweeted it pisses me off a little more, oh that's right because its STUPID! No such thing as genderless, stop being so silly. Penguin abuse. 🤣What's the Twilight Zone like these days CNN?😂

Why do you keep tweeting this same story over and over and over again? Judging from most responses below WE ARE SICK OF THIS BS. There are two sexes. Period. This stupidity woke in a zoo tells you that the left wants to strip the plebs of their own identities and make us all into stepfords. I stand for reason not pandering crazy twisted junk food

Humans done it first ...same-sex penguin couple will raise an adopted 'genderless' chick... sexual orientations or genderless doesn’t exist in penguins 🐧 Can’t make this stuff up. pushing the far left democrat agenda. Why they are where they are sweeping 🧹 the bottom of the ratings. What is a genderless chick? Just a patch of skin where its gentiles should be. Gender isn't assigned you are born with it and gentiles to match.

First world problems 🙄 So we will choose to ignore if the baby penguin has got a dick or not.....pfff absolute madness. Are we adding another consonant to the lgbtq?! But can they get elected to Prime Minister is the question. U guys realize it's just two penguins taking turns raising a kid... This happens in other animal social structures This doesn't mean the animals are in a same sex relationship do we have video confirmation of same sex fricking? The chick has a gender it can't talk Stop projecting

CNN has pushed this tweet for several days now. At first it seemed weirdly amusing being way out there in the world of insanity. Now it's simple boring.

Why can't we just let other animals live without imopsing our own bullshit on them. They don't care what gender their baby is! They'd be better off if you let them go! What's the point in this? Repeat the story This is BS propaganda trying to normalize the unnatural, Generally in nature mothers mother, boys do boy things it is hard wired. Proof

Nipper 'World Wide Wireless'(www) 'HMV' = 'Human's Master's Voice' media came to be. Heard 'His Masters Voice' saying sit, lay down, bark ..'Good Dog' 'Obey Your Masters' NPC Parrots! Repeat and believe what we say! Be Like Nipper, click and watch Would you be as excited if endangered species had that?

I have it from good sources that the penguin is a female and they call it Don Lemon. cnnisfakenews I’d rather see that penguin free in the wild! Other than that, this gender identity stuff is a mental illness!

I’ve never seen the same story about confused animals get published so many times. If a penguin is feeling gender dysmorphia before they even know what gender is or what it is they will be propelled by evolutionary mechanics to do with it, it's a pretty safe bet it’s not the chick who has the issue. 1929, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) acquired the famous 'His Master's Voice' (HMV) Trademark. RCA also created the first American radio network, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Programming people, even today to 'Obey' ParrotsRepeatHMV

I could care less about genderless penguins. But stop with this genderless nonsense for humans. You’re either born with male or female parts/chromosomes. That’s how you’re assigned. No avoiding it. No questioning it. Just the way it is. Accept it. Stop bashing President Trump! This is getting ridiculous! You have lost your credibility with the American people!!

Really, this is all you have to report as news? Your network is pathetic! Please get back to the old days where you actually report the news Based on facts that the American people want to hear!! And the penguins don't have a clue about insane humans Emperor is wearing clothes turning to real life Already tweeted this several times fake news

I'm queer and even I think this is silly. The penguins aren't the ones who have notions of gender or names in the first place, that's humans. 🤭😂 Shut up Another stupid waste of time Pure marketing bollocks. “Come and see the genderless penguin” (and make Merlin shareholders more money). The fact that supposedly objective news sites like CNN and the BBC think this is news just shows they are gullible to anything remotely LGBT-related that’s “trending”.

Four years before CNN's launch, in December 1976, Ted Turner turned his Atlanta, Georgia independent station WTBS into one of the Most Fake News Channels on Earth! WeTrainYourBrain ParrotsRepeatWhatTheyHear How the hell y’all know they are same sex couple ? They could be brothers or just friends.. geesh y’all stop making up shit.

Yes, but do the penguins practice cuckolding? Fake news

CNN how many times you going to rt this bs story? Tell them to adopt Sam Smith! There are no same sex penguin couples. In this case animals have more sense than humans. Quit pushing your sickness on to animals. Freaks. Gay penguine agenda!!! And now they are imposing their degeneracy on our animals 🙄 This kinda shit is getting dumber by the post.

Don't worry cnn,..those Lgbtq, penguins likely will never breed,.. While everyone cryin about illegal children in cages..... at least they get to leave..... this poor innocent non-binary soul will forever only know of a cage..... FreeWilly Sad news for rational humans.

More gay agenda, lol, wow. What is up with you guys, have you been hacked? Oh FFS 😤 Like the politicians ... Como los politicos... Comme les politiciens ... That will make them so happy to be locked in cages close it down Love how the article clearly states it's just to simulate more natural conditions as pinguins aren't sexed in the wild but yall just want to see 'propaganda' where there isn't any

PULITZER I doubt the penguins even realize whether they are same-sex couple or not. Humans forcing their unwholesome life on animals. Enough on this story. Please. So, when is there going to be a penguin pride march? Couple... Really... Please Stop the Nonsense... Please‼️

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....ppl must be bored! Aaaand one step too far That penguin 🐧 is GONNA snap when it discovers the truth 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂 this is INSANE it’s like it’s from something outta the mind of - Alford Hitchcock- he was weird one BTW realDonaldTrump only in ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 GOP WhiteHouse newtgingrich HillaryClinton DNC LaraLeaTrump

Well... I guess at least CNN didn't go so far as to label them 'gay,' but calling them a 'couple' is still inappropriately anthropomorphizing them. 'The party of science.' 😂🤣 What in the fuck is this This article is 🤦‍♂️ Shit is whack I have nothing else to say but leftismisamentalillness

Now humans think they are God and can mess with nature... just let nature be natural and stop trying to interfere or apply labels So does that mean the chick gets to choose which toilet to use as well? And am I right in suspecting this PC propaganda will be retweeted until kingdom come? That's called *Gay Penguin*

Love it! Gay is natural. 🏳️‍🌈 It’s a penguin RaziyahRod Wonderful news, now let them free... We need to stop using genderized words like 'chick.' Shame on CNN for this unspeakable bigotry. The world has officially gone crazy!! Very very sad!!

What? Why? Can someone pls tell me what the eff is going on- whole worlds gone mad. Boooooooo How do *you* know it identifies as genderless?!?!? Because science... What idiotic nonsense! These people are I'll and should not be taken seriously! This is absurd. This is The Onion, right?

Body parts matter and work differently. For health purposes, I suggest you identify gender. It doesn’t matter what sex a being is, but when a medical issue arises, it matters... Omg !! Leave our wildlife out of this craziness!!! Wtf !!! Joey can’t handle protesters. Sad Joey,poor Joey. What nonsense! How do rational neanderthal characters celebrate animal cruelty. Call what it's is.

Wait... CNN is actively working for Trump 2020 campaign now? Great... what...the...fuck... Does it have nuts? HA!

😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 I seriously thought it was a headline from The Onion And we were fooled that it is religion that is against science

There’s no gay penguin. CNN gender is either male or female there’s no such thing are genderless penguin, stop idiotizing people. Lord... So the penguin does have a sex, you just refuse to say. Way to go putting identity politics on penguins. dumbasses But they don't play with duty holes Peak mental illness.

So like... Can it reproduce with a male or female or not? Genderless is fully acceptable; except when it's not. The penguins know, it's just the humans who are clueless. But the penguins don't seem to care as far as I can tell from watching penguin documentaries. It's irrelevant until mating. Same for us, but we're not as bright as penguins.

CNN 'sanity' and poor journalistic skills just took a shit, with this RIDICULOUS ' article' Hope they lose their license for peddling this nonsense Crap. Ugh! Nonsense Do you guys have meetings on how to further ruin the world? It’s working 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Are you fricking kidding me !!!! Who comes up this stuff This is embarrassing

But I thought it was a choice... No.... Could it be....? Ohh Good 👍👏 Rofl Hahaha

So what will a gender less penguin be called? I think “Penangel” ? CNN and NBC is same sex The world has gone mad, completely. Lunatics are in charge and is their spokesman. I'll call it what ever it wants to be called This is a joke, but coming from CNN I am not surprised. Wtf is wrong with you people. Sick bunch

You people have finally lost you freaking minds. Wow we love the gay agenda Please tell me you were hacked And you wonder why you are called fake news I wish they would stop trying to make animals gay Wait, what? Are we able to talk to penguins now ? Satire news at its best. What a crazy world we live in Ridiculous

Absurdity, now animals are supposed to be without a gender? Sorry but it’s a boy or girl!

Bullshit! how is the chick gonna be genderless tho wtf 🙄ridiculous Can the world just end already Umm there is no such thing as “genderless” penguin. Whoever wrote this tweet should read it CNN = Comedy - News - Network !! That's retarded So gay and non-sexed penguins now? We truly are living in a simulation and the programmer is just being cruel.

What the fuck is going on. This has gotten out of control.

What the hell is wrong with this world?.Do not enforce human opinions on animals. We don't have that right Wot the fuck Dumbest story of the year award goes to... Science has just taken a huge leap backwards wut? And..... Unfollow JFC, you know who knows Gentoos gender, the two birds raising him/her Is this a parody?


It appears the aquarium is fishing (see what I did there?) for publicity. I know there are slow news days, but we can do better. Is this really newsworthy? Bizarre slant on this story. Call it by a genderless name (Sandy - Marion - Jamie) and don’t bother sexing it - aaaaaaaand we’re done. The penguin will grow up in the usual penguin way regardless.

BULLSHIT Jesus Christ This is stupid. Who cares about Gay penguins. Hold up.. wut? pmaho12 How do we know they don’t have different pronouns. I’m baffled at how this is even taken seriously. Sad days

Wait how do they know that the penguin in the egg doesn’t want be a dinosaur? Maybe it wants to have a gender? Will they be explaining to the baby penguin its rights of being able to identify as anything it wants to be? Maybe it wants to be a seal you never know. This is why Trump is going to win in an absolute landslide in 2020

What the fuck One step closer to '2312'. Humans are next. I am fine with same sex penguins raising a chic in a happy home...but to claim they will do so in a genderless fashion is a blatant lie. If the zookeepers choose not gender identify the chic has ZERO to do with the parenting of the couple. Poor misleading headline.

I suspect Trump wrote this piece. Good try Thats how the clintons were born

This is why Republicans will win in November BobLonsberry Well it's to see it's not only humans losing their ...... This.... is..... stupid 😂😂😂wtf is going on in this world. Does it have a penis? It’s that simple. Who gives a fuck! And once again London scores the highest on the idiot charts. Animals don't give a damn, they are what they are. Humans are the ones that can't just be themselves without guilt! Let's just keep telling ourselves we are the higher form of life.

Why trump won ^^^^ Looks like we need to add yet another letter to LGBTQ to include other species. But what letter should it be? Let's vote.. It’s about time!

nobody cares u nutjobs Can we distort the miracle of life any further? This zoo is a little too cooky The sex of this penguin was decided upon conception. More nuttiness and stupidity to make people think twice about using CNN has a source for any stories. 2019 in a nutshell 🤦‍♀️ 😂 CNN garbage Now we're impressing this stuff on our sea-dwelling creatures?

So, no easy bake oven or Hot Wheels? What pronoun did they ask for 🙄 The penguin will still have instincts leaning toward whatever gender it ACTUALLY is. This is ludicrous. Why is $$ being spent on BS research like this?🧐 da fuq? So if we as humans don’t look to see what sex the penguin is it will be genderless and somehow do what for the animal? Will I see this penguin at a protest wearing all black & a mask in the near future?

This is like not telling the kids that their dog died. Like the penguins could give a crap This is officially the dumbest thing that anyone has ever said/did in the history of the multiverse. Why? This is stupid This is so wonderful. In fact the penguins should be colored in rainbow colors. The leopard seals will appreciate it.

What is this world coming to? Humans are idiots! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Huh? Ever wonder how scientists think about man made-up genderless creatures. I’m sure educated community knows better propaganda WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, cares! Do penguins really care if they’re named “Bob” or “Sally” or “Fluffy”?! 🤔 Poor penguins couldn’t speak and never asked for this.

Stop it now. This is not cool Mental illness crossing over to penguins retweet 9837 This is what I’d really going to make a difference Why is this same story run at least 4 times every weekend for the last 2 months Don't put this NONSENSE on animals‼️ Can we go back in time? Please!!! Come the fuck on Yeah, nature already picked what it is, no need for an aquarium to do it.

It has a gender no matter what the LunaticLeft thinks. I guess we call you numbnuts for a reason. LiberalismIsAMentalDisease

Cnn, I think you just jumped the shark 'same sex penguin couple' & 'genderless chick' This is sooooo extra it’s actually ridiculous How long before the “same sex” penguins become extinct? They are taking this to far🙄🙄🙄 Stop....just please...stop! Enough You call yourself journalist? This is stupid At last! After untold millennia, penguins are revolting against their socially constructed gender roles!

Stupid post. These birds do this all the time. Stil a male can't lay an egg. No wonder young people in our country are so confused. So called adults writing such BS.

wishinguwereme ... I’m logging out. ✌🏽 😂😂😳😳🤔🤔 penguins too?!! What did I say last night! It was a tough call but I nominate this for the dumbest idea of 2019 over ms monopoly Omg. Man are makingpegionsgaytoo? LBTQP Blood test ought to clear it up Shame on those people who don’t consider you legitimate journalism!!

Does the penguin know you are telling him or her to be genderless? Maybe she’s a girl wanting to be a girl. Or a girl wanting to be a boy. Maybe he wants to be a he or a she. Did you ask if he or she really just wants to be an it? Look at what the hell is going on.. So very sad and pathetic. That poor lil chick has 0 chance of a normal life. Must be a science experiment of something..smh.

And people wonder why LGBTQ matters are not acknowledged and taken seriously. Wtf? This is CNN Y’all are twisted in the heads. Woke zookeepers Why messing up with god’s creatures ?!! I don’t understand Leslie Knope would be proud joerogan EAT hope it turns out well, but seems a bit extreme. gender equality does not gender denial.

That’s crazy because there is no such thing as “genderless” .. you would think there just making this stuff up now .. ohh wait 🤣🤣 .. like who comes up with this shit ?

🙄 🙄 Congratulations on this tweet CNN! You have now gone full monty python. Did the penguins made the decision? But did the penguin chick ask for this characterization? One question - do the penguins know this? So they know it’s a male or female. But decided to throw science/DNA out the door for political reasons.

This is so stupid and crazy most people couldn’t come close to making this up. Next. Dumbest thing ever and CNN seems to celebrate it like birds are actually understanding this Enough of this stupid article already. If only there was a way to tell which gender it is. Some scientific way to find out. Ohhh right, the left doesn't believe in science unless it supports their agenda.

Look at the incredible progress we have achieved! Now, flightless genderless birds Truly stunning science, really. How dumb

Why do I have to keep seeing this ridiculous article Wtf is happening? Because of one stupid penguin couple... let’s focus on nature heh? In the animal kingdom of mammals, the male is stronger gender and all (with maybe anomalies yet to be discovered) are heterosexual. Yep the world has officially gone mad.

Did the penguins tell you that?! I am all in support of the LGBTQ++ community and their rights. But this report is amusing. Aannnd — just like that, Sam Smith has a new career. Penguins aren't genderless. If they have a penguin dick then they're male and if they have a penguin pussy, they're female. Why complicate something that isn't necessary?

Lmao. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Mess 2019 Mad Libs

Oh it has a gender. What will the penguins pronoun be? We need to know 🙄🙄🤦‍♂️. You waste time tweeting about a freaking penguin. What a joke 😂😂😂😂 And just think, if those 2 penguins had walked from Antarctica to the middle east, God would not of let them on the boat. 😁 Do you really think the penguin nows if it yas a male or female name. Nature/ biology will determin the chicks future. really trying to force that on us Stupidest thing ever. We are now pushing agenda on animals Is this not like your government imposing something on you. Penguins have a right to chose how they want to be refer to. At least, cnn interview the penguin & find out its preference. Nope.

OMG.....seriously? WHO CARES? Do they report confusing and biased things? Worse problem is that they are aware of it. ¿divulgan cosas confusa y sesgadas? Peor el problema es que son concientes de ello. Да ли пријављују збуњујуће и пристрасне ствари? Још је гори проблем што су тога свесни. Satyr dog? Evil rule the world.

yes name defines and means everything to a penguin.Human race is becoming weirder and stupider. It's amazing how this gay ish seems to taking up space for more relevant issues affecting humanity. But, what do I know, some people seems to be enjoying the wrong shits for all the wrong reasons.🤔 DeplorbleJedi Your projecting human agendas onto Penguines. The truth is in the world of Penguines, male Penguines are the egg caretakers and incubators. Projecting certain human values and agendas on Penguines to further human causes is disingenuous imo

ajiboyetooni When humans push their idiotic narrative on wildlife. How you know what gender they are? Gender is fluid remember?

Not unheard of for animals to adapt to unusual situations for survival. Because this is CNN though, these birds will soon parade through the streets of San Francisco wearing thongs, dildos, whips & chains for children to see. I'm sure the penguins are very aware of the situation. grasp fully the concept and appreciate the effort

Sorta like the Ken doll of penguins?!!! 😮 I rolled my eyes so hard at this “news” I could see my optic nerves... 🤦🏻‍♀️ What a time to be alive if yall see this as some sort of a precedent- remember in nature the leopard pursues and eats the deer as well- just sayin'... So apart from the bs what is the sex of the penguin

Ask Omar about LGBT rights, freedom and pride parades in her culture Interesting. Science has just been totally rebuffed. I would have thought this chick would have had a gender. Maybe either male or female. Who would have thought?

We have reached the point of no return 🙄 MAGA There are reasons for CNN’s dismal ratings. First, they would waste resources on reporting this stuff. Does anyone care? Second, it is likely the only non- FakeNews they have reported. The day the virtue signaling reached its final resting place.. This all needs to just stop 🛑

jesus christ This is garbage. They aren’t gay and that penguin doesn’t identify as “genderless”. YOU identify it as that because you’re sick. LGBT Propaganda! They will adapt Stop the planet I want to go get off. Christ.

jamieurt ✋✋✋✋🙄🙄🙄🙄 This is great! 👌😂😂😂😂 Are you assuming the penguin is non binary? Fcuk right off Same sex couples are A threat to their population a polar bear allegedly refused to make their gay wedding cake Waiting to see two female penguin doing the same.

I hope he survives. 'Genderless Penguin Not Asked Which Gender It Prefers.' But society needs male and female. Vive la difference! How exactly did the aquarium confirm that each penguin consented to this? Do the penguins eat booty This is exactly what we needed. I'm so glad they finally decided to celebrate gay penguins. They've been oppressed for so long by those damn cis penguins. It's offensive to refer to them as penguins though they might identify as something other than a penguin. Microagression CNN

I'm wondering if the animals told them it is their fundamental human right. There is a Scots Film. Gregory's Girl It's about School kids. One boy thinks about the future and opines. ' One day we'll just be a bunch of wankers'. Never a truer word was written. OMG This has to be a joke no one can be that flipping stupid God's gonna cut you down.

Lunacy. Now they want animals to say the naked emperor’s make-believe clothes are beautiful.

Are u guys 4 real Buckle up folks. This is the end of a paradigm. Tell these ladies that the Penguins aren't gay, and that they are fired. You did all in order to keep pushing sex of the same marriege uuhhh? In other news, a pair of transgender turtles is raising a billiard ball...oh never mind. Ok Hmmm. There is no such thing as a gender less animal. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Amazing, this is what the world needs! No longer will the patriarchy get to control the penguins. Who knows what they can achieve without this burden. Maybe we will have a penguin in the Whitehouse 2040!!! Maybe they will cure cancer !!! And still penguinists will hate 🏳️‍🌈🏅🎫 what

Same thing happen’s in prison ! What political correctness none sents! Call him penguin! Science says there are only two sexes. So do believe science with climate change? Or that there are only two sexes? Enough with this bullshit! 😫 Of course when science loses its mind. Then wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say non-binary?

Will the insanity of you heathens ever stop?

Huhhhh i get it the parents are gay, but the baby penguin ,he's so cute like a little boy penguin with a little toxedo, you're going too far... I would expect nothing less from the Clown News Network. Did they cut off its gender-specific organs? Hack off the poor thing' hehe or cut out the she-she organs! The UK is now an nation of mindless filth peddlers

You people are the most useless band of nut bags to have ever plagued the planet. The affiliates of science strike again Did you mistakenly link to a TheOnion article? 🤢

TitaniaMcGrath Do your thing. I can’t believe how many people are triggered by this! I personally love Penguins and stories about Penguins. The fact is that it is very difficult to determine the sex of a Penguin. You will not have a gender. You do not have a gender. have... shoot, who looked at its 'difficult' to find genitals?

Seriously! No I mean seriously! You people are nuts! Bravo!! Keep an eye out for that Pulitzer! Come on , nothing more importantly happening in the world than this? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Gay penguins? But, but homosexuality is unnatural!!

Did you just assume the baby penguins gender? And here's your SIGN 🤪🤪🤪🤪 Madness 👀 Speechless..... So sick of liberals ruining everything OMG CNN Top News right Do u have pictures of them having same sex sex? This is beyond silly. Just because they are all in the pin together doesn’t make the adult penguins a ‘couple’ or the chick in anyway ‘adopted’ or ‘genderless’. They are just 3 penguins, put together by humans, in a zoo. They do not make human choices or play house.

Hard up for a story huh

Clearly, the penguin should be named Pat. Saturday Night Live would be proud. Mumu people Now we are talking about queer penguins? My GOD!!!! WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists No such thing as genderless....go back to school thesherylralph 🤦🏾‍♀️ with breaking news that they don’t need to lie about well until the penguin gets pregnant to scientifically prove its gender 😂😂😂 or dies off from not mating 😂😂😂😂

CNN is lost Crazy world CNN reports this as the biggest news TODAY!

The chick isn't genderless that's anti science -_- And what is today real news? Why are you mean to the penguins? Sea Life London vs See Life Real I don’t believe that for a minute. Stop pushing this much of this research has been preconceived by this group? WTF IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

What a load of horse shit!!!! “Penguin chick will not be named or characterized as male or female”.. this is very much unnatural and unnecessary.

Only the most important breaking news this morning. This is wrong. The chick will very likely have a gender. Having same-sex parents does not mean that the adopted offspring will necessarily prefer others of the same sex. The post overlooks the genetic and epigenetic determinants of sexual preference.

insanity Newsworthy? This is what happens when the mentally ill are let to run freely in civilized society. Look at you . Not just fakenews but mentallyinsanenews Gender brainwash I just can’t......

Are people turning stupid to ? The arrogance of humans projecting their own corrupt nature. Stop 🛑 please.... just stop ✋🏾 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Sick Puzzling Genderless? So the chick has no penis or vagina? Did London remove it? How sad that this crap is actually considered newsworthy by your crap network cnn

Total propaganda BS!

How utterly stupid! Have the parents been contacted? Has everyone gone completely crazy? It may be ‘genderless’, but what is the birds biological sex? It’s an animal, it doesn’t ruminate or ponder the intricacies of gender identity. London Aquarium should spend its time and money on promoting conservation, than dabbling in politics.

How stupid is that ? U not naming or characterizing this chick doesn’t mean it is genderless, by the way animals go by instinct not by thinking GEE LIBBYS TRYING TO PUSH THEIR SICK IDEAS ON ANIMALS Lmao! So stupid Life in prison.

Headline is intentionally triggering for the “science is emasculating me!!!” Crowd. Putting genderless in quotations? Come on. The Director at that zoo is a whack-a-doo! Once again penguins leading the way This is somethjng that excites humans, not penguins. You people are ridiculous What in the actual F**K is wrong these people. Two genders period. This is Liberal mental disease at its finest..

Freakin CNN and libtards dragging penguins into their agenda now. They’ll be pushing for the Penguin voting rights next. Gay penguins? Why not give it a name that can be both male and female? Just because it’s genderless doesn’t mean it can’t be named. That’s insulting in itself.

Soooo ridiculous! ...and this is news worthy? Keep your gender orientations to yourself a stop waving it in everyone’s face like it’s a badge of honor. Just like that one episode of Parks and Recreation. Okay too much.... Congratulations, this tweet gave me cancer This is what has become of the media. 😬 I'm pretty sure this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read on Twitter....

This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. Can we somehow get a doctor to order antipsychotic meds for CNN? They've clearly lost touch with reality. How the hell does a news organization even give time to stupidity like this? This TheOnion type stuff and I'm not sure they'd even bother with it.

This might be the best hope for America tbh. I wonder what the penguins have to say about that! OMG! such asinine characters out there! Can’t they see? Look mommy I have one too! Such fools! Only heaven & other penguins know what’s on a penguins mind! and why this is a news? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I hope robots annihilate humans soon.

Cnn could you be more pitiful This article is ridiculous Gonna need some trigger warnings on this article. HOI! jangan bergurau lahhhhhhh

You know Japan's getting ready to dump a bunch of radioactive water into the ocean Lol. Y'all efn insane. Omg come on already enough with the gender crap Honestly, does anyone believe either of the adult penguins or the chick care how they're labeled? As long as their fed and nothing is trying to eat them, they're happy.

Humans pushing their same sex agenda onto nature is just...pathetic. And to think you have the audacity to ask yourselves how Trump got elected?.... Wow! Sounds like CNN anchor material for the next gen! Enough!!!*.....TRUMP 2034....KAG

Why the fuck would anyone report on this nonsense? BREAKING: In a rare LiberalLapse labels this baby penguin “genderless”, thus ostracizing & alienating the chick FACT CHECK: This chick is PANGENDER!Until such time as it self identifies,the moral thing to do is to assume it is a member of ALL GENDERS instead of NONE! duh

But yet it still has a gender. The left is so silly OMG! Really CNN? Now u are taking ur liberal fascist agenda into the animal kingdom to push “genderless” society? Where’s ur story about how you lied about thecRussian asset and got caught LYING about it? Lying FAKE NEWS! Trump was right! Shameful CNN, your reporting really is low in terms of credibility or merit.

So the penguins have no consent in this? You guys just assumed everything? What if that chick wanted a gender like a normal bird ? This is why churches need to preach more about HELL in their sermons! Come on man. What next? Headless? This is absolute insanity! Social insanity! FANTASYLAND! Emotionally retarded. This baby chick is born a male or a female, regardless of what anyone at Sea Life makes pretend it is. Regardless of whatever sex or lack thereof anyone at Sea life emotionally feels it should be.

Insane, delusional

There are only three genders: male, female and intersex (the latter being a biological anomaly). Jesus christ stop this madness already! LOL, people. This is important! Wtf did I just read. Slow Fake news day My dog was born with male genitalia, but I've raised him as gender neutral. It still humps everyone's legs and various inanimate objects, but god I feel so woke.

Ridiculous. One thing accepting all genders Quite another dismissing/reassigning its gender for the state of pc. Wtf.. I hope climate change kills us all. Oh brother. Wait a minute. That might be triggering to some people.

I’m outside watching gay toads have anal sex. Or it could be heterosexual toads having sex. I’ve definitely had too much bourbon. 😊 💯👌 Stupidity is growing faster than knowledge Okay seriously stop please. This is not necessary or even wanted. They're gay penguins. Move on. Not a story. nooo my social fabric

CNN BIG LIARS THEY NEVER SAY TRUTH ABOUT 9/11 EVIL PLOT be like: what election results? Don't we have some penguins to pervert up? Has it come to this? Even with animals? Pathetic! Wtf ? Seriously are you just trying to kill your ratings and whatever little trust anyone once had in your reporting now? Did y'all just assume its identity? What if it wants to identify as another type of penguin? Rude!!

Trump2020 Just name the chick Pat Spectaculars have been cautioned not to guess the penguins gender if he or she would happen to ask. If so, kindly, redirect all penguin queries to trained zoo personal. Then quietly exit the exhibit. Thank. Management. Aren't marketing gimics the most fun? I may be able to help here. If it has a doodle then “George” if it has a vagina then “Georgina” 😎DONE! Did you even bother to ask the poor baby penguin? doubtit

Literally the stupidest shit I’ve read today. The homosexual penguins was kind of understandable. What the hell is this though?

CjArnold28 And... your credibility drops further. Issa penguin Everything about this tweet is nuts. Weirdos We're definitely heading into Demolition Man levels of stupid. Total Rubbish* Just shoot me now. Whoever came up with this press release at Sea Life, raise your hand, look at it, slap yourself. Whoever thought this was newsworthy at CNN, raise your hand, look at it, slap yourself. Whatever intern actually tweeted this garbage, stop working for these assclowns.

Is this clickbait, insanity or a little of both? Is not that special? I bet the penguin proves them wrong eventually. What kinda drugs did you dimwits take? What kinda drugs did i take?... I need this bad trip to end. No such thing as a genderless chick, CAUSE BASIC BIOLOGY, A.K.A SCIENCE, SAYS SO!!! This is straight out of The Onion

You guys are a joke when it comes to journalism 🙄

I mean, those one in a million penguins with a 50/50 mosaic of sex chromosomes, ambiguous genitalia, and both or no gametes can exist, but I don't think that's what's going on here. CNN is the most biased liberal media network and it’s obnoxious Wow, talk about Parks and Rec becoming real life. Bro what is happening in this world

ChafChubby Junk. Is this a grad-level gender studies exam question? allanthoughtss

gay This is why people can’t stand the lgbtq. Because they get shadowed by SJWs who take the spotlight and make it all about them and their ideology. Kinda reminds me of that episode of parks and rec where Leslie married 2 penguins and everyone made a big deal about it and it made everyone look silly

And this shit is newsworthy? You should be all locked up in mental institution. And key thrown away..🙄🙄🙄

mikeinspace For fing Christ sakes. You’ve got to kidding me. Ridiculous Go jump off a cliff. FFS. Bros, it's a bird. LMAO 🤣🤣😭 Is this a parody account of some sort? If normal ppl are living in the Twilight Zone. As if the idiot Brits didn’t have anything better to do. ** Cough cough ** BrexitChaos

pllllLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAaasssseeee tell me this is a joke Did thodid you just assume that penguin wanted to be genderless?

And there it is.... We've reached peak stupidity. 'My name is Donald Trump, and I approve this message.' We are doomed 😟 What the actual fuck. 😂🤣😭 cnn is funnier than the parody accounts and they are actually trying. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣 Animals don't have a 'gender', they have a sex. Gender is bullshit. 🙄🙄🙄

weepfortheculture CTarquinius whatchu think of this bro You will be out of business by the time Trump leaves office in 2024. LMFAOOOOOOOOO Does it have a penis or a vagina? Because that would determine the gender. You can’t stop biology. CNN is a joke. Wasn't this a Parks and Rec episode? Ok i can accept gay penguins, but come on

And Batboy is Gentoo's uncle. Nobody: Birds:

HAHAHAHAAAA 💀💀💀💀 LMAO! 😂😂😂😂 a genderless penguin. That’s awesome! So now we are humanizing baby penguins.... call it whatever the hell you want to but it was born with a D or a V. It has a gender unless at some point the penguin decides to change it because penguins make those choices, right This world is falling apart

I think we’ve taken this nonsense far enough. Time to be adults again. 1000$ says the penguin will do whatever its unassigned gender instinctually makes him do Why TF is this news? It's almost like CNN is begging for more people to not believe a damn thing they say. ‘Dem tuxedos WOKE Is this parody? We are in Peak Poe territory here guys!

There you have it folks. That’s exactly how you end a species. 🙄 this gave me brain cancer this satire? It can’t be real it’s so stupid. it’s a fucking penguin These are NOT penguins, they are cows....why? Because I say so. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder So they can give the parents a “sex” but not the baby😂😂😂😂😳🤦🏽‍♀️

Ummmm ok! WTF!! Guys how insane are we going to go

What is the single most overused yet appropriate GIF I can put here... It’s like we allowed pre-teens to run everything. The penguin doesn't care. This tweet is the end of the road for the gender nonsense, right? This is a joke right? CNN editorial staff meeting

Cool cool Fkg idiots. And if the birth mother eventually wants custody of her baby? “Waddle” you do then? 🙄 There is no such thing as a genderless anything. The fact that you don’t name it will not change the FACT that it is either male or female and will act accordingly because of nature. Stupidity pure stupidity.

cnn media rep right before typing this out The party of science: climate change is real Same people: a baby penguin should be able to choose its own gender in accordance with the perceived wishes of gay penguins who adopted it. It’s time.

Insanity! This is stupid (and I can’t stress this enough) AS FUUUUUUUCK. So the penguin told CNN it's genderless That's incredible!! Liberals are completely mentally competent So the chick is in fact not genderless? Are you telling me we put ideologues in charge of freaking penguins? Stupidity lives. So what happens when the 4 month old chick grows up and chooses to mate with another penguin? And it has babies together? 🙄

Boys have Penises girls have Vaginas. Kindergarten Cop. Why? That's just dumb It's a male or female. Period. 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

I was the first genderless penguin but everyone just called me crazy, and prescribed me ....everything. Please let that asteroid hit us. Starting at this aquarium. Oh my Jesus, really? Your reporting and them... are nuts!!! Genderless penguin Ha.ha ha. Oh, There are some crazy people in this world. Another barrier falls. Y'all libs are a hoot. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

What is a genderless chick? Anyway if we have enough of this genderless coupling won’t the breed just die off True bravery. Fake news at it again

Yeeeaaa scrowder was right about you guys. Apparently that's 'what we do.' 'The penguin may later be incorporated into Sea Life London's breeding program, 'depending on the gender its biology determines.'' Yeah, that pesky biology. This is what actual current day propaganda and conditioning looks like.

None of this makes any sense. Why is this even a thing? Absolutely riveting- great job! Why do we do these things to the poor flightless birds? Only progressives can come up with this shit. Animals know their gender and how to live in the world. So it’s the zoo telling humans they wont divulge bird gender?

Here we go. Humans gonna human. Common sense.. ParksAndRecreation isn’t really satire anymore 😂😂😂 Thanks! I needed a good laugh! 😂😂😂 I think those same-sex penguins are RACIST. Why adopt another penguin chick? A duckling or a goat is not good enough for them? I guess these liberals are promoting the extinction of penguin. Being woke means you are anti-science. It takes a male and a female to procreate and ensure the survival of the species.

So the London Aquarium is Anti-Science? I’m guessing a biologist could solve this problem for you. so the chick is only 'genderless' because 'people' at the aquarium have personally made that decision for the chick Alt. title: 'Humans try to apply their gender politics to penguins and discover penguins dgaf about human words. More at 10.' In a month... 'Staffers secretly name genderless penguin so they can actually refer to him/her when questions arise. Big Controversy erupts.'

London zoo hired gender studies majors instead of Veterinarians. Probably for best if you don't bother naming these penguins. Lunacy Is this a joke? No, really... CNN got hacked right?

This is completely idiotic and you know it CNN! Maybe they dont identify as Penguins bigots! Make sure the baby penguin dresses in neutral colors and has both male and female toys. Slow news day huh!? The bird still has a gender though yeeeooooooo whaaaatttt 😂😂😂😂 Mental illness is sad 'News organization.'

They're fucking animals... CNN - “why doesn’t anyone take us seriously?” I can’t 😂😂😂😂 'News' LOLLLLLL Now you took it all the way to animals? 🤦🏾‍♂️ Lol wtf 3YearLetterman sooooo stupid

Na una opinion be that Either you call it male or female or not It will end up being a male or a female Law of diminishing return is happening to science Idiots HE prolly mad asf Cue conservatives getting triggered. Slow day at cnn headquarters I see What absolute nonsense Very nice😄😄😄

Really? Penguins? Ridiculous So how do you know they are same sex? at least penguins, and all animals, don't care about bullshit posturing about gender lol They'll raise it and it will be what it is Aight I think it's time to nuke the population and start over Yeah! Let's push the mental disease that is gender identity politics on animals! That makes perfect sense.

Remember the times one of the arguments against LGBT was it was an aboration not found anywhere else in nature? Been blowing that one out of the water for decades now... 😉😂 What marine biologist green lit this? but I thought you climate looks were telling us the science is settled. but the gender science is unsettled?

should Euthanize the couple This is getting out of hand lol It will just end up a weird penguin anime type thing then. penguinanime 😃 When did TheBabylonBee buy CNN? In less than 24 hours you post uncritical twaddle about a “Ms. Monopoly” and genderless penguin chicks and wonder why nobody takes seriously anymore.

Seriously ? It’s a fucking penguin

Bad enough ur trying to push this down kids throats and everyone applause it now ur F**KIN with nature! Give me a break! This world is F**k . U want to say we're equal we're not, we know who we are u don't even know if what's in between ur legs belongs there Another penguin stolen from its rightful mother to fabricate an LGBT narrative: “The chick is being raised by two female penguins Rocky and Marama, who were given the egg to relieve the penguin's birth mother of the pressure of raising two chicks.”

Pingu Pingu Y'all won't leave animals alone, thrusting human values on them. They don't care about any of that bullshit! Interesting concept.I hope this penguin is followed over the years to see what happens. What kind of mate will s/he pick? Will s/he have babies? Will anyone really care? About naming it ‘pat’

Scene: Year 2076.. Classroom Good morning kids, today we will be studying the old media company called CNN... Here is 1 of 478 examples of when they began their decent. Do we have any quotes from the Penguin? I worry about its mental health after being denied this fundamental right. And people still can’t figure out why Trump got elected.

The world has gone mad.

🤡 andrewschulz another big news story 🤦‍♂️ This is both funny and ridiculous Can we go ahead with this asteroid already I don't want to live in this world anymore Yes, gender biases are prevalent in the penguin community. Glad to see a woke zoo. By the way, will the baby be able eventually to produce eggs or produce sperm? Just trying to help the biologists.

What the hell was that explosion?!? Oh, right-wing radical snowflake's heads exploding, that's what. How will it know what restroom to use? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What a sick, twisted, and retarded world we live in. I LOVE IT! I literally got asparagus by reading this Is this a Saturday Night Live skit......

Nope. Science says you’re wrong Stop it. Seriously. Stop. Those pour animals are having biology and instinct corrupted by the mentally insane.

Damn that's a lot of wishfull pendajada there. FAKENEWS I guess you forgot the much celebrated SF 'same sex' penguins, one of which quickly re-paired with a female when one became available. Oh, yea, you stopped talking about it. So... stupid. The world has gone FULL crazy. Enjoy Was this Leslie Knopes doing?

Do they know the chick is 'genderless'? And what all this news means?🤔 U guys are kidding me rite?.wat a story CNN..Trumps effect on d cable Y’all taking the LGBTQ thing unto animals now? Christ have mercy Why not keep pressing the issues that are important... Some real weirdos out there in the world

Can’t we just keep the Penguins out of politics?

OFFS! Male penguins always take care of the eggs. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m just here for the comments Yeah...that chick still has a biological sex and I promise the people actually responsible for that penguin know what it is and will act accordingly. Also, who cares? Do you realize how ignorant this sounds?

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