Locarno Film Festival, Sophia Antipolis, Virgil Vernier

Locarno Film Festival, Sophia Antipolis

Locarno in Los Angeles Film Review: ‘Sophia Antipolis’

Locarno in Los Angeles Film Review: ‘Sophia Antipolis’


Locarno in Los Angeles Film Review: ‘ Sophia Antipolis

There are two Sophias in French director Virgil Vernier ’s clever, cunning, chilling fifth feature. The first is its setting, the eponymous “ Sophia Antipolis ,” a technology park in the s…

Simulation, artificiality and performativity become common themes as Vernier and Mariette Desert’s fitful, elusive screenplay skips like a stone across the surface of several lives in this contemporary dystopia. An Asian mail-order bride, recently widowed and left with an apartment, a modest income and nothing to do, starts attending the meetings of a local cult, where a charismatic leader puts people into hypnotic trances. Soon she is recruiting new followers as she herself was recruited, following the same script, knocking on doors looking for similarly vulnerable people.

Locarno in Los Angeles Film Review: 'Sophia Antipolis'

: (France) A Kazak Productions production, in co-production with M141, Arte France, with the participation of Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine in association with Arte Cofinova 14, with the support of CNC, Procirep, Angoa. (Int'l sales: Mk2, Paris). Producer: Jean-Christophe Reymond.

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