Local D.C. election takes place from jail with five candidates for commissioner incarcerated

Local D.C. election takes place from jail with five candidates for commissioner incarcerated

6/16/2021 9:13:00 AM

Local D.C. election takes place from jail with five candidates for commissioner incarcerated

The race to become one of Washington D.C.’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners is on but this campaign took place almost entirely behind bars, as all five candidates are currently incarcerated at the D.C. Jail. Today, one of them will become an elected official. NBC News spoke with each candidate and the D.C. Board of Elections to learn more about why they chose to run and how this historic election was made possible.

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But once felons do their time they still can’t vote without paying off all fines in Fla. We NEED to address CandidateReform It is time we stop candidates for public office from making a mockery of our democracy. POTUS VP SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide disputes for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. Isaiah 2:4 DEMOCRACY

This is What Voter Disenfranchisement Looks Like ECONOMIC INJUSTICE Elections Have Consequences History Lesson Something Else Happened the Past 40 Years of MASS Voter Disenfranchisement Economic Injustice and Arrogant Pride Comes Before A Fall Healthy Pride Justice For All Unalienable Right to Vote for Citizens Path to Citizenship for Immigrants Justice Preserves LIFE

The Past 40 Years of Voter Disenfranchisement Root of Injustice in Democracy That Produced Mass Economic Injustice The World's Largest Per Capita Prison Population and Now the root of all evil has Produced The Dictatorship of the Republican Party ALL 5!? History Lesson Today's Republican Party is Jim Crow 3.0 Jim Crow 2.0 was Mass Criminalization Mass Imprisonment Mass Voter Disenfranchisement We Have Endured for 40 years WOKE YET? Equality Before The Law Unalienable Right To Vote Accountable Government WE ARE THE GOVERNED

L’Oréal Luxe Italia to Launch Initiative to Support Local PerfumeriesRunning July 5 to 31, the project will encourage consumers to return to shop beauty products in perfumeries through gifting activities.

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Trump DOJ Subpoenaed Apple for Information on White House Counsel McGahnThe revelation comes as Democrats are calling on former Attorneys General Sessions and Barr to testify on practices of the Trump-era Justice Department. So the DOJ was spying on Trump's *own lawyer*--obviously at Trump's direction. ?!?!?

Biotech Rally Sparked by Alzheimer’s Drug Has Staying PowerControversy surrounding Biogen’s Aduhelm could ignite political firestorm over high drug prices, but investors should look past any D.C. drama. heard 'DC drama' has nothing to do with the exorbitant price of that thing. So many who need it will have their insurance deny it or will not be able to afford the copays. And that's the insured. And that's in US.