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Local D.C. Artists Celebrate Mary W. Jackson's Legacy

On June 24, 2020, NASA announced the agency’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., was to be named after Mary W. Jackson to celebrate her life and legacy. We collaborated with Events DC to...

2/27/2021 12:10:00 AM

To mark today’s naming of the NASA Headquarters building for Mary W. Jackson, we collaborated w/ TheEventsDC to showcase 6 local Washington, DC female artists’ work inspired by Jackson’s story as NASA 's 1st Black female engineer! Look: BlackHistoryMonth

On June 24, 2020, NASA announced the agency’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., was to be named after Mary W. Jackson to celebrate her life and legacy. We collaborated with Events DC to...

Discover more about how our techies are working with advanced manufacturing.Technology DemonstrationsOur techies are always innovating and developing new cutting-edge ideas. We test these ideas in extreme environments both here on Earth and in space.  

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Science missions in space require spacecraft propulsion systems that are high-performance, lightweight, compact and have a short development time. TheDeep Space Engine projectis looking to meet those needs. Our techies are currently testing a 100lbf (pound-force) thruster to see if this compact, lightweight, low-cost chemical propulsion system can operate at very low temperatures, which allows long duration storage capabilities.

Another technology in development is PUFFER, or the Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot…and it was inspired by origami! This robot’s lightweight design is capable of flattening itself, tucking in its wheels and crawling into places rovers can’t fit. PUFFER has been tested in a range of rugged terrains to explore areas that might be too risky for a full-fledged rover to go.

With our partners at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., we’ve also collaborated on theGreen Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM), which will flight test a “green” alternative to the toxic propellant, hydrazine, in 2018. GPIM is the nation’s premier spacecraft demonstration of a new high-performance power and propulsion system — a more environmentally friendly fuel. This technology promises improved performance for future satellites and other space missions by providing for longer mission durations, increased payload mass and simplified pre-launch spacecraft processing, including safer handling and transfer of propellants.  

Find out more about our technology demonstrations.Aircraft TechnologyWhat if you could travel from London to New York in less than 3.5 hours? Our techies’ research into supersonic flight could make that a reality! Currently, supersonic flight creates a disruptive, loud BOOM, but our goal is to instead create a soft “thump” so that flying at supersonic speeds could be permitted over land in the United States.

We’re conducting a series of flight tests to validate tools and models that will be used for the development of future quiet supersonic aircraft.Did you know that with the ability to observe the location of an aircraft’s sonic booms, pilots can better keep the loud percussive sounds from disturbing communities on the ground? This display allows research pilots the ability to physically see their sonic footprint on a map as the boom occurs.

Learn more about our aircraft technology.Technology Spinoffs Did you know that some of the technology used in the commercial world was originally developed for NASA? For example, when we were testing parachutes for ourOrion spacecraft(which will carry humans into deep space), we needed to capture every millisecond in extreme detail. This would ensure engineers saw and could fix any issues. The problem was,there didn’t exist a camera in the world that could shoot at a high enough frame rate – and store it in the camera’s memory – all while adjusting instantly from complete darkness to full daylight and withstanding the space vacuum, space radiation and water immersion after landing.

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Oh…and it had to be small, lightweight, and run on low power. Luckily, techies built exactly what we needed. All these improvements have now been incorporated into the camera which is being used in a variety of non-space industries…including car crash tests, where high resolution camera memory help engineers get the most out of testing to make the cars we drive safer.

Learn about more of our spinoff technologies.Join Our Techie TeamWe’re always looking for passionate and innovative techies to join the NASA team. From student opportunities to open technology competitions, see below for a list of ways to get involved:

NASA Solve is a gateway for everyone to participate in our mission through challenges, prize competition, citizen science and more! Here are a few opportunities: Read more: »

Space to Ground: Scanning the Horizon: 04/02/2021

NASA's Space to Ground is your weekly update on what's happening aboard the International Space Station. Got a question or comment? Use #AskNASA to talk to u...

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TheEventsDC Sono capace di disegnare sul PC col programma Paint, usando il mouse, non la penna e il lettore come fa lei... 😊 Anche ritratti. E... Ho imparato da sola. La scuola d'arte mi venne negata nel 1990 e ripiegai su 'Ragioneria'... L'ennesimo sogno sfumato. 🥺 TheEventsDC That’s amazing, a truly brilliant person.

TheEventsDC Why do you have to refer to her as black and female? Just call her an engineer. Stop spreading division. TheEventsDC I wasn't really sure if she had the chops for engineering in the astro realm. But the horn-rimmed glasses clinched it. I wonder why we venerate poseurs like einstein with such passion? He had no glasses all!

TheEventsDC This is, unironically, NASA's greatest achievement. Playing golf on the moon was nothing, and I mean NOTHING, compared with the attribution of this epochal achievement to the person singularly responsible for the same. Im ashamed of bigots like buzz aldrin who've stolen her valor TheEventsDC Werner Von Braun would be elated. I think the next mission should be a swarm of AI controlled space drones sent to Saturn on a holy mission. They shall carve mary's face in the center of saturn's hexagon. Now that will send the message we wish to transmit across the galaxy!

TheEventsDC Vegan or Life. TheEventsDC If it's possible please do not decide where we want to go in space, but concentrate on the methods to get out of here v c TheEventsDC TheEventsDC Уважаемые, зачем везде указывать пол и цвет кожи? Этого не видно? Это делает её особенной? В СССР многие генсеки были не русскими, но никто никогда не упоминал об этом.

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