Liz Cheney: Trump should respect ‘the sanctity of our electoral process’

Others in House leadership have largely backed Trump as he seeks to challenge the election.

11/22/2020 1:30:00 AM

The chair of the House Republican Conference became the latest high-profile Republican to publicly urge Trump to accept the results of the presidential election.

Others in House leadership have largely backed Trump as he seeks to challenge the election.

Link CopiedLiz Cheney on Saturday urged President Donald Trump to respect "the sanctity of our electoral process" if he cannot prove his voter fraud claims."America is governed by the rule of law," the chair of the House Republican Conference said in a statement. "The President and his lawyers have made claims of criminality and widespread fraud, which they allege could impact election results. If they have genuine evidence of this, they are obligated to present it immediately in court and to the American people."

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"If the President cannot prove these claims or demonstrate that they would change the election result, he should fulfill his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by respecting the sanctity of our electoral process,” she added.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and others in House leadership have largely backed Trump as he contests the election results and continues to baselessly claim he won the race.Sen. Susan Collins on Friday joined the minority of Republicans willing to speak out against the president, saying that by refusing to concede Trump was denying President-elect Joe Biden access to briefings, office space and government resources he would need in the lead up to his inauguration.

Collins also slammed Trump for seeking to "pressure" state election officials working to certify their results, including hosting a delegation of Michigan lawmakers at the White House."There is a right way and a wrong way to compile the evidence and mount legal challenges in our courts," the Maine senator said. "The wrong way is to attempt to pressure state election officials. That undermines the public's faith in our election results without evidence and court rulings to support the allegations."

Yet, the number of congressional Republicans willing to go against Trump or his base remains small. Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn — a staunch Trump ally — backpedaled after referring to Biden as "president-elect" in an interview with ABC News on Friday. Her office later

told The Tennesseanthat she "misspoke."Meanwhile, Trump continues to assert that there was voter fraud without providing evidence. "Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!" he tweeted Saturday morning. Georgia certified its results Friday.

A group of Pennsylvania Republican voters and candidates, led by Rep. Mike Kelly, filed a new lawsuit Saturday challenging the vote-by-mail system the state used for the Nov. 3 election and moved to join the Trump campaign’s ongoing federal lawsuit seeking to block certification of the state's presidential election results.

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Trump-Biden transition live updates: Michigan officials to convene on election

President Donald Trump has promised a prolonged legal fight over an election he refuses to concede while President-elect Joe Biden is moving forward with his transition.

Trump doesn't have to concede anything. Conceding is not a Constitutional requirement. Come January 20th, if he refuses to leave, we'll take him out handcuffed to a stretcher. Liar Since the election (20 days): 1,500,000 New COVID-19 cases in America 15,000 More Americans have died of COVID-19 Meanwhile: Donald J Trump Obsessively: Golfs Post tweet's encouraging Violence Continues to get cases thrown out to overturn the election.

Why does Liz think anybody with a brain cares what she thinks? Anybody whom can think on their own doesn't care what Liz thinks. her dad, she likes to shoot people she calls friends... Liz Cheney is the House 3 Republican and asked our President Trump to accept the fake election? Then I would tell her that there’s a reason why the elephant represents us. We don’t forget. Liz, feel free to send out resumes. He may forgive but we don’t. Aren’t you devoted 😡

And now we see the new Republican Party is the The Anti-democracy Trump Party. If This Election Was Won Due To Fraud For Bald Eagle Biden, Then We Will Let GOD Judge All Of You, And His Judgment And Wraft Is Far Worst Than Ours, So Continue Your Fraud Decision And Just Deal With It. Neocon warmongers and Democrats are on the same side of evil and want to go back to business as usual.

Like they expected him right Liz a true rhino Does T know who she is? If you asked him who her father is, could T tell you? We should take advice from the daughter of a war criminal? It's been almost 20 years, but we haven't forgotten. Political dynasty families can go to hell. Money and power. That's all you care about.

2016 Experts “ Hillary should challenge the results” 2020 Experts, “Trump election fight destroying democracy.” And if the electoral process comes out with Biden the winner, I’m sure trump will respect that. But even politicians acting like the electoral process is over is just ridiculous. I just can’t take the “if” in her statement!

There is no electoral process until we the peoples voting results have been ratified, oh, but you already know that, right? Follow the path taken by the Democrat's in 2016. The party of empathy, brotherly love, and cooperation: Name calling (fascists nazi's), harrassment of our president and his supporters, 'he's not my president', obstruct, resist, impeach, loot and burn, daily coordinated assaults.

What are the results? God is not about hate, he is about love of ALL children He has a right to check everything allowed within the time limits. He really wanted to win/cares at some level. He has EVERYTHING else in the world/life. He gave up a lot to bother doing the shit only to encounter a lot of negativity some of which/witch is not even his fault.

Ha ha ha that's the best joke ever, respect huh? What is it you call what Democrats do? I'll tell you, it's called treason. Even if you could convince our president you still have 12 million American patriots to convince. You better get started. Traitor Lawl, the Left now listens to a member of the Cheney family? It's almost as if people have forgotten, naturally or forcibly about the puppeteer of the Dubya era.

To Liz Cheney.. I urge you to step down from your position of The chair of the House Republican Conference. You clearly do not accept the results of “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN”. What does she know about WMDs? I wish TimScottSC would stop being afraid of the big bad wolf! She knows that Trump is not on a mission to salvage his presidency, but to destroy what’s left of the GOP and have one of his kids (prob Ivanka) take charge and recreate the GOP to his image. This is what this post-campaign thing is truly about, and McCon is fine w it.

She might be a chair but she is also an intellectual lightweight. and all remember her husband, a class RINO. But of course, hundreds of suspicious activity! If he concedes we will never get a honest election. This is much larger than just the Presidency. Thought Liz was smarter than that Liz Cheney should sit this one out. All these neo-cons and neo-liberals coming out of the woodwork are the source of America’s problems, they’re not the answer.

We conservatives don’t like these people so who cares what she thinks. Liz keeping the family tradition up of selling out her soul to highest bidders Liz wanting some of that Chicom cash? Disappointed in you Mrs Cheney Liz your career as a Republican is over we are going to primary your ass and you need to accept that!!! YOUREFIRED

So we're supposed to just accept that the Democrats rigged the whole election by fraud. I don't think so WE, the AMERICAN PATRIOTS are standing with you President Trump!! GOD WILL PREVAIL!! STAY IN THE FIGHT!! Don’t listen to the naysayers and the accuser of the brethren. StandFirm StopTheSteaI SydneyPowell KAG FightBackForAmerica

Plenty of proof coming out ! Of course. Who is arguing this? LizCheney I Ms. Cheney: I would like to say how reprehensible I think it is that you, a member of the GOP, are asking the POTUS to concede when HIS LEGAL RIGHTS have not been exhausted. I, and 74 million other voters, would ask that you reconsider your stance.

TRUMP IS PRESIDENT 2 words that don’t belong in the same sentence is Trump & respect. Wow. How bad of a person are you when the devil starts telling you to do the right thing? By filing those bogus lawsuits, trump's projecting his incompetence on the election officials & staff. He thinks these professionals & unselfish volunteers are as corrupt as he is. He doesn't realize people, unlike him, want our democracy & not authoritarianism.

I’m so disappointed in you, Liz. Liz Cheney is a RINO Lame RepLizCheney So what? What's the rush. This is the reason why there is a transition period He’s got you and all of us just where he wants us to be. It’s one psychodrama. The Republicans fell for a wounded narcissist and the world is suffering He is by proving to the American citizens that corruption was saturated in this election. We should demand our votes & election be protected🤨

'If the President cannot prove these claims ... he should fulfill his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by respecting the sanctity of our electoral process,” Chair of the House Republican Conference. 美国🇺🇸政府应该立即派警察及军队,法官保护所有的真假选票,将造假票出卖美国人依法收监,假票证据博物馆展览!警示美国人及️全球人!realDonaldTrump CIA Breaking911 FBI USArmy Mike_Pence 求上帝保佑✝合法选票的新总统,您的仆人川普健康安全!求美国人都信靠上帝️,奉主耶稣的名求阿门✝️

Trump literally does not comprehend what the word respect mean!!! If you believe Joe Biden won with no problem, why not call for a full and complete bipartisan audit of all 50 states If done, and no fraud found, Trump and his supporters will be completely silenced. So why not? The swamp The evidence is out there if you ain’t blind you could see it🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👁👁👁👀👀👀 Go Trump !!!

Shes just mad Trump didnt take after her daddys foot steps and put us in every war he could Cheny as is in the daughter of Dick Cheny of Bush admin? Yeah he was a joke & she is too! So, let me get this straight. To help the Democrats steal the election this woman wants Trump to give up his rights? She wants to allow the Democrats to possibly cheat the American people and to violate the sanctity of our elections? She wants what shes accusing Trump of .

Porky thinks he is there as long as he wants!!! We voted him out!!! That's what they'll be saying to Biden when President Trumps legal team ties up this win for Republicans! Rats leaving sinking ship. Trying to save their own necks now that they can't lie their way thru the courts. The law is coming for u donnie. ISN'T KARMA A BITCH.

Good. Maybe some of her colleagues will follow suit Bidin is not President to 77 Million People Do not give up Mr President SANCTITY? RESPECT? PROCESS? NEVER!!!! SHAME ON YOU, THIS ELECTION IS A SHAM!!! Why! When we know the truth. Both my wife and I voted for Trump. But the ballots say Biden. California's corruption knows no bounds. We not going to take this fraud on Americans lying down.

Yes The most popular and respected women in America “ Do Not concede no matter what” ~ Hillary Clinton It is over Madame Chairperson. No more, IF. It is done and he is hurting America's image abroad and with the GSA not ascertaining victory, he is allowing spying on the incoming administration by China and Russia. It is time for him to concede.

Yes yes yes more Republicans need to speak out Except the sanctity of the electoral process the way the Democrats did? Liz, where have you been this past month? Who? Bye bye Liz. Claims, there are no real claims, just bogus garbage to stall for time to leverage his sweetheart deal in order to escape his coming consequences. No deals with terrorist or traitors.

You will be held accountable for every word that comes out of your mouth against The Lord Almighty including against His children Until a republican can say “you lost, fair and square, get over it”, they shouldn’t say anything. Cowards. Ahaha. Cheney Bush Corporate Wars No way we seen with our own eyes President Trump won this election, the Americans voted him in!

The Rinos that are not supporting obvious tampering with election . Remember your seat will come back up as well . This must be investigated The swamp is deep, and full of traitors. Will BLM, Antifa, and others riot, burn, loot, and murder when the election is overturned and massive voter fraud is shown involving government agencies, Democrats, Republicans, and foreign adversaries?

RINO in sheep’s clothing Politicians will continue to not do anything for the people. Most of us don't think we have lost enough to be in mass protest against our so called leaders, I think we have already lost too much, there's a saying, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, let's all start squeaky very loud.

what took so long? Oh look another Neoconservative pushing against Trump. Has dicky c attended his tribunal yet? Respect sanctity if a rigged election. That's rich When chenny runs for president or becomes president she can do what she wants. Only name on ballot was trump so it's his call Liz Cheney is not a republican

Still the daughter of a war criminal, by definition, Since trump became president i feel ashamed to be american. He makes me sick to my stomach. When Dick Cheney’s daughter, who is a rising star in the Republican Party, says you should give it up, isn’t it time to take a hint,Trump? Just like her father respected human rights. He was the guy who initiated mass surveillance, supported war and torture. And tipped power to the presidential office. Im no trump supporter but it's like we dont hold people accountable for thier words or actions anymore.

I think Trump is a COVID long hauler, with a flimsy grasp of truth and reality. He is mentally unfit and should be removed from his position as POTUS immediately. DeadlineWH FoxNews AP washingtonpost ProjectLincoln GOP SenateDems RepsForBiden JoeBiden MSNBC DEMOCRATS ARE NOT SAINTS. 🤬👹 RINO!! You need to come out of your closet and flip to blue.

Deep State must be erased all over the world. And you may act s bit different after hearing about the dominion machines fraud portal and crook Medura used the dominion machines o his dictatorship election somewhat like Biden did these are all facts and not lies retract your statement and just say with the new news u retract

Anyone voting for a Republican - at any level - until they dump the extremism - is openly voting for authoritarian takeover and destruction of the US Constitution. What do you think now that one flick of a button can change an out come of millions of votes Joe Biden said he had the most sofisticaded fraud techs this country has ever seen would you believe that he violated a public trust and received money in his families accounts get him

I can’t stand these feckless fakes LauraCo04347099 you know what Liz, you have been rude, your staff is rude and you have been quiet for 4 years on all the destruction this WH has wreaked upon us, you can sit down and shut up now too because it's to little to late She’s running in 2024. She doesn’t care what Trump thinks.

Liz Cheney loud mouth Neo cons buh bye Trumplague Trumplague as though her father ever gave a damn about the will of the people or what was right or honest or just. the apple never falls far from the tree. Fu Bill Maher said for 3 years this dude wasn’t leaving, and trump called him crazy. Well whose got egg on their face. So what’s the plan when he doesn’t leave?

StephenGlahn Chris Christie the latest of Donald Trump’s “friends” to publicly lambast him for dragging out his election loss in embarrassing fashion Thank you Liz Cheney please wake up the rest of the Republicans. This is over and time to move on You know its sad that you would rather have a puppet that has been office 50 yrs and accomplished nothing then a man that has been in office 4 years and actuley done more then just talk

But there was no sanctity in this election. If you were wondering if Democrats were ever freaked about election fraud, go to JackPosobiec’s Twitter feed. Pathetic!! She is a traitor He is. The constitution gives him the right to challenge the results. Just as it gave Al Gore. Thank you for FINALLY doing the right thing

Should but won’t Well, if Liz Cheney says so ... assuming she's part of the very noble & honorable Cheney klan If it would help, mayber VP Cheney could take Trump quail hunting & convince him. It will need more HouseGOP SenateGOP to follow the Constitution and tell realDonaldTrump to get with the program and begin transition he LOST. America has spoken

You're telling me we have to beg a dictator to accept loss!!! He's a criminal and he's allowed to continue his crimes and nobody seems to have the balls to stop him. If we don't even have the power to do that why do we name ourselves the most powerful country in the worl!! Sanctity sounds very religious. Makes me wonder.

RINO CHENEY. You are an embargo your dad!! 🤣🤣🤣 Oh yes, Her daddy’s special interest company that had many contracts in the MiddleEast. George B destroys the buildings, Daddy Cheney’s vested interest rebuilds them. Imagine the glee when they know the personal benefit of destroying cities. I am so tired of Trump! TrumpIsPathetic in how he is trying to game the system and create chaos only for his own selfish reasons. Whether it is more money, to play more golf and/or soak his childish ego with power. Enough already. Just leave!

Trump needs to start the Patriot Party after he leaves office in 2024 Trump with his lies and team of lawyers is crumbling the world's first democracy. Immorally making use of the right cheatingly sifalio What is one of TraitorTrump 's favorite sayings, 'It will be the best wall' 'It will be the best healthcare' And more, and more. In 2010 the Trump organisation destroyed Michael and Molly Forbes water supply. The Trump organisation promised to fix it.

It’s about time Finally she speaks up. I can assure Trump is not conceding. I do think any Republican that may want to run in 2024 has to gently tell Trump to concede. They are spineless, political animals. Come on Republicans stop your fear of the Democrats Liz another deep state Bushy! DeHeerFIick How do they want to back these claims when all their funding has dried out thanks to their leader.

War monger with $$$ benefits Liz doesn’t count as a high ranking Republican. No one likes her 😂 All ya republicans in this chat are slow, there has been now proof of fraud. Ya votes were counted it just the majority of the country and even the electoral votes did NOT WANT TRUMP because he is a lied and a cheater. He only fighting hard to keep out of prison

That's no Republican Just shut up and accept. Where were those calls from the Democrats these last 4 years? Russia, Russia, Russia and we heard everyday that Trump was an illegitimate president. Now we hear shut up and submit... let the process play out. Rats jumping from a sinking ship Good bye Twitter I am moving to Parler censor your self!

The Silence from Republicans who do not defend the democratic process is undermining Democracy. Why don’t you stand up in mass against the Bully in Chief. He represents some Republican views. Don’t let him become The Party. LizCheney one of the very few Republicans calling out realdonaldtrump tells trump rudolphgiuliani stop clown theatrics search for conservative judges to throw out black votes racist tactic trying Least racist person trump spews LOSER say anything Georgia FlipSenateblue

She’s a corporate shill. See Halliburton for examples Liz Cheney.....a swamp creature's wife. Enough said. Really funny how hard you all are pushing, and pushing. Thank God Trump is not listening to the constant BS being presented by the party of the woman who told creepy Joe to not concede under any circumstance!

We the people who support Trump and the Republican platform demand Liz Cheney stand with and support your President. Your press statement's runs contrary to the President's and you will not be re-elected if you continue against Trump. Allow the process to continue unimpeded. Sure Liz, I can accept the results of an election with so few fraudulent votes cast, not enough to easily flip the Election. You’re just unhappy that I’m stranding the troops back in the Middle East where they will be endangered!

She’s a RINO. when will Lizzy address the thousands her father sent to die unprepared , and how many limbs for fake wmd.She is still fighting her fanthers wars Liz, is this recent? oh don’t worry, Sidney Powell is about to fucking rock y’all :’) war monger cheney let her and her father attack themselves. they are hated

We Thank president Trump for not conceding and to keep fighting for a Godly America!! That’s why the pilgrims came, FREEDOM!! She's Right. Let The Court Legal System Work. Liz, not sure why you think differently from the rest of us republican Americans, but we want a legal election, where we are sure only legal votes were counted, not illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, people being paid to vote for Biden, even our Senate races may not be true.

Deep state swamp activist! Wow. Coming from one of trump's fellow sociopaths, that's something. But using reason with the delusional is probably pointless. Yes but y’all unleashed the Kraken and now you’re wondering why is it destroying your cities If they punch liberty in the eye! Would not you do everything you could to protect her freedom! We should be fighting like cats and dogs that they cheated in order to get in this position.

About time this hasn’t made the Republicans look good at all. Donald trump has become an internet troll who spreads fake news in his last days! It’s actually getting sad to watch and the fact that we pay any attention to this mess of a human, I think it fuels the stupidity that follows!! unfollowtrumps

The sanctity of our elections—- who tf is she talking to CheesyLoops Too little too late The media! The virus is never going away, just like the flu it will stay with us, 80,000 ppl died of the flu in 2017-2018 ansd thats.with a vaccine..this mrna vaccine has never been made before it will modify your DNA..better to take Vitamin D, C and Zinc now prevention.

IdoAmir May be Liz Chaney should take Trump duck hunting to tell him that. He will never. They bought the ticket, they took the ride. Sad. Thank god, someone in the Republican party has some guts. Mitch and the enablers should be locked up for treason. And Trump should be sent to one of his golf clubs in another country. Never to return...TrumpIsACriminal TrumpIsAMassMurderer TrumpIsAThreatToNationalSecurity

No reisegrrl1 This woman is done. She will not be re-elected in 2022. Bean_of_Boston If How many times do they have to lose until you stop saying if How come Liz Cheney looks like dick with a wig on? About time Not accurate. Read the statement. She’s not “urging” anyone. She says “if” he loses his thirty appeals he should respect the electoral process. It’s a cowardly vanilla nothing burger statement.

She’s a Cheney.....🦏🦏🦏😉 The Integrity of America’s voting process is what is in question. The truth must be revealed. Americans Unite. Stand together. Demand all evidence in this alleged manipulation of our rights be explored. For our own freedom, our children and future generations. Thank you, Liz!

Why accept a colosal fraud!!! Gee Liz,a shame that no Democrat called for their party to accept Trumps victory in 2016. So,why don't you be quiet The goal is to keep demanding recounts and making false claims of fraudulent activity until they can force an appeal to the Supreme Court. The real question is are there enough activist justices to help steal the election.

When will conservative-leaning people ever learn? At least a fallen leaf can form compost to fertilize the forest floor. These people are without value to anyone. Establishment DC swamp personified. The female version of Biden. Shocking!! Plausible deniability Lifetime Achievement! This claim is being disputed.

Cheney's love war (contracts)! Don the Con. He's NOT looking forward to coming out from under his presidential shield. Trump is only making the republicans look bad. 👏👏👏 GuilmartB Stop fucking urging him. Come out as a caucus & say he lost. The man is 74 years old & he’s behaving like a child & as usual they are enabling him. There is no pity party/spiteful transition clause in the fucking constitution. The damn fragility is amazing

We want the legal election, no fraud! We can't accept elections tampered with by conspiracy. Respect and sanctity trump ca’t give or recognize. Somebody's Wife Syndrome Again? The sanctity of the electoral process is exactly what We, The People are defending from the fraud and corrupt Liz Cheneys of the SWAMP!

RepLizCheney Why should realDonaldTrump accept results of what half of America thinks was a stolen election? Why? And why aren’t you standing w our President? So you would accept fraud? Sounds swampy. No Liz, you need to crawl back under the rock where you have been hiding. President Trump won this election and the Demoncrats need to except it. Were we Go one We go ALL. We are taking our Country back.

America elected a fighter, not a quitter. Dems have a long history of voter fraud [hell, we were taught about how Mayor Daley of Chicago had dead people voters back in high school]! Thank you Liz. It is great to see that there remain some honest Republicans to defend the US constitution and the democracy in the face of a sore loser who has really nothing to do with the GOP values. Hope you can convince your colleagues not to be coward and to do the same !

The results haven’t been certified yet 🤷‍♂️ Mr President, the Greatest Thing that you have done is to show us it no longer matters which side we vote for. They are both Corrupt and one man can’t fix it. I don’t think even another Revolution would work. China and other Countries would just come in, as England did in the WBS

Because Liz wants more war. She along been a beneficiary of warforprofit. Its very simple, if either party feels any doubts about an election, they have the legal right to investigate and where needed go to court to present their findings. The judge will decide in the end. This is part of a democratic process. No need to get emotional by either party.

Very brilliant thought! This week big business donors told Trump move on, donors is all they fear so they started acting right - that's only reason. There you go Americans. Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats. Lady Justice is Dead. Bold and honest support for democracy and betterment of the country extended by the Chair of house Republican Conference. Though it will annoy Mr. DJT, others will follow one by one.

Idiots MT ChristiaanVanV Bye bye Donny. My Add--- THIS SURE IS ONE HELLUVA PULL DOWN ON realDonaldTrump FailedPresident Who should never ever have been POTUS I hope everyone that voted for .RepLizCheney has long memories and sends her packing. Cheney is part of the military complex and needs to be given her marching orders. Another RINO SWAMP CREATURE.

Just when I was thinking, perhaps it’s time for President Trump to concede, I read that Dick Chaney’s daughter wants Trump to give up. Liz, like her dad, prioritize regime change by war. Election fraud doesn’t kill people ...directly She's running for president in 2024. No doubt. About time you quit backing TreasonousTrump

Why should he accept it when the Dems clearly don't honour that same sanctity. Very sad that the only way a demented kiddie sniffer can 'win' is through massive fraud. Stop sitting on your brains and smell the coffee lady He won’t because his lawyers have enough evidences to prove the fraud. Be patient

He wont ever, he is not mentally or physically able to admit defeat, He knows what that means for him and his crime kids. JAIL JAIL JAIL. He knows it. Im surprised hes still here in the states and not bolted already. No respect for those waiting this long to speak up. Damage is done It's great of Liz_Cheney to call out Trump to basically suck it up and accept the results, but she should also condemn her own Republican colleagues that are explicitly complicit to the Trump chaos. Not a joke.

She is history Absolutely he tweeted it. He conceded. He has tweeted all through his administration. He is having a psychotic episode unraveling and feeling boxed in. Who knows what he is capable of doing. He is sooo mentally ill. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ Politico is deliberately trying to effect the outcome of this election with falsehoods and biased comments. FACT CHECKED BY THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS

Thank LizCheney for your integrity and speaking up when many in the GOP will not! About Fake doctored news No. The globalists are getting worried 🤣 jim_sidewalk You don't need to urge him, you need to tell him point blank 'You lost the election, get over yourself & move on'. He's a grown man, he doesn't need molly coddled, he needs handed moving boxes. He lost, period.

Strange. Democrats spent 4 years screaming 'Russia, Russia, Russia' and calling Trump 'illegitimate'.... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Sanctity? You mean dead people casting votes? 😳😳 Liz, the truth will prevail this time. Joe Biden and his team decided to inherit the tragedy forever. This is what he did himself. Get ready for it. Trump will win.

Liz, if Gore challanged the electoral results in 2000, why can’t Trump do so now? Whyyyyy? Please, don’t let the activist press influence you that much. realDonaldTrump He has. He is just playing you all to waste your time and buy him time. He's deaf. The time for press and speeches is over. It’s now legislative time... 🦑 is coming...

🦑 is coming... Liz, Trump doesn’t respect a thing and is only interested in self preservation. No matter what the cost to the US political institute which has become a joke all over the world. It doesn’t matter what anyone says anymore.... he HAS TO BE REMOVED ON 20 Jan... likely forcibly... amante24 Listen to one of the most crooked vp wife there ever was. Her husband and Bush Jr. Started us down the road to trillions in government debt. I wouldn't listen to someone like her ever.

He is making a Joke of US Democracy ! Is she doing okay? Ha! When realDonaldTrump’s lost even Liz_Cheney, who’s a certifiable nutjob in her own right. 😂 🤣🤣🤣He doesn’t RESPECT the mail order bride that he sleeps with when the porn stars are at work... you think he cares about AMERICA?🤣🤣 DoYourJobEmily

You are suppose to be a republican that stands for truth?. Stand behind your president and to expose the deep state. There was not one Democrat that broke party lines when the phoney impeachment was tearing down this country. Wake up and fight or be a useless politician. You are terrible liz! How can you ask that from our President who's obviously winning due to all the frauds?

Guys, Great report on Massive Democratic Voter Fraud in Five Swing states due to Dominion Voting machine Scandal... Skytl Voter Fraud... Peter Neffenger Smartmatic Voter Fraud... What a Mess for Corrupt Joe Biden! Latinos are with trump stop trying to steal election cause you don’t like the way the man talks his policies are good for USA

KamalaHARRISisDickCHENEY LizCheney Anyone who comes out against what the true patriots have voted for will be booted in the next election! You should be ashamed of yourself. With huge mounting evidence of major corruption in this election, WHY would you not support the investigation?! Another “NEVER TRUMPER “. Fight on mr president 👍

THE Satanic wing with in The United States Gov are carving for war . JoeBidenPresidentElect JoeBiden will be the new Bush... watch this space Why should the American people bow to institutional political corruption. Enough is enough. Big red wave incoming. Such a hack publication... literally irrelevant to everyone but some boomers

Many Republicans from all over the place are finally coming out of their cowardice caves to denounce this criminal and treasonous coup attempt by the trump mafia. Many trump cultists I know are disgusted with him now. They know he lost & want no more conspiracy theories She is the 🏖 🏝 👎🤢 What’s the matter Liz, are you afraid something may come out to surface no one is supposed to know about you? Your last name sound familiar 🤔 hmm... Trump said it is time to clean the swamp (that includes Dem & Rep)

Meh. This is two weeks too late. The GOP made this need and they will lie on it for what's is left of its short political life. Step aside blondey. Sidney Powell coming through Liz_Cheney realDonaldTrump CIA DefenseIntel China financed the company of election of J. Biden on the U.S. presidency: paid about $125 billion for this Government of China, It is business and nothing personal!

Another hack Neocon says what another rhino what about integrety of the vote moron RINO Last year Liz said anti-fracking was low hanging fruit for Russian influence. And efforts by Russia or China, whether related to U.S. energy policy or politics, are a threat to this nation and must be combatted Yea I don't need any advice from a Haliburton Cheney. Trump doesn't do what makes yall bank overseas so piss off. Seems the corporate puppets are getting exposed.

What sanctity It is a total joke that counting was suspended and then over a period of days votes kept appearing for Biden How much did you pay her? $100K ? Whore Then what’s this ? Why is the RNC ASKING Michigan's Board of State NOT to certify the presidential election - RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel & Michigan Rep Chair Laura Cox urged the board to adjourn for 14 days to allow a full audit and investigation? Only Presidential vote is rigged?

Traitor Says the daughter of the man who took us to war. It is the duty of cia, fbi, the military to remove him from the people’s house come January 20,21 Turncoat. Enemy within Why? The MEDIA does NOT have the RIGHT to Decide the President Elect!!! Let us look at the dominion service before we concede. I feel the results be sure before realDonaldTrump concedes. I feel this is a fact of truth. As Democrats that voting realDonaldTrump is the winner. This needs to be played out as there’s to much irritates that needs review

trump doesn't care about that as he responded on Twitter SethAbramson Your a disappointment ms Cheney. The world is laughing at your circus SELL OUT TRAMP!! Another rino anti-trump imbecile. Like should fuck off as she is on the side of fraud Who? CHUMPS DON'T RESPECT HIS OWN WIFE IF THAT'S WHAT HE THINKS SHE IS THE HELL HE RESPECTS ANOTHER PRESIDENT, CAN'T PLAY WITH JOE BIDEN IS ALL I'M SAYING, GET RID OF ALL THE SUPER SPREADER CLOWN'S ND LET'S DO THEM HOW THEY DID US FOR 4 SAD YRS

wooohooo Biden is going to be the new president. the wannabe dictator is bein fired. love seeing trump supporters cry like little bitches CHUMP'S NEEDS 2 B SUED 4 ALL THESE CRAZY CLAN MEMBERS HES LYING 2 THAT HAVE NO RESPECT LIKE HIM HARRSSING GOVERNOR'S 4 BEING HONEST 🤡🍊🚪🧠💩🧻🚽🗑️😂HIS 1 WAY TICKET 🎫🎟️ IS WAITING

BUZZ OFF LIZ Only CRIMINALS do THIS STUFF,He Lost Fair and square and KNOWS his skeletons r about 2 fall out the wh closet, JOE BIDEN would of beat him if CHUMPS Buddy didn't rig florida and TX 4 him really bad Your wrong. There needs to be audit's in these states in question. Let the process play out.

He’s not going to do anything that is respectable you need to remove him A25 He’s a raging lunatic and is a danger to all Americans and our Allies. Bullshit...The people voted for trump. Every one of you Republicans need to grow some balls and back the president and the people who voted for trump and you Republicans.

You are worry miss lady 🚫 She is as stoopid as Biden and the Demoncrats. 最重要的是美国人民接受选举结果! Liz is a nut.... She's a Romney fan. Of course That demon Trump666 is not going to concede. He's attempting a coup with a merry bunch of goats cheering destruction on. SPOILED BRATS! Oh shit. Is this why I have been seeing calls to caucus her?

She's certifiable on her own and even this nut job says he's toast. Another one bites the dust (or will bite the dust...) Oh heeeeeeeeel no Well, I guess He'll has frozen over, I agree with freaking Liz Cheney. This is an example of why the Republican Party has not been able to get and hold onto the Presidency they eat their own - they stand for big government - most Trump supporters would prefer another party that knows how to fight for its constituents and beliefs

Yeah she must have sold out and thinks that biden will win and wants to keep her job or needs a new house. She will look like a dummer bitch after Trump wins in the Supreme Court What took so long? She’s mad that Trump is bringing the troops home. Liz is part of the military industrial complex, just like her father

MizLizTish Too little, too late Liz Donald's a loser. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 He is respecting it, by uncovering its fraud, so we can trust future elections! Are you afraid of something Liz? Yikes! This gang of cheaters called Democrats finally found someone to stand up to them.

Great! Another Republican standing up. Things are looking up. Let’s see who else is willing to put the Country First. The “sanctity”! Lol. Please, spare me...! Liz was a little bit late, but more courageous than other Republicans! Hi fives for her. Now men in Republican Party will probably wake up, but it is too late for their reputation. She is a principled Republican not scared of bullying, like other members of realDonaldTrump cult

Liz is the daughter of the biggest Swamp Rat ever created. The rat doesn’t fall far from the Swamp. Bye! Do stay positive. About f%$ing time. RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica He needs to be evicted for being a nuisance! Respect the norms and The Cheeto that goes together like anchovy flavored beer and serracha pancake syrup

Why are they treating him with kid gloves? solivitaguy .RepLizCheney ‘s father needs to come out and say the same thing. Crazy ass fraudulent lady!🤦🏻‍♂️ the best that can happen to us Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think, that I would be watching the Super Power of the World ..the USA... we are talking about here, become not only the laughing stock of the world but reminiscent of a 3rd World Country it so often degrades!

She could be a rhino what is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican Now it’s “the sanctity of our electoral process” bc GA Rs want to write in twitler for senate. Lol. And so what? Traitor,Rino,soft. The First Prophet Tran Dan & US First National Master Tran Dan & Supreme Advisor To The 3 US Presidents & Former GWBush & Former President Barack Obama & Current President Donald J. Trump & President President Donald J. Trump Wins 2020 Amen

Umm like you are smarter, have more credibility than Sidney Powell, L. Linwood, Giuliani, Kaleigh of more integrity than all of the above and the women in Wayne county who refused to certify the vote or the green card holder from Japan who said he received a voter ballot? Really? realDonaldTrump Really? if Trump held this meeting in White House and she knew about it, then why didn't she take pics or videos of such thing to prove it

That’s a bought republican statement. Who you really work for, Chair person lady?! You don’t deserve me to say your name! When will you 🤡 understand a sworn affidavit IS EVIDENCE! Say it with me A-SWORN-AFFIDAVIT-IS-EVIDENCE These people who have given their first hand witness accounts would face being charged with felonious perjury and 5 years in prison if they lied!


This person or POS should leave, resign, or disappear. They do t care about their party or Americans.... That’s why he is doing this. Draining the swamp so to speak. Trump is god sent !!! And we the people are behind him 110%. Court jail prison. We have to prove a point with the communist crooks. Reap the whirlwind

No. He will not accept. He will undermine this country's democracy and put doubt in people minds and divide this country. He will do this just so that he can be re-elected to the white house on the back of the hatred that he will sow before he leaves! Get it done. Tell GSA lackey to approve the transition and get this wanna be dictator out of the People’s House

It was about time she wake up and accept orangutan lost. What a silly bit*h! Sorry Patriots. Sanctity of a highly fraudulent election? Is she out of her mind...or a Democrat? Headline should read: Late to the table Republicans finally stop pretending. “scanity”? So she's just as horrible as the rest of them cause she's even giving credence to the possibility that the claims are true. Liz_Cheney is just one more GOP congressional enabler. This is not normal. sitwithnazisyouareanazi

It’s about time Come on Trump. Give it up. Liz Cheney is a globalist. Wants US to be at war all over the world We don't accept corrupt elections thank you . This isn't Venezuela or Communist Red China !! The will of the people She has presidential ambitions. The fuck Cheney Unbelievable how you can dismiss all the undeniable evidence of fraud lady .

What kind of low lives betray their own candidate? 🤡 Not everyone in the Republican Party insists on justice. She's apart of the SWAMP that needs rooted realDonaldTrump A Republican with a spine! I guess trump will attack her with a nasty tweet! Get trump outta here already! Trump is dirty he doesn't care if Americans are dying

if Biden wins by election fraud this time. on 2024, the Democrat has more power and more skills to do the trick again. the Republican party will never win in election from now on. America will become a one party socialist country. so we should try best to stop Bidens presidency! Her establishment family has much to lose if Trump were to cancel nationbuilding in a 2nd term.

Thank you Do not concede. Do not concede. Looking in the comments, POLITICO talks to his base. Brain deads liberals hahahahahaha Trump is a born dictator what does he know about democracy and democratic values? It is clearly to see as he does no respect a democratic desition and result, he brought America down to banana republic status and we in Asia do not want a bullying lot to be part of our trade block

Hey why don't you ask that garbarbe reporter on your team why she wants Trump to run again. The election process will not be trusted ever again unless things are changed and they fix this mess. But no matter what is done or who becomes president, this entire mess has NO good outcome. Sanctity “the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly.” ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this election has had any sanctity. Respect DEMOCRACY. Be a Patriot!

TRUMP 2020 Has she looked at the evidence? Has anyone examined the vote flipping? How can we talk about the 'sanctity of our electoral process' when Joe Biden claims to have the 'most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization?' Covering up fraud does not preserve 'sanctity.' It perpetuates corruption.

Trying to save daddy 'Republican' She's another swamp dweller that should be impeached and removed from office for Treason. Is the heat of the Dem fraud and the Deplorables fire is torching your ass Liz? Will your name be revealed in the coming weeks? I wish you everything you deserve realDonaldTrump KAG2020 LLinWood marklevinshow

There is no sanctity. We have massive fraud on a global scale. People are going to jail! Liz Chaney is not a RINO and certainly not a betrayer of Donald Trump. She simply can distinguish between fact and fantasy. I knew her in college. She is clear-eyed, and Republican to the core. She is America first, not Trump uber alles.

What is more embarrassing is that from the argument of the losers, the Democrats beat the American intelligence agencies, even in Republican states to clinch the win? And they have been Making America Great for 4yrs? How could they ignore securing the electoral system. How about for once your headlines actually reflect what happened instead of click bait?

Did not see that coming! But... I'll take it! Daddy, what do you mean our family is knee deep in this? RINO He's not going to like that... Everyone should respect the sanctity of our elections ! None that can’t complete a sentence amd is a pediphile would win an election !! Z what’s the point in voting ever again if we allow this kind of cheating !! Do you think Americans are stupid ! Cheney’s Hate Trump

Way to get in there early Dick’s daughter. Talk is cheap. This is the problem. Republicans allow democrats to cheat and then talk about the sanctity of the electoral process. They are spineless. It’s taking so many Republicans way too long to speak out. It’s an embarrassment and a danger. As if these past few years haven’t been dangerous enough.

Oooh, what a powerful stance. And this is different from ANY boiler plate axiom of any election at any time in the U.S. how? I’m with Liz Cheney, but Donald sure isn’t. Liz if you have any clout. Please talk to your Guy (Trump). We have people dying by the 100,000. We need Joe Biden who has a team ready. Trump can continue golfing he hasn’t been any help in the fight of COVID-19. PLEASE talk to him.

Someone needs to cover the kind of threats people are getting from Trumps minions. I believe they are much worse that a few posts on social media..... Would be great if she actually posted this on her Twitter feed. Keeping her opinions off of social media? Liz_Cheney Trump made the Republican Party what it is and is the future. When we read the affidavits and hear what happened it is clear we have been cheated. When people like Mitt Romney speak up like he has, we all wonder what his motive is or even worse is he involved.

Did Dick shoot her in the ass, I mean face too? DeoneBe Why should trump do anything? We all know the unspeakable answer to this problem. Maybe she knows there is a limit the republican establishment has never drawn a line at extreme action to save itself, trump should fear them the most. LOVE EXPOSING 'CORRUPTION' ON 'BOTH-SIDES 'CORRUPTION' COMES IN ALL 'PARTY'

Stop coddling this dude. Just make a damn deal and move on. Come on people, haven’t you learned anything about trump yet? He’s a baby man who needs his ego stroked and then spanked. So simple! That's not even what she says in your own article morons 🇺🇲FAKE-NEWS🇺🇲 This is how democracy dies, Not through violence, But a president’s lies.

Not that I agree with her politics it's the smartest thing she ever said. Sick Cheney will be in the Biden administration. More wars. Trump has been continually rewarded by the Republican Party for being a good brainwasher. Wow these people are truly bold Finally, someone using reason in this bat-shirt presidency.

There are two transitions. Trump is transitioning from corrupt to monumentally pathetic. Nice idea but way too little way too late to save our democracy. You’ve let his lies and vitriol corrupt trust in our electoral system. Do you think it’s going away again someday? Silly republican. Not without the ifs and or buts.

They all are as Fake as a Mirage! Why would anyone listen to what some RINO never Trumpers wife has to say about anything? DT should be urged to seek psychotherapy for help to deal with being a 'loser' which is a nomenclature he considers worse than death. From his father he learned to believe people who lose are worthless. And losing the election reinforces how he already felt about himself

Dick Cheney just invited trump out hunting Rep. Liz Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican, urged Trump on Saturday to respect 'the sanctity of our electoral process' if he cannot prove his voter fraud claims. 'America is governed by the rule of law,' she said in a statement. You lying bastards. She said “if he can’t prove it in court.” The litigation is not even close to over

He is. Did you say the same thing during the Gore and Bush election? They got 37 days and Trump gets what 0? They spent 4 years trying to remove Trump and giving him bad press and now you want him to not fight for his constituents Ya ok. This is all I'm asking Republicans to say. You have a legit claim, take it to court. Your only strategy is to file a bunch of bs claims to undermine the integrity of the election, then sit down & let the transition happen

Haha the Democrats are fighting back trying to manipulate the ratts that what hes doing is wrong. Ppl dont believe a damn thing the news tells you!. Trump has all the rights and will win and expose all you narks who cheat. Watch Hey Liz, you had your chance. Thank you RepLizCheney for doing what your colleagues are too afraid to do.

mimizelman They all should be saying the same thing! He already shat all over the sanctity. You're a day late and a dollar short. Liz_Cheney - prove claims in court? His claim was laughed out of court today in PA by Judge Brann. He just needs to start packing up all his over-sized ties and make-up and be ready to move before January 20, 2021.

The President is busy and asked me to pass along his reply. Be well. Never thought I’d agree with a Cheney! Trump is a Shitshow SiaKordestani How pathetic. *cue trump supporters googling who she is to discredit her statement* BabeTruth2 By now, ANY GOP that hasn't sided against as vengeful, self-serving & careless a world leader as tRump doesn't deserve ANY benefit of doubt about their motives or loyalties. It is party over country!

sendavidperdue KLoeffler Do acknowledge and accept the certification results that Biden won Georgia? Election2020results GeorgiaVoters senaterunoff warnock ossoff BidenHarris I hate it when I agree with LizCheney Cheating dems She should shut her mouth These idiotas created a monster & now they wanna put it back in the cage 👺

Dick Cheney's daughter says what? Don’t paint her as an angel Respect? Lol, that orange pig has no respect for anyone nor anything Took you WAY too long to do this, why should anyone trust what you say now? She knows he can't.. so skip the soft and gentle BS. Waiting for a REAL RINO TO MAKE A REAL STATEMENT.. OTHERWISE STFU.

This is not news. The media is interfering with Trumps transition to a 2nd term GSAEmily What result The election hasn't been declared (except by CNN) CLilly33 About fvcking time this bimbo said something intelligent proof has already been verified just don't want to hear it Did she consult with her undead nos feratu father on this?

You know things have gotten bad when you have lost the Cheney’s. 79,823,827 Americans who voted for Biden want to know why Trump ignores the will of American people and their lawful vote and why Trump now trying to cheat, defraud and disenfranchise American voters and steal election for himself when Trump lost to Biden by over 6 million votes!

I appreciate what she has said here. Its all any of them need to do really. Demand that Trump present his evidence or start the transfer of power immediately. Any government official that struggles to say something like this, does not care about us or our democracy. Trump's lawsuit in PENNSYLVANIA just got thrown out! What is he 1 win 30 losses on court now? Trump is nothing but a two bit con man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with a cult of morons backing him

“Sanctity” isn’t part of Trump’s vocabulary. Accept? Asking for the truth is not too much to ask for. There should not only be recounts there should be audits. If we simply want to sweep things under the rug then we might as well embrace China. She a bloody genius! LOL DUH! Take him out kicking and screaming!

Grow a pair Trumpy! He is respecting the sanctity of our electoral process, it’s Biden who isn’t by cheating. TooLate voted 'No' to impeach. She voted 'No' on additional witnesses. Ummm he hasn’t provided any evidence in court Liz_Cheney & his lawyers refuse to argue what Trump says in public, so they aren’t sanctioned. He can’t accept defeat. He wants to destroy our democracy. He’s dangerous!

When the daughter of the absolute WORST and most corrupt Vice President in all of American History is telling you to abide by the law, you know America has sunk low because again, this is Liz Cheney we're talking about. Daughter of Dick Cheney, an absolute disgrace. John McCain who conspired with Hillary to try to say trump colluded with Russia lol dominion is exposed global criminal conspiracy. The kraken has been released get ready for the storm.

Really?(Really. Fuck them all. Four years and NOW they want to say something Why? Because they know the GOP is going down. No Morals 💪🏼💙 JoyTaylorTalks Hillary said never concede back in 16. Guess that was only for the Dems. Her father's message means nothing when it comes from her lips. Let the dead rest

JoyTaylorTalks Another woman doing what men are too cowardly to do!!! You left out the “if he cannot prove his claims in court” part. It’s about freaking time! Thank you! A woman with guts finally! No she didn’t. She said “if.” None of this matters. Why do people think Trump cares about the US or it’s citizens. It’s all about him, these Republicans making statements means nothing. We want action.

It’s a shame that she and so many others fanned these flames for four plus years. Took way too long. Where the other cowards are at?😡 A day late and a dollar short... these GOP ers are pathetic. MasksSaveLives Americans, whether Libtards or Repugs, sound like proper kunts when they scream 'sanctity of election'...fawking hypocrites.

Thank you, Liz. trump should have stepped down when covid19 hit he couldn't protect us then and he can't protect the constitution now hi is incapable of doing what is right PRESIDENT TRUMP 4 More LOOONG Years🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸The CORRUPTED DEEP STATE TREASONOUS CRIMINALS WILL BE IMPRISONED 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Bout time Liz Come on (R)’s wave that flag from the Capitol “...if he can’t prove his claims in court” is no pressure at all. It’s an invitation to continue his frivolous lawsuits. The nicest thing I can say about this daughter of a war criminal is, “Liz Cheney lacks courage” Say it louder so the whole House and Senate can hear you!

Here to see 'liberals' tweet their praises of Liz Cheney. Got to love it. couldn’t care less what she thinks. Only matters what she does. The suit today by MikeKellyPA asks Pennsylvania to 1) discard all mail ballots or 2) appoint new electors for Trump. Biden won PA by 85K once all legally cast mail votes were tabulated. Biden won the popular vote by over 6 million. The GOP is breaking democracy.

Just Dark Cheney in drag. 👻👻👻🙈🙈🙈 if only a sitting member of the senate with a razor thin majority was in a position to do anything about it, but alas, i guess all she has is words we will brake ranks with her The Democrats Machine should respect it. Trump does respect it, which is why he's fighting against their massive vote stealing.

Since almost every legal battle is losing it is inevitable. She is a Rino. No This doesn't make up for the fact that yiu have supported trump unconditionally. Should or Has to ? We should get her together with GSAEmily to see if they can find common ground Did Liz just say 'Respect the Sanctity?' Tell that to the jerkoffs in Detroit, Philly, and Atlanta

You mean the entire GOP isn't insane with power lust? Just most of them? That's nice! Angry tweet coming in 5, 4, 3, 2,.... Er, no. Too many 'ifs' in her statement. She ought to have a word with Ronna. Shifting boat Dems: Ignore this scandal at your peril. We don’t need to convince you or the press or the public, just the courts. And there’s lots of evidence pointing to fraud. You’ll be blindsided bc of outlets like politico and cnn making you feel cozy.

Imagine a D President elected w 3M fewer votes, whose approval never hit 50pc, and whose laissez faire pandemic policy resulted in 250,000 deaths so far. Only massive voting fraud could explain him not winning another term, right? 😂 No surprise. Songbird John was a major cog in the coup plot. That's right.... step back Trump and let Liz and the dems neocon faction start a war somewhere.

Trump’s campaign got wrapped up in our Russia surveillance. If they hadn’t had Russian ties, they never would’ve been caught up. Now they are trying to spin conspiracy theories on the democrats through fabricating/lying/cheating to disparage the vote. Totally different Liz is becoming a true leader. Wonderful to watch her and read/listen to what she has to say.

Meet your 2024 front runner Power grab - power move Swamp creature. Of course you want him gone. He wants to remove us from endless wars. no way.....the GOP should sit down and pay attention....Trump is teaching you how to FIGHT BACK. 73+ million believe 2020 was rampant with election the very least let this play thru and if it isnt fraud...great...if it is...people must go to jail

He doesn’t know the meaning of respect. Never has , never will. Says the warmonger. Not that I agree with Trump not conceding now, because I think he should, simply not enough evidence. BUT this is the real swamp people. Neocon 9/11 war monger haliberton yes Liz Cheney dick Cheney oh yeah that’s the swamp, PNAC 666