Liz Cheney just lost her House seat, but her fight against Trump continues

8/17/2022 5:36:00 AM

Rep. Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the Jan. 6 committee, lost her GOP House primary in Wyoming. But she plans to keep fighting Trump.

Rep. Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the Jan. 6 committee, lost her GOP House primary in Wyoming. But she plans to keep fighting Trump.

Liz Cheney's sustained criticism of former President Trump made her one of his top political targets. She has pledged her chief goal is to make sure he never wins back the White House.

toggle captionJae C. Hong/APHageman, an attorney endorsed by Trump who once was a Cheney supporter, overtook the incumbent by a wide margin in early returns. In a state that gave Donald Trump his biggest victory in 2020, Hageman is on a glide path to win the seat outright against Democratic opponent Lynnette GreyBull in November.

"Our nation is barreling again toward crisis, lawlessness and violence," Cheney said."No American should support election deniers."Cheney's allies assert she could have easily won reelection if she had done what the vast majority of her GOP colleagues in Congress have done — stood in lock step with Trump. Instead, Cheney made the race entirely about her decision to stand up to the former president.

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God Bless Liz Cheney for standing up and doing the right thing. Americans should praise Her for all She has done. Let's all work together to hold the ones accountable for their involvement in the attempted insurrection. Stop the BIG LIE. NPR loves Liz and all Democrats! You're not news you're PROPAGANDA! DefundNPR DemocratsHateAmerica DemocratsDividingAndDestroyingAmerica

ShigeyoK Shame on Wyoming! Go Liz. Don’t stop fighting! Do it. Liz Cheney will dance on the carcass of Donald John Trump before the 2024 inauguration 🇺🇸👀 You would think she would learn her lesson that’s what got her in the position she’s in now. That would be another mistake. This has been is delusional

How does Liz Cheney plan to fight Donald J. Trump, Sr.?

Liz Cheney braces for loss as Republican resistance to Trump is tested in Wyoming and AlaskaTuesday’s primaries in Wyoming and Alaska offer one of the final tests for Donald Trump political brand ahead of the November general election. It isnt trump, we are just tried of rhinos.

I am so sick of politics. Lets play a game of scrambled to ease our minds from politics. I will start first TMURP2204 Would pay to see her debate trump. He couldn't lie his way around on that stage Liz_Cheney RepLizCheney Go Forth and be GREAT! I hope you run for President in 2024. You can actually win over thousands of Democratic voters....

Don't agree with almost any of Ms. Cheney's policy positions. But as a person with integrity, grit, and a willingness to lead with honesty and dignity, she is a rarity in US politics. I admire her for not sinking into the muck and corruption of the GOP. She's a patriot! Go Liz! Then run as an independent for congress in Wyoming

Lol lol lol lol lol Wyoming is falling down a deep, dark hole. Cheney was the last chance they had to get out. Who cares Haven't voted for a republican presidential candidate since Reagan, I would vote for her absolutely.!!! 🤕Lizzy has hard core TDS. Serious mental health issue there.

Wyoming House Primary Election Results: Liz Cheney faces Trump-backed challengerThe GOP primary for Wyoming’s lone House seat is too early to call, according to NBC News. Follow live results. Too early to call at 0% reported…It’ll be called at 5% Democrats don't have any ballot boxes hidden for Liz do they? The Trumpcult doesn’t like anyone that goes against their cult leader.

She is mean, cruel, vicious and has no interest if fair justice under the law. The Cheneys hate President Trump because he rightly called out Dick Cheney for his phantom weapons of the mass destruction and the thousands of American and Iraqi lives lost. He's a war criminal. I’m sorry, I thought her title on the committee was democrat puppet

She got slaughtered. Trump didn’t like Bush and Cheney for their warmongering. Liz hates Trump for calling out her father. She did not represent Wyoming. She can work for CNN or s Defense company. No chance she gets on the 2024 ticket as a Republican. She'd have a better chance running as a Democrat! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

She’s a joke like her father. Liz ( the 🐍) Cheney I predict she’ll run either as an Independent or a Republican to siphon off votes from Trump to ensure he doesn’t win. That will be her objective because she knows she doesn’t have enough support to win an election. What a joke! Who will vote for her? Not the Libs nor Conservatives for what she has done. For right now they will use her as a stab against Republicans.

Rep. Liz Cheney Loses GOP Primary to Trump-Backed Challenger, NBC ProjectsCheney is Trump’s highest-profile Republican critic in Congress and a leading figure in the House investigation of his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. even if RepLizCheney loses in WY today - she's basically the only GOP who in fact isn't a loser! GOPTraitorsToDemocracy

Patriot1Annie She has a bad case of TDS. This may be the worst case ever. Tick-tock Liz. Time waits for no troll. This is your career warning light in the corner of your eye and the seatbelt ajar warning tone ringing in your ear at night as you lay down to sleep. You had a brilliant career remaining and you threw it away on a vendetta on a politician.

Buh bye Liz 🤣🤣🤣 Salute the lady who stands by principles and morals! 😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅 Liz Cheney made it all about Trump. She should have made it all about the people. Correction: She continues to keep losing to Trump. She lost the entire state of WY - not just a Congressional District. No one likes her but the media loves to use her as a martyr. Elites are being called out and the left is scared.

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 One of the few in Washington who have proven ethics and integrity. I hope she runs for president. Everyone is, that’s why she was voted out!

Republican Liz Cheney loses to Trump-backed challenger, Edison Research projectsU.S. Representative Liz Cheney, a fierce Republican critic of Donald Trump who has played a prominent role in the congressional probe of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, lost to a Trump-backed primary challenger on Tuesday, Edison Research projected. SPepper1964 Those people in Wyoming must be fools. Yeeeeeee hawwwww

The Bushes, The Clintons, now…. Hey look! Democracy in action! I’m sure she’ll have the backing of old school Republicans. I don’t agree with her politics but I do respect her for not backing down from her beliefs about Trump. The people in Wyoming just made a big mistake. They chose Trump over the US Constitution. Some ‘patriots’ they are.

Cheney lost for being grossly dishonest and anti-American. Her personal vendetta against Trump left Wyoming voters without representation. You dont lose a primary by 40 pts and trot back to DC with a new lease on life. This was a referendum on J6 and anti Trump psychosis. She just wants to raise money

brithume I wonder if things might have turned out differently for Liz Cheney if she'd used her seat on the 1/6 committee to insist on cross-examination of witnesses & chance for defense to present its side. Instead she led charge for an utterly one-sided presentation. The most American thing a person can do is vote. Dems wanted Republicans gone and now it is happening. You got what you wanted just not how you wanted it

Cheney could not win the presidency without all R on board, but neither can tfg. So she'll run if he runs, just so as deny him a share of the R vote. That would be a service to the country! Has anyone but me noticed that all the media is interviewing the WHINER and not the WINNER in Wyoming?

Liz Cheney Braces for Loss as Donald Trump's Influence Tested in Wyoming and AlaskaLiz Cheney's team is bracing for a loss against a Trump-backed challenger in the state in which he won by the largest of margins during the 2020 campaign.

An obsessed woman... Therein lies the reason RepLizCheney LOST. She was not sent to DC to abuse her power with attacks on Trump. She was sent there to fight for WYOMING CONSTITUENTS. Her fixation on Trump bordering on CRAZY🤪 L7 RepLizCheney ‘s new job description, “fighting Trump.” Let it be known to Liz that, only God deposes kings and raises up others. You have no power to prevent anyone from becoming President. You sound pathetic. Wyoming saw it. America sees it. You are blind. Praying for you.

The last chance that GOP voters had a chance to show the rest of us that they are not members of a brainwashed cult, and they blew it big time. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 She is as corrupt as her father idiotalert Lol. She’s done Bye Liz

Liz Cheney braces for loss as voters weigh in on direction of GOP in Wyoming, AlaskaRep. Liz Cheney, a leader in the Republican resistance to former President Donald Trump, is fighting to save her seat in the House on Tuesday. She deserves this big loss, maybe she should change parties

Liz Cheney has a gargantuan ego. Normal people would be crushed by such a huge loss. They would have humility and self-reflection forced upon them. Not Cheney. She believes the voters—not her—were on trial yesterday. They failed miserably! She remains a legend in her own mind Her own state wouldn’t vote for her but yet she’s trying to run for President, my head hurts make it make sense.

She is going to need to switch parties. Republican voters are done with her. I do admire her confidence though. Her actions were based on an emotional response to Trump. We don't need that in Washington no matter what party you represent. Warmongering women gotta keep warmongering…’s in their nature

😂😂😂😇😇😇 “God laughs at the wicked everyday.” So for Liz it's really all about her fight with Trump and absolutely nothing about Wyoming!!! Don’t let the door hit you Liz, Adios, Goodbye, farewell, bye-bye!!😂😆😝🥂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌 Lizzie's hatred for Trump continues to control her life-Trump LIVES in her HEAD VERY SAD

Where was this great defender of democracy in 2000 when the Supreme Court halted the counting of votes in FLA and installed her father as shadow president, resulting in the deaths of millions. The Dems singing her praises now. Here is why. Keep fighting for democracy, truth and our country

Oh please do… so the whole world can see just how unpopular the traitorous Liz Cheney really is. She’ll get waxed. — Again! Gosh, I wonder if all the Cheney As GOP Martyr articles have anything to do with the fact that she is probably going to make a presidential bid? NPR, what happened to your solid , unbiased and insightful articles and reporting?

It's outrages that anyone would try and keep an American citizen from running for any office isn't this country about voters choosing their elected officials not preventing someone from running because your views are different? Cheney and the Lincoln Project dupes. Trump's in big trouble now. Liz Cheney is one of the few remaining truth tellers! And truth will always win in the end.

Too bad she spent her tenure voting with trump 93% of the time and blocking needed legislation. Now she is a hero of some kind because she doesn’t support hate, division and party policies above all ANYMORE? When the monster you make eats you, it does’t make you a hero. You keep going, Senator because at the end of the day your conscious is clear. You do the job that the trump republicans don’t want you to do. All thy want if for the voters that think trump is all that.

she is being paid millions

It is not coincidence that Bush fam and Cheney fam don’t like Trump It’s not coincidence that McCane Fam and Romney don’t like Trump Notice they all were in line to be president or were President.. Traitors to their party, traitors to their platform. Liz is an embarrassment She needs help tds is serious.

USA NEEDS MORE LIZ CHENEY…💪 “The challenges we are facing require serious leaders who will abide by their oath and uphold the Constitution, NO matter what” LindaHu14367111 We all knew she was going to lose. Anytime someone speaks out against you-know-who they get voted out. Has anyone noticed that when a Republican is not running for re-election they come at Trump hardcore. Because he is awful🤮

Hahahahahahaha please somebody tell her !!! She won't ! Can Notice. Only people mad are left leaning.. She’s done because she turned her back on the people who voted for her. Good riddance! TDS She needs help to overcome this. And by lost, I mean suffered the 4th worst loss by an incumbent since 1968.

TDS BoycottWyoming Boycott Wyoming. No sane people should travel there. And We the People fought her! Bye bye Lizzy FJB She lost her primary not the seat not yet I admire the hell out of her and unlike Biden, she knows what a woman is! She needs to seek professional help. The driving force in her soul is hate...

Millions spent on investigations, & hearings which is a total waste of taxpayers money when families are struggling to put food on the table. But like many members of Congress they are millionaires and don’t care and are out of touch with reality. Of course she does. This is a vendetta for her not a job!

The people have spoken!

And your headline just explains exactly why RepLizCheney got annihilated last night. Her obsession with Trump instead of listening to her constituents which is now why she is out of a job Oh ok…… Come January we conservatives will be pushing congress to eliminate all funding for NPR. We don’t need to fund propaganda

REPUBLICAN PSA: Liz Cheney is about to make The Donald and his GOP cronies go through some things the HouseGOP might have wanted to keep her. Ms. Cheney is about to be the wrecking ball. These next 2 years of civil war within the gop should be interesting. The people have spoken. Thank the Lord!! She knew she’d loose and she never intended to run for office again. That’s why she sat on J6 Commitee. She was just a sort of sacrificial lamb

Voters in the US state of Wyoming ousted congresswoman Liz Cheney. Still hasn't learned her lesson trying to win over single issue voters

But, but but her fight continues 😆 Fighting Trump was not her job. Representing her constituents was, and she refused to do it. Bye 😎 Eat 💩 NPR! Eat 💩Liz! Lizzy fighting Trump because without Trump propagandist like NPR would ignore the daughter of a war criminal FJB DefundNPR HAHA FUKKING HA. So what? As long as she’s not wasting taxpayers money.

Good riddance

Liz will go independently and run against Donald in 2024 - score a huge book deal for $5 million + — and land a gig on msnbc or the view —- time to cash in While she has been defeated in this primary, she has won the minds of many who had thought the GOP had lost its collective mind. Thank you Ms. Cheney for your devotion to the country and not to some egotistical 🍊 guy

Liz_Cheney may have lost in Wyoming, but she is a national hero. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Why dies Lizzie always look constipated? TDS Liz , keep smiling; you've been victorious, winning hearts & minds of human race around the world , standing up 2 Truth ; no 2 way path 2 its tower; Jah will give u a way out : trust him..

And so it should!!! Let us know how to help her. God help us all. She's a true patriot. Goodbye traitor! You won’t be missed! Thank goodness the insurrectionist lost her election!

Because that is where the democrat money is It amazing how well NPR Carrie’s water for the DNC and yet takes tax payers dollars to stay in business… Breaking News NPR: Liz_Cheney is toast. Period. 😂🤣😂 Try running as a Democrat 🤷 Of course she does. If Trump moved to Europe, she’d probably have to move too. Serious TDS going on. Geez 🙄

I'm so glad that rino and piece of human excrement lost. 👍💕 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bye! And you know why she lost lol General elections are where everyone no matter their party in her state can vote for her. Primaries are just about who the party is going to support. He is accused of threatening and abusing the system. But, the system is abusing him and threatening all of us.

WY is going to regret voting Liz out as Liz stood for WY not for political power and when 45 Trump is indicted and truth is revealed these people are going to cry, when their new Republican candidate puts WY last for her own political gain which she has already shown she will. 😂 Say the truth, she didn’t lose she was humiliated. I loved seeing the numbers get further and further apart. She put her and daddy’s hatred for trump above the voters in Wyoming. I’m glad she is done in congress come Jan. Hopefully when majority changes in 23 they investigate her

Both parties are just as crooked as shit can’t name one in last 30 or more years. All the way from mayors to presidents. The democratsforliz could have helped her win, but chose not to. It is a lot easier for the DemocraticParty to defeat a Trump supported candidate than LizCheney! Yah L o s e r - in so many ways.

There’s no fight. MAGA has won and will continue to win. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏

Cope supports invading Iraq. supports war. Hard to fight when Liz Cheney had to submit and concede. Defund Taxpayer money to Hilarious how the libs all of the sudden love the Cheneys. They sit on no moral foundation. Trump broke them. Lizzy hatred.for Trymp confuses her sense of justice. Every American running for office can legally question election outcomes. That's Constitutional

Thank you, Ms. Cheney. This Democrat/Independent from California thanks you for your example of integrity. Run for Senate Go down swinging RepLizCheney you’ve done your job honorably! Your legacy will remain. Bye! Don't the let door hit you on the way out!

Bye girl. You're a sore loser. This is her problem. She decided to make her deciding based on Trump... instead of what was right for her constituents. These people need to get over their hate. In 1849, Abe Lincoln lost his congressional seat for sticking to his principles and bucking his party on the Mexican Invasion. Liz is in good company. classylady

Cant believe my tax dollars go to fund a left wing biased erroneous propaganda machine. As bad as any 3rd world country. AZPubRadio Cheney 2024 Good riddance you lefty pawn to you and your WMD father I have no idea about behind the scene,but she deserve the respect. Liz Cheney is a champion of truth and Justice. She was betrayed by her own, She sacrificed her career to save the nation. She will rise again.

Good riddance. Also, defundNPR Not just “lost”. Got obliterated. Was doing the OPPOSITE of what almost ALL of her constituents wanted. And that’s not how representative government works.

She is what all politicians should aspire to be. Sorry Liz, we’re not buying your crap. See ya! Our chief goal was to show you the door... On The View? You chose democrats instead of US citizens. You got what you deserved “Refusal to follow the rule of law will corrupt our future,” Says the woman who voted to impeach a president WITHOUT a, what does the Constitution say about the LAW, oh yeah…, you need a “High Crime or Misdemeanor”…, there weren’t any crimes or misdemeanor, only butt hurt Dems.

Disappointing, that people would take an endorsement from Trump as a positive. The devil points to his chosen, and his post souls trundle forward without thought, faith, or morality. She can pretend to be a Democrat. Keep taking votes from Dems. There’s no space for neocons in the new MAGA Republican Party


Makes you wonder why a family dynasty of war criminals and profiteers are dedicating their lives to getting rid of Trump. 🤔 The Bushs, McCains, and Cheneys are leftist heroes all of the sudden. RepLizCheney would be much more comfortable and effective at fighting Trump as Democrat or as a featured propagandist on CNN, MSNBC or since TrumpDerangementSyndrome is the only job experience required.

that will last about 6 months, then oblivion. Oh I am sure the despicable Dems will have her on the committee . That bi.. needs a hobby. Run for President Liz !! Or Senate Of course she does. But see where it's gotten her? Liz Cheney vehemently defended torture and mass murder of people in the Middle East, lying us into endless wars that sunk trillions of dollars, killed and maimed countless Americans, and made billions to her father's corporations.

She actually won in my book What Trump had done to her? She's a hero standing up for her values!

LizCheney In fairness, Liz Cheney made a fool of herself! The people have spoken...thems the breaks... Wahwahhhh Good riddance Cheney your a bad American that is why you got voted out. We don’t trust you. I’m sure you’ll just become a scumbag lobbyist so you can find ways of stealing money from the tax payers.

America has spoken. Time to purge the anti American propagandists!!! Liz Cheney loves this country and will continue to fight to protect what this country stands for! Lost She was the incumbent with full support of the media and Democratic Party…..and she was crushed by a more than 30 point margin. The investigations begin in January 2023 and the impeachments shortly thereafter.

Because she is a dedicated RINO! So... how long can she stay on the committee?

From the drive thru window. Y’all liberals are wilding in the comment section 😭 calling people who reside in Wyoming traitors wtf 😂 y’all got balls to be hating someone just for having a different opinion than you. If you can’t see that’s a problem then you are lost You forgot to add Wyo Republicans cesured liz, way back in 2021. We haven't recognized her for quite some time.

Hurry up!! My crystal ball reveals an Ambassadors post somewhere ... UN? Keep after it Rep. Cheney! Protect America! From where, exactly? Democrats literally in tears at the idea there's one less politician wanting to kill kids in foreign countries She has ovaries…big ones! History will prove her fight justified.

So much admiration for Liz. She is such a brave woman w/ tremendous integrity. A true Patriot doesn't fight to stay in power but is willing to lose their position to fight for what is right. This is Liz Cheney! 💯🇺🇲 She's being called for bigger and better things than Wyoming . Wow just like Abraham Lincoln!

I didn't agree with a lot of her policies but I admired her courage, her willingness to stand up for her convictions, and her bravery in calling out the farce that was in office. I hope she continues the fight. So happy to hear she lost. Now goaway. The peaks of The Grand Tetons are shedding tears tonight.

ROCK ON🇺🇸 LIZ CHENEY 🇺🇸ROCK ON ultra leftist trash ‘journalists’ gonna be crying into their pillows tonight without their rino hero staying in Congress to help the Dems with their dirty deeds 🤣🤣🤣 Cope and seethe, libs. Outside counsel?

StandWithLiz RepLizCheney A lesson learned the hard way. Bravo to RepLizCheney for your courageous search for and support of the truth. Thank you and my deepest respect to you. Great example of a selfish politician NOT doing her job by representing the constituents who voted her in…..bye Goodbye 👋 As she should! Country over party! Country over traitor trump!!!

The woman is hero. Let this be the precedent we set for war mongers of all political parties You go Liz_Cheney Good luck to her. It will be hard to “fight” him as a civilian with no political power. Bye Felicia.

Spite and hatred are all she has left now. She'll register Democrat tomorrow Good riddance 🇺🇸 Whoa 8oz gloves and a ten round bout, I make Liz a 9-2 favorite over Trump. Over/Under on rounds Trump could go, is 2. Take Liz and the unders. ByeByeLiz we don't care what she does as a private citizen How did she make approximately $6 Million per year in Congress? But TRUMP 🤣🤣

Good aggravates evil in it's very existence. The GQP is obsessively purging good from it's legions.

Enlarge this image Rep.6 hours ago Rep.% in The expected vote is the total number of votes that are expected in a given race once all votes are counted.Jonathan Ernst | Reuters Rep.

Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., appears at an Election Day gathering in Jackson, Wyo. 6, 2021, attack on the U., to concede defeat in a GOP primary to Harriet Hageman, who was backed by former President Trump. Source. Cheney vows that she will carry on her work to make sure Trump doesn't return to the presidency. Capitol, is an underdog in Tuesday's Wyoming Republican primary. Jae C. Rep.

Hong/AP toggle caption Jae C. — Wyoming Rep. Hong/AP Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo.S., appears at an Election Day gathering in Jackson, Wyo., to concede defeat in a GOP primary to Harriet Hageman, who was backed by former President Trump. Cheney’s team is bracing for a loss against a Trump-backed challenger in the state in which he won by the largest of margins during the 2020 campaign. But Cheney's political future had seemed much brighter until fairly recently.

Cheney vows that she will carry on her work to make sure Trump doesn't return to the presidency. Jae C. But in the short term, Cheney is facing a dire threat from Republican opponent Harriet Hageman, a Cheyenne ranching industry attorney who has harnessed the full fury of the Trump movement in her bid to expel Cheney from the House. Hong/AP Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney conceded defeat in the primary election for her House seat on Tuesday following months of her withering criticism of former President Donald Trump and his efforts to subvert the 2020 election. “It’ll be a crying shame really if she does lose. "This primary election is over, but now the real work begins," Cheney said, nodding to future political plans to take on Trump.

Cheney noted that she had called opponent Harriet Hageman to congratulate her.” Tuesday’s contests in Wyoming and Alaska offer one of the final tests for Trump and his brand of hard-line politics ahead of the November general election. Hageman, an attorney endorsed by Trump who once was a Cheney supporter, overtook the incumbent by a wide margin in early returns. In a state that gave Donald Trump his biggest victory in 2020, Hageman is on a glide path to win the seat outright against Democratic opponent Lynnette GreyBull in November. This week’s contests come just eight days after the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s Florida estate, recovering 11 sets of classified records. It was an expected outcome for someone who went from party star and heir to a conservative dynasty to a political outcast — marked by the moment Cheney chose to break with the former president following his role in fomenting a mob to attack the U.S. The Republican Party initially rallied behind the former president, although the reaction turned somewhat mixed as more details emerged.

Capitol on Jan. 6.S. Cheney addressed supporters in Jackson Hole, near her home, and one of the few areas in the state where she won the county, repeating her vow to do whatever she can to stop Trump from returning to the White House. "Our nation is barreling again toward crisis, lawlessness and violence," Cheney said. Lisa Murkowski, center, is shown at the grand opening of her reelection campaign office in Juneau, Alaska, on Thursday, Aug."No American should support election deniers.

" When Liz Cheney chose to run for reelection to her House seat in 2020 instead of making a bid for an open Senate seat, some Republicans speculated she was charting a path to become the first female Republican speaker of the House. Murkowski said she expects to be among the candidates who will advance from the Aug. Trump's name is not on the ballot Tuesday, but his thumb rests heavily on the scale Cheney's allies assert she could have easily won reelection if she had done what the vast majority of her GOP colleagues in Congress have done — stood in lock step with Trump. Instead, Cheney made the race entirely about her decision to stand up to the former president.S. The Trump base is king in GOP primaries Roughly 70% of Wyoming voted for Trump and Cheney's repudiation of him became the red line for so many GOP voters who enthusiastically backed her not long ago. Her final campaign ad zeroed in on her argument that Trump's lie about the 2020 election being stolen is"insidious" and damaging to democracy. Under a system approved by voters and being used in Alaska for the first time this year, the top four vote-getters in the primary, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the November general election, in which ranked voting will be used.

Mary Martin, chair of the Teton County Republican Party in Wyoming, supported Cheney in the past, but says Cheney's interaction with voters changed following her sharp break with the former president. "I have heard personally from folks who were really staunch supporters of Liz Cheney, and contributed lots of money to her in the past, that she's insulted them," Martin said, adding that her rhetoric labeling her constituents,"Just her personal approach to this has alienated and turned people off.S. She is not the only person in Wyoming that supports the Constitution." Republican strategist Alice Stewart says Trump's influence was the ultimate factor in this race. Lisa Murkowski, an opportunity to survive the former president’s wrath, even after she voted to convict him in his second impeachment trial. "Without a doubt, again, when we're talking about a primary, the base is king, and right now, the base of the Republican Party supports Donald Trump," she said.

Sarah Palin faces Alaska voters again in a special election for Congress Martin says the race became personal for many:"In Wyoming, trust and loyalty are very high traits. [ Alaskans head to the polls in special election to determine new U. And she has betrayed trust and she's betrayed loyalty. And she has taken a stance that is perceived by some to be arrogant and not acceptable. House member ] In all, seven Republican senators and 10 Republican House members joined every Democrat in supporting Trump’s impeachment in the days after his supporters stormed the U. And that I mean, it comes down to just, in my opinion, January 6th." Hageman proudly touted Trump's support. Capitol as Congress tried to certify President Joe Biden’s victory.

He traveled to Casper in May hold a rally for her and labelled Cheney a"RINO" — Republican In Name Only. While Hageman criss-crossed the state, Cheney held mostly small private campaign events and her aides say security concerns forced a more limited public schedule. The rest have lost or declined to seek reelection. Cheney has had a U.S. And Murkowski is the only pro-impeachment senator running for reelection this year. Capitol Police detail for more than a year due to a steady stream of threats.

Cheney was one of just 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the attack on the Capitol on Jan. Trump railed against Murkowski on social media and in her home state of Alaska, where he hosted a rally with Tshibaka last month in Anchorage. 6, 2021. With her loss, only two in that group — David Valadao of California and Dan Newhouse of Washington State — will remain on the ballot in November. “When you get the ideas from both sides coming together, little bit of compromise in the middle, this is what lasts beyond administrations, beyond changes in leadership,” the Republican senator said in a video posted on social media over the weekend. Three others lost primaries and four chose to retire. Rep. And it comes through bipartisanship.

Peter Meijer on his loss to Trump-endorsed challenger in Michigan primary Cheney's future: Jan. 6 investigation and 2024 Cheney's public statements hinted for some time she's focused on the long game. Endorsed by Trump, she finished first among 48 candidates to qualify for a special election seeking to replace Rep. In June, she delivered a blunt broadside at fellow House GOP members still loyal to Trump at the primetime kick off of the public hearings of the House panel probing Jan, 6. "Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain," Cheney said. Palin is actually on Tuesday’s ballot twice: once in a special election to complete Young’s term and another for a full two-year House term starting in January. The panel is still interviewing witnesses and planning more public hearings this fall.

It plans to release a report by the end of the year, and Cheney's position as vice chair gives her a national platform for several more months. Ever an outsider, Palin spent recent days attacking Murkowski, a fellow Republican, and those who instituted the open primary and ranked-choice voting system in 2020. Even before the primary vote, Cheney was showing some signs of positioning for a possible 2024 presidential campaign. It's unclear if she would remain a Republican, or consider an independent bid. Lisa Murkowski (who stood no chance of winning a Republican nomination) along with other political dynasty family members in Alaska,” Palin wrote in a recent statement calling for the law’s repeal. In June, she traveled to the Ronald Reagan Library — a stop for GOP presidential hopefuls — and made a speech many viewed as the blueprint for a national campaign. It was a mix of her regular denunciations of Trump, mixed with her political biography. While some Democrats have rallied behind her, it’s unclear whether there are enough in the state to make a difference.

It outlined conservative principles similar to those espoused by her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney: limited government, lower taxes and a strong national defense. Republican Liz Cheney's leading role in Jan. Many Republicans in the state — and in the country — have essentially excommunicated Cheney because of her outspoken criticism of Trump. 6 hearings threatens her own future Cheney also made gender a part of her critique about the current leaders in power. She emphasized that many of the key witnesses in the Jan. 3 House leader last year. 6 probe were young women like Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, whose dramatic testimony marked a major moment in the investigation.

She told the audience at the library,"These days, for the most part, men are running the world, and it is really not going all that well. Anti-Trump groups such as U." For her 2022 House race, Cheney raised $14 million, a record for any primary in Wyoming's history, and she spent about half of it. The vast majority of donations came from out of state, and she has built up a network she could tap into in the future. Rep. Stewart believes, even after she no longer has a seat in Congress, there is a place for Cheney in the GOP. She thinks she could be part of an effort to expand the message beyond the Trump base. They are clearly disappointed by the expected outcome of Tuesday’s election, although some are hopeful about her political future.

"If she continues to get out there and engage in GOP circles and functions, and continue to remind people about her voting record as a Republican, and about her support for freedom and policies that unite the Republican Party as opposed to grievances that divide us, there's a path for her to stay very relevant in the Republican Party," Stewart said. Martin agreed that Cheney's Wyoming primary, and her role in the party going forward, would be one that people would talk about for a while:"I know that she's going to go down in history, but I think we are going to have to wait a while to see what the story is of what is said about Liz Cheney in history. “We’ve been watching a national American figure be forged." Facebook .