Liz Cheney is playing a 'very smart long game,' says GOP strategist

'Who's joining the Republican Party now? No one,' says @DelPercioS. 'As a matter of fact, people are leaving it in droves.'

5/6/2021 6:33:00 PM

'Who's joining the Republican Party now? No one,' says DelPercioS. 'As a matter of fact, people are leaving it in droves.'

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio writes in a new NBC Think column that 'The Republicans in Washington know Cheney is right. They simply do not care.' Del Percio joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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DelPercioS Yay DelPercioS Didn’t we witness the largest influx of minority voters into the Republican Party during the last presidential election? DelPercioS All the gop leadership has been vaccinated DelPercioS The Long game is the Democratic Party is dead in 2022 DelPercioS DelPercioS GREAT DelPercioS Oust her now

DelPercioS How long do you plan to use the power of suggestion in hopes of getting your way? DelPercioS Lizzy got too big for her britches. She offers nothing in the way of a better option than the MAGA Agenda. She got the smack-down she deserved. Morning_Joe DelPercioS IStandWithLizCheney DelPercioS I bailed years ago. I have no interest in being associated with these maggots and fake patriots

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney defends Rep. Liz Cheney amid Republican blowback: 'Liz Cheney refuses to lie''Every person of conscience draws a line beyond which they will not go: Liz Cheney refuses to lie,' Romney tweeted Tuesday. Lyin Liz Cheney is the total opposite of her husband.

Liz Cheney, Donald Trump feud gets mixed reviews in WyomingCHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — As Republicans in Washington turn up the heat on Rep. Liz Cheney, the defiant third-term congresswoman faces mixed reviews at home. So far, Wyoming’s governor and congressional delegation have avoided sticking out their necks for Cheney, who |a href='https://apnews... If she was worth a damn she'd switch parties and vote to end the filibuster then have all of the republicunts come groveling back to her begging for forgiveness There's no room for independent thought, debate, criticism or new ideas in politics. What the hell is she thinking? Hit the road, Jack.

McCarthy sets Wednesday vote on Liz Cheney leadership ousterWASHINGTON (AP) — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy set a Wednesday vote for removing Rep. Liz Cheney from her Republican leadership post in the chamber, saying it was clear that he and his GOP colleagues “need to make a change... These Republicans are really fucked up!!! RepLizCheney is too conservative now for GOP? 🤦🏼‍♂️ GOP cancel culture.0

Liz Cheney says Trump and GOP backers threaten democracyWASHINGTON (AP) — A combative Rep. Liz Cheney lashed out at leaders of her own Republican Party late Tuesday, accusing former President Donald Trump and his GOP supporters of following a path that would “undermine our democracy... Cheney, Romney, & Kinzinger...need to initiate, establish & grow a new moderate party perpetuating reality based morals & ethics! 👽👀

Is There No Place For Liz Cheney In The Modern GOP?Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. sarah (Sarah Frostenson, politics editor): Liz Cheney is once again in… FiveThirtyEight You mean GooP? Good ole obsolete Party! FiveThirtyEight Hell no. FiveThirtyEight Nope