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Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: Tear Gas Clears Path for Trump to Visit Church

Police officers also used flash grenades to disperse a crowd so Mr. Trump could visit for a photo opportunity. And in New York, protesters and looters defied a curfew.

6/2/2020 7:35:00 AM

A U.S. military helicopter used a 'show of force' maneuver as protesters gathered in Washington, D.C. on Monday night. It's a tactic often conducted by low-flying jets in combat zones to scare away insurgents.

Police officers also used flash grenades to disperse a crowd so Mr. Trump could visit for a photo opportunity. And in New York, protesters and looters defied a curfew.

But hours before the curfew took effect, looters broke into the Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square and a number of luxury stores along Fifth Avenue. An Anthropologie and Aldo store were targeted, and a Nike store, New York Yankees store and two Rolex watch shops, among several others, were ransacked.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio, acknowledging that the Monday night curfew failed to curtail the criminal violence that marred otherwise peaceful protests, said Tuesday night’s curfew would begin at 8 p.m., three hours earlier.Curfews were imposed in dozens of U.S. cities over the weekend, but the tactic was particularly striking for New York City’s eight million residents, who have been under severe lockdown orders because of the

coronavirus pandemic, which has killed thousands of city residents. Just as the city was getting ready to cautiously reopen on June 8, the protests injected a new factor of unease, coming with not only police confrontations and widespread looting, but also fears that the virus was spreading in the crowds.

VideoThe protests over the death of George Floyd, who was handcuffed and pinned down by a police officer’s knee on his neck in Minneapolis, continues in New York City on Monday.CreditCredit...Amr Alfiky for The New York TimesMr. de Blasio also walked back earlier comments that appeared to criticize protesters who were rammed with police vehicles during a protest in Brooklyn, in an encounter captured on video that was shared widely over the weekend.

Mr. de Blasio, who was first elected to office on a platform of police reform, had drawn heavy criticism for his earlier remarks, in which he called for an investigation but also seemed to blame protesters.“There is no situation where a police vehicle should drive into a crowd of protesters or New Yorkers,” Mr. de Blasio said during a news conference on Monday.

Slide 1 of 7/7Isaac Tade, left, and Abbi Khaliq helped clean up graffiti around the Universal Academy Charter School in Minneapolis on Monday.Credit...Alyssa Schukar for The New York TimesSlide 1 of 7/7Isaac Tade, left, and Abbi Khaliq helped clean up graffiti around the Universal Academy Charter School in Minneapolis on Monday.

Credit...Alyssa Schukar for The New York TimesSlide 2 of 7/7Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, visited the site of his brother’s killing in Minneapolis on Monday.Credit...Victor J. Blue for The New York TimesSlide 3 of 7/7Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a curfew for New York City. It was to take effect at 11 p.m. Monday.

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Credit...Benjamin Norman for The New York TimesSlide 4 of 7/7Family members of David McAtee prayed near the site in Louisville where he was shot and killed shortly after midnight Sunday. McAtee, the owner of a local restaurant, was killed in a shooting involving police officers and National Guard troops. 

Credit...Luke Sharrett for The New York TimesSlide 5 of 7/7Residents and business owners cleaned up on Monday in Santa Monica, Calif., where National Guard troops were posted after heavy looting on Sunday night.Credit...Bryan Denton for The New York Times

Slide 6 of 7/7Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. met with parishioners and community leaders at a church in Delaware on Monday.Credit...Erin Schaff/The New York TimesSlide 7 of 7/7A man rested on Sunday night near the site where George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

Credit...Peter Van Agtmael for The New York TimesMilitary police and Army helicopters are deployed in Washington.An Army Black Hawk helicopter descended to rooftop level in the Chinatown district of Washington on Monday night, kicking up dirt, debris and snapping trees that narrowly missed several people.

The military also used Lakota helicopters to perform the maneuver, known as show of force, which is often conducted by low-flying jets in combat zones to scare away insurgents. The crowd quickly dispersed into surrounding blocks. Minutes later, the Black Hawk returned for another pass.

The nation’s capital, roiled by protest, is the one jurisdiction where the Army can deploy without needing approval from a governor. So President Trump, declaring that “the destruction of peaceful life and the spilling of blood is against humanity and God,” ordered the Army to deploy an active-duty military police battalion for Washington, Defense Department officials said Monday.

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The deployment of the military police unit — some 200 to 500 troops, from Fort Bragg, N.C. — is a sharp escalation in the response to riots and protests that have erupted in the capital.Other jurisdictions have spurned such assistance. Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota declined Mr. Trump’s offer of military police to respond to protests in his state, and other governors followed his lead, instead choosing to rely on their own national guard troops.

Mr. Trump made clear, Defense officials said, that he wanted the Pentagon to push back forcefully against protests in the nation’s capital.The Times has reporters on the ground. Here’s what they are seeing.Zolan Kanno-Youngs in Washington“It’s been the last straw,” said Janasia Crumpler, 20, at a rally in Washington. “It’s a pandemic. I’m in good health. I came out for those who can’t and people who been marching for 50 years.”

Ms. Crumpler said that like many people her age she first took to social media to give voice to her outrage. But she was compelled to take to the streets by the contrast in the government’s response to armed white demonstrators storming state capitals to protest coronavirus restrictions.

“It was out of control before when white people were rioting and you called them very good people. And they were rioting about the virus,” Ms. Crumpler said as she walked.An American flag burned in the street nearby.Rick Rojas in Hattiesburg, Miss.Rebekah Castilaw stood on an island of grass along one of the busiest thoroughfares in Hattiesburg, Miss — a protest of one.

She had brought a few signs with her, but the one she was holding at the moment just had “Black Lives Matter” handwritten in black marker. As the cars whipped past her, many of them honked. Plenty of people rolled down their windows. Most cheered her on, and some hurled vulgarities.

“I’ll be out here every day,” Ms. Castilaw, a white woman, said from her spot outside the University of Southern Mississippi. “It’s pitiful you don’t see more.”Dionne Searcey in MinneapolisAbout 200 people turned out in the suburban Minneapolis community of Maple Grove for a candlelight vigil. Their plan was to stand in silence for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the same amount of time the Minneapolis police officer had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.

But even after the time elapsed, people were still frozen in place for several minutes, with only the sounds of chirping birds and the hum of cars traveling on the freeway behind them. Members of the mostly white crowd included children on scooters and bicycles, and they held fists in the air and carried Black Lives Matter posters as they stood along the freshly cut lawn of the town library’s driveway.

Mary Kriz, leaning against her bicycle, said she was outraged by President Trump’s message Monday about using military force to break up protests.“It couldn’t be a more wrong solution,” she said. “What we’re hearing from George’s family is they want us to protest peacefully. It’s the worst possible solution.”

John Morrisette, who was clutching a candle and standing beside her nodded and said, “Everybody is looking for peace right now, and war is not the answer.”As curfew approached in Minneapolis, members of the National Guard appeared to be rolling into position in the part of town where Mr. Floyd was killed. More than half a dozen troops stood outside Chumps Chicken and the Cedar Bar & Grill, flanked by an array of armored vehicles. A few blocks away a convoy of military vehicles and police vehicles with sirens flashing passed down the street.

Adam Popescu in Los AngelesJust as the sun set and a citywide curfew took effect, a massive gathering marched down the iconic Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.Police officers gave the group a wide berth and things initially seemed peaceful, but soon groups peeled off targeting the Gower Gulch shopping complex, smashing the windows of a kabob restaurant and tearing the plywood barriers from a drugstore and a mobile phone shop.

Then the frenzy began. Men and women wearing masks stormed the stores, their arms heavy with looted goods.Officers quickly descended on the scene, but just as quickly, many demonstrators jumped into awaiting vehicles and fled.The protests’ growing toll: five deaths, thousands of arrests, millions of dollars in property damage.

ImagePolice officers detained protesters along Interstate 676 in Philadelphia.Credit...Matt Rourke/Associated PressThe clashes that have echoed in the streets of at least 140 cities are producing a growing toll, the extent of which is still difficult to quantify.

At least five people have died, and an untold number more, including protesters and police officers, have been injured. Thousands of people have been arrested, and fires, looting and vandalism have caused millions of dollars in damage to buildings and businesses — a prospect ever more alarming given the economic straits cities and businesses were already facing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

That marches in response to the violent death of George Floyd have themselves ended in injury and death was a contradiction deeply felt by those close to people who have died. “She would not have wanted this act of violence to instigate more violence,” Amy Lynn Hale said of her niece, Italia Kelly, 22, who was shot in her car in a Walmart parking lot in Davenport, Iowa, as she left a demonstration late Sunday night.

In Louisville, the owner of a well-known barbecue business was shot and killed by the authorities. In Omaha, a 22-year-old black man was shot to death by a white bar owner who said he was protecting his property. And in St. Louis, a man wasdragged to his death

beneath a FedEx truck that was apparently trying to drive away from protesters.In Austin, Texas, the damage inflicted by the weekend protests constituted yet another anguishing blow to the state’s capitol city, where an economic tailspin started in March with the cancellation of the South by Southwest conference.

On Sixth Street, an internationally famous stretch of downtown bars and restaurants, a number of establishments had already been shuttered before protesters struck the entertainment district over the weekend, breaking windows, spraying graffiti and looting businesses.

“It looks like a war zone,” said Rob Hicks, the 40-year-old owner of the Dirty Dog Bar, which is in the same block as two looted stores. “I’m sure it could be worse but it doesn’t look like home.”Competing autopsies say Floyd’s death was a homicide, but differ on causes.

Read more: The New York Times »

EmBeesWeb The protesters seemed to love the airshow and having been socially isolated for so many months seemed to enjoy the experience. subgap Man we know copters crash all the time. This is wrong on so many levels. If that thing lost control and fell into the crowd. Omg why would they make such a move?!!

subgap It worked. Looks like it’s working NetsDaily That's dangerous, they can throw something to that helicopter and hit the blades 😬 Omg... you lie - at least look at the helicopter and what it’s purpose is before you embarrass yourself further. coi người biểu tình như kẻ thù vậy? Yep, that’s the United States of America, and its citizens being treated as “combat insurgents” by their own government. TrumpDictatorship

Great. Protest during the day not at night where evil does it's work People should have shouted, 'Jump! Jump!' What the fuck is the point here. The protestors obviously won’t move, you just going to scare the people at home? What a clown Love how the unperturbed protesters are unflinching, like “F YOU!”

Use this Like in Irak. The 🍊 fool is a small man 🤏 Going to add my small, little voice here: We got to this point in time through domination. GeorgeFloyd was killed, murdered through domination. Domination doesn’t work. It only helps and feels good to those who benefit from domination; not the dominated. VoteOutHate

Love to know the pilots name and all in their chain of command. BLM needs to demand Trump's removal from office. RemoveTrumpNow First of all don’t call American citizens insurgents like we are the enemy in a combat zone. And if the military is going to start using their equipment against us then maybe it’s our turn To exercise our Second Amendment right and defend against Tyranny.

We can’t say he hasn’t been clear that he considers half the country “the enemy” from Day 1. Dear americans, here in Chile we used lasers to blind police helicopters and vehicles This Trumps America, are we great yet? TrumpDictatorship TrumpLiesAmericansDie Alyssa_Milano Amusing, nice helicopter I helped pay for with my taxes. Maybe toss up a refreshing Coke for the pilot. Give the boy a Coke.....lol

That's not what your headline in today's paper says. You are a HUGE part of the problem. I can't believe how the liberal media is defending looters. You can be FOR protesters and AGAINST looters. Not such a difficult concept. Cure that they used a medevac chopper to avoid calls of any unnecessary 'military' force. 'No, it wasn't there to scare people, it was there in a medical capacity... we swear...'

since when is a HOGE a show force 🤨🤨 Trump proposed direct injection of disinfectant into the lungs of coronavirus patients. Will he soon propose direct jets of flamethrowers into the crowd of protesters ? Well all this will jus keep exciting the people the more, who wouldn't want to take a selfie with this.

Not much of a show of force. Why should I be scared of a Med-evac helicopter hovering overhead? He ain't going to do shit. I'd be taking selfies but sure, show of force Who gave the order for that? They want people to throw things at it to have an excuse to fire on them. Hopefully they don’t accidentally hit a drone or something. That would be bad.

There's an answer! Waste the military's time on peaceful demonstrations! Making it windy BFD Good. Send more. They don’t look scared. They are all recording it, not running away. Wtf happened to you? You used to be what every newspaper worldwide would strive to be. You held the bar - you WERE the bar. Now, you’re just a mockery of all that should be good and right in our world. Shame on all of you

Is this the human rights of American politicians 伟大的民主国家 I'm a bit confused here. Are they 'protestants' or 'insurgents'? Which is the right one exactly? The armed forces are practicing murder maneuvers on it's own citizens Nothing says land of the free quite like deploying the military against citizens protesting police brutality.

dicklessrapist realDonaldTrump DictatorTrump Also... notice the medivac emblem on the side of the chopper. I believe under the rules of war, you're not allowed to use a medically-marked vehicle to carry regular soldiers or to perform non-medivac operations. Trump is in violation of the Geneva Convention in his own country.

I mean, it would make sense if they were violent, I don't know if they were, but they sure don't look like it Black lives matter Correction: it also had a Red Cross on it, making it a medical chopper used illegally per the Geneva Convention in military aggression. Do your damn jobs, journalists. Orangejoe82 Insurgents would be the correct term

I thought it was a Price Chopper that got lifted. Helicopter:0 Protesters:1 TheBlackChannel What? Did they forget that they are in America already How Democracy destroys America? Will George Floyd's tragic death repeat? 광주 Alyssa_Milano TRUMP HAS NO POWER TO PUT PIGS AWAY AS YOU CAN SEE FROM NIXON 4 PIGS FOR ALL THE ANGER IN AMERICA ANY SENSIBLE PERSON WOULD TAKE HIM 5 MINUTES TO DO SO THE MATH DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE POWERLESS MIGHT AS WELL PACK UP YOUR SHIT AND GO TO MARA LAGOON

0ca0ss0 What a waste of tax dollars. Alyssa_Milano So the chopper is hovering. You guys really are a rag. What happened to you? Remember when you guys had integrity? It was ages ago but it was there. HollowPuff Show of force? Is it a threat?! Why else would hovering be scary...... Alyssa_Milano Can someone let realDonaldTrump know that he’s not playing a video game or making a movie. We are humans.

I mean, I don’t think helicopters hover at low altitude to scare away insurgents. But I used to work underneath helicopters as they were flying, and I can assure you that’s generally not a peasant place to be. Get some dust/a pebble in your eyes easily without any googles This is not a show of force. You will only see show force from fighter jets ....

I won't have any sympathy when people do shit like throw chains off buildings and use laser pointers at the cockpits. Proud of the protestors for standing their ground. Thank you for your courage ❤️❤️❤️ Report to the FAA. It is illegal to fly this low in a populated area without specific, by location, approval. Demand to see the documents

AmysandersonAmy Its not working You do this country injustice by reporting news to incite people and create anger. You truly are disgusting. Would be a shame if your building was looted tonight Wait, what Governors have to own Covid-19 testing but the military is immediately summoned to squash the right of protests for equality in the U.S.? Let that sink in.

Welcome to the freedom land haha The world was expecting the US to show this kind of might against Covid-19. But what we have is DC turning into Afghanistan. چندتا سنگ بطرف موتورش پرت کنید This used to be America. I don't know what to call it today. It'll be America again come January 2021. When you loot, when you kill, when you destroy black & white's businesses, when you incinerate, when you assault innocent bystanders protecting their shops, when you riot.... you not only reap what you sow, you also insult the memory of George Floyd. Happy?

Fascist State Alyssa_Milano 🇺🇸👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 trump2020 Is the nyt encouraging civilians to take military ops on so they get the headlines they want? One round of HTI sniper rifle will bring that thing down in a second Alyssa_Milano Americans are finally starting to figure out their own government. To Govern means to Rule, by any means of deceit, propaganda or influence so that the rich get richer and the population stays divided instead of challenging authority. Time is up, worst group of actors ever.

So the US goverment is using military maneuvers on civilians. Abolish the police. PiperK The funny thing this ride is payed for by tax payers money !! Do the Pentagon people in charge of counter-insurgency understand their jobs? If I had been there, my reaction would not have been, “OH NO, A SHOW OF FORCE”, but “COOL! A HELICOPTER!“

Who got the laser pointer 👀 Alyssa_Milano Awesome....oh and you misspelled LOOTERS. Is that an assault helicopter that I've been hearing about? 😆 Wouldn't being stationery and low flying make them more vulnerable? Not here in the US, but say in Iraq. Unless they raining down suppression fire, would they be stationary?

TheBlackChannel Did the same thing to Khalid mohamed lol Alyssa_Milano New York Times deserves to be burned to the ground It’a only a show of force due to its lethality. On American soil it’s an air show and a waste of money that should be spent prosecuting the 4 criminal cops GeorgeFloyd. A Presidents failure to understand

The language 'insurgent' implies The Times believes some outside force is acting aggressively towards our capital city and is therefore suggesting any action upon this force is tyrrany. Just say you want America to fall. Just admit it.

Live updates: George Floyd protests spread nationwideProtests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a Minneapolis police officer, have spread nationwide. Follow here for the latest updates. Its amazing nobody gets arrested when a sports team wins a championship... Will all those fires and smoke help to kill Covid19 Nancy Pelosi:HONGKONG PROTESTER it's a beautiful sight to behold!SHAME ON HER!!!! NOW AMERINCAN PROTESTER IS DOING THE SAME THING

Police cars burn as violence mars National Day of Protest: George Floyd protests live updatesCities across the nation were quiet Sunday morning after a night of unrest that saw dozens of demonstrations and police cars burn amid outrage over the death of George Floyd. Follow along as we track what's happening across the US. You are killing each other! Got nothing else to do? Bored to death? Looting and destruction are not called 'protests.' Trump Supporters 2015-16: 'Race relations gave gotten worse under Obama!' Trump Supporters 2019-20: (*cricket chirping*)

Nationwide protests over George Floyd's death: Live updatesLATEST: • Protests calling for justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death continued overnight • At least 13 cities or counties declared curfews • 12 states have activated their state national guards We have to stop this shit and become a better country and no racists allowed period. African Americans stand and fight for your rights... Do not let the WHITEhouse administration destroy your way of life. Stay on the streets and fight until you are ALL heard. Scoob is right with you too 👍✌ They didn't activate the national guard b/c of protests. They activated them because of all out attacks on cities. From NBC's very own perpetuated logic, all of these particular 'protesters' are terrorists, since more than one is.

George Floyd Protests Live Updates: Fury and Frustration in Cities Across U.S.Hundreds of people were arrested as furious protests over racism and police violence swept the U.S. yesterday. In some cities, police appeared to fire rubber bullets with little or no provocation. In New York, 2 police cars drove into a crowd. well are we a police state yet? that is what the commies do,,create control over all their citizens/.so they can remain in power/like wanna be kings like djt/.can we still drive from state to state without some kind of lawfull restrictions/.try it they have controls in place/. This shit is global the difference is black cop killing black here in ninja .. ✋ if you are with me Preview of what is coming after November 3rd when Trump has to leave the WH?

George Floyd Protests Live Updates: Mayors Call for ‘Peace, Not Patience’ After a Night of FurySupport for the U.S. protests against racism and police violence is spreading abroad. On Sunday, hundreds of people rallied outside the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. And hundreds more marched from Trafalgar Square to the U.S. Embassy in London: Since trump became president the world has been in chaos. No-one is upper or lower in the status as compared to other one. ALL ARE CREATION OF GOD. ALL ARE ABSOLUTELY EQUAL IN TERMS OF INEQUALITY OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH & PEACE OF MIND. All will be either cremated or buried. Half of these people aren't wearing masks, none of them observe proper distancing, and this pandemic affects black people more They support saving black lives while endangering black lives 🤦

George Floyd protest live updates: States of emergency declared in multiple locationsThousands of people have been taking to the streets around the world in protest over the death of George Floyd, with some demonstrations turning violent, leading to vandalism and damaged property. Europe is watching you, America.. and quite frankly, we‘re glad we are not America Paid, crisis actor terrorists as well AntifaTerrorists There are protestors. There are rioters. Know the difference.