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Police Brutality, Police Misconduct

Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: Military Confronts Protesters in Nation’s Capital

Demonstrations in many California cities have taken place to protest the death of George Floyd. Follow live updates:

6/2/2020 6:02:00 AM

Demonstrations in many California cities have taken place to protest the death of George Floyd. Follow live updates:

The president spoke from the White House as another night of intense anger swept across cities constrained by curfews and patrolled by National Guard troops.

Private Autopsy of George Floyd Reveals Death Was Caused by AsphyxiaThe legal team representing George Floyd’s family announced the findings from an independent autopsy, saying he died of asphyxia and loss of blood flow.“Number 1, the knee to the neck and the knees to his back both contributed to him not being able to get breath. And what those officers did there, that we see on the video, is the cause of his death, not some underlying unknown health condition. His cause of death, medically, was mechanical asphyxiation. The legal determination is homicide. That is it in a nutshell: The officers killed him based on a knee to his neck for almost nine minutes and two knees on his back compressing his lungs.” “So it’s important that in the legal world we describe this very simply. It’s called a ‘but for’ event — just those two words. But for the sustained pressure on his neck and on his back, George Floyd would be alive. That’s the simple premise here. And that choke and that pressure, which we knew — we know is an illegal maneuver, turned into deadly force.”

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The legal team representing George Floyd’s family announced the findings from an independent autopsy, saying he died of asphyxia and loss of blood flow.CreditJim Wilson/The New York TimesTwo autopsies released on Monday agreed: George Floyd’s death was a homicide.

But the autopsies, one by a government agency and one by doctors working with the Floyd family, differed over the specific causes of death and whether there were contributing factors beyond the Minneapolis police officer kneeling on his neck.The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office said Mr. Floyd had died of “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.” The medical examiner also cited significant contributing conditions, saying that Mr. Floyd suffered from heart disease, and was high on fentanyl and had recently used methamphetamine at the time of his death.

The coroner’sconclusionsdiffered from the results of a private autopsy commissioned by Mr. Floyd’s family, which was released a few hours earlier. That autopsy said Mr. Floyd died not just because of the Minneapolis police officer’s knee lodged at his neck, but also because of the other officers who helped hold him down.

Dr. Allecia M. Wilson of the University of Michigan and Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York City medical examiner, were hired by Mr. Floyd’s family to help determine his cause of death. Dr. Baden said their autopsy “shows that Mr. Floyd had no underlying medical problem that caused or contributed to his death.”

Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who was seen in a video kneeling on Mr. Floyd’s neck — even after Mr. Floyd lost consciousness — has been charged with third-degree murder. Antonio Romanucci, a lawyer for the family, said that the weight of two other police officers on Mr. Floyd’s back had prevented blood from reaching his brain and air from reaching his lungs.

Chief Medaria Arradondo of the Minneapolis Police Department saidthat three former officers who were present when Mr. Chauvin kneeled on Mr. Floyd’s neck — and who did not intervene — were complicit in his death.New York City imposes a curfew, but looting begins hours earlier.

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ImageProtesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York Monday night.Credit...Todd Heisler/The New York TimesAfter thousands of demonstrators fanned across New York City for a fourth night, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said the city would be put under a curfew, beginning at 11 p.m. on Monday and ending at 5 a.m.

Mr. Cuomo announced the curfew in a radio interview and said the police department would double the number of officers it deployed, from 4,000 on Sunday to 8,000.But hours before the curfew took effect, there were several episodes of vandalism and looting at high-profile retails stores across Manhattan: An Anthropologie and Aldo store were targeted, and a Nike store, New York Yankees store and two Rolex watch shops, among several others, were ransacked.

Curfews were imposed in dozens of U.S. cities over the weekend, but the tactic was particularly striking for New York City’s eight million residents, who have been under severe lockdown orders because of thecoronavirus pandemic, which has killed thousands of city residents. Just as the city was getting ready to cautiously reopen on June 8, the protests injected a new factor of unease, coming with not only police confrontations and widespread looting, but also fears that the virus was spreading in the crowds.

A day of largely peaceful protests on Sunday turned into jarring scenes of chaos across the city. Flames nearly two stories high leapt from trash cans and piles of street debris, sending acrid smoke into the air around Union Square. Stores in the trendy SoHo neighborhood were targeted for the second night in a row. And all night long, sirens screamed across the city, with multiple reports of lootings in Lower Manhattan.

VideoThe protests over the death of George Floyd, who was handcuffed and pinned down by a police officer’s knee on his neck in Minneapolis, continues in New York City on Monday.CreditCredit...Amr Alfiky for The New York TimesThe mayor, Bill de Blasio, also walked back earlier comments that appeared to criticize protesters who were rammed with police vehicles during a protest in Brooklyn, in an encounter captured on video that was shared widely over the weekend.

Mr. de Blasio, who was first elected to office on a platform of police reform, had drawn heavy criticism for his earlier remarks, in which he called for an investigation but also seemed to blame protesters.“There is no situation where a police vehicle should drive into a crowd of protesters or New Yorkers,” Mr. de Blasio said during a news conference on Monday.

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At the scene of Mr. Floyd’s death, his brother encouraged people to vote for change.VideoAt the scene of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, his brother Terrence Floyd encouraged people to vote for change and discouraged violence.CreditCredit...Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

He walked, slowly, up to the scene where a white police officer had knelt on his brother’s neck, a place now covered in flowers and chalk drawings. He knelt down himself, his knees buckling, and he let out a wail of anguish.On Monday afternoon, Terrence Floyd became the first member of George Floyd’s family to visit the place where his brother lived his last conscious moments. He had said in a television interview earlier on Monday that he wanted to feel George’s spirit after days of feeling numb.

But Mr. Floyd, wearing a face mask with his brother’s face on it, also had a message. He understood people were upset. He doubted those protesting were half as upset as he was. Yet what he had seen in recent days troubled him.“If I’m not over here wilding out, if I’m not over here blowing up stuff, if I’m not over here messing up my community, then what are y’all doing? What are y’all doing?” he said through a megaphone at the memorial on Monday. “Y’all are doing nothing. Because that’s not going to bring my brother back at all.”

He said the cycle of anguish, protest and destruction that has followed many police killings has not changed the country for the better. Instead, he said, people should inform themselves and vote.“Educate yourself and know who you are voting for,” Mr. Floyd said. “That’s how we are going to hit them. Because there’s a lot of us.”

His visit to the memorial, which lasted more than 30 minutes, was tense, at times, as the news media swarmed him as he exited his vehicle, trampling some flowers and signs, despite calls to give Mr. Floyd space.While there were times of quiet — when Mr. Floyd knelt, there was near silence — the visit was mostly filled with chants for peace, justice and remembrance of George Floyd’s name long after the demonstrations have ebbed.

Reporting was contributed by Rachel Abrams, Kim Barker, Ellen Barry, Katie Benner, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Julie Bosman, Elizabeth Dias, John Eligon, Richard Fausset, Tess Felder, Manny Fernandez,Luis Ferré-Sadurní, Matt Furber, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Russell Goldman, Jack Healy, Javier C. Hernández, Jon Hurdle, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Annie Karni, Neil MacFarquhar, Patricia Mazzei, Sarah Mervosh, Shawn McCreesh, David Montgomery, Benjamin Mueller, Jack Nicas, Elian Peltier, Richard Pérez-Peña, Frances Robles, Katie Rogers, Rick Rojas, Marc Santora, Dionne Searcey, Thom Shanker, Mark Tracy, Daniel Victor, Neil Vigdor and Mihir Zaveri.

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Volunteers gather across the nation to clean up cities after George Floyd protestsVolunteers gathered across the nation to clean up their prospective cities after the George Floyd protests. Steve Patterson reports from Minneapolis on the aftermath of the protests. PattersonNBC The honorable thing about people of color is when they get mad at white people they burn down their own family businesses and neighborhoods leaving White boys stuff alone. PattersonNBC Msnbc creates racism , why is it that they put all the radical black so called reporters leaders to spread racisum and distraction. Open your eyes u r being used by the Dems. The Dems want control -power. Fight back PattersonNBC Quit already with LA, where were the cameras when volunteers helped clean?

George Floyd Protests: Police Brutality and a Nation on Fire in L.A., Minnesota, Detroit, NYC George Floyd Protests : See photos from L.A., Minnesota, Detroit and NYC on May 30th What do these state and local governments have in common 🤔 See. For The Cameras. Never for the cashier at the 99cent store. Or the Person with Psychosis Shivering In a Cell for cursing on the bus. Only for the sense of importance. Only for the momentary Ego, all that is left of you. Only for the Birdy. Blur her face please

Photos: Protests In Response To The Death Of George Floyd Shake The NationPhotos show demonstrators and police clashing as anguish and rage swept through cities across the nation in response to George Floyd's death in Minneapolis police custody. In response to the *MURDER* of George Floyd... media matters, words matter. The officer has been charged with murder, don't print, in response to his death... that is not what's being protested. This is why we need diversity in the editing room. Commies going to commie. Yawn

A weekend of protests and riots erupt across the nation demanding justice for George FloydProtests in response to the death of George Floyd rocked the U.S. this past weekend. Ethnic animals

Joe Biden Asks “A Nation Furious At Injustice” To Restrain From Violence In George Floyd Death Protests; Donald Trump Silent As Curfews Spread Across AmericaAs anger over the death of George Floyd spreads into violence, fires and curfews across America tonight, Joe Biden asked “a nation furious at injustice” for calmer minds and hearts to prevail. “Pro… I remember when you used to be about entertainment only. what happened? And? Did he see that the police are inciting violence or is he playing dumb on that too?

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