Middleeast, Live Updates: Lebanon Explosion Rocks Capital City Beirut

Middleeast, Live Updates: Lebanon Explosion Rocks Capital City Beirut

Live updates: Lebanon explosion rocks capital city Beirut

A massive explosion has rocked the port area of Lebanon's capital, Beirut. Follow here for live updates.

8/5/2020 12:02:00 PM

The Russian government is sending five planes of medical equipment and a team of doctors to set up a field hospital in Beirut to help the city in the aftermath of yesterday's explosion, according to Russia's TASS news agency.

A massive explosion has rocked the port area of Lebanon's capital, Beirut. Follow here for live updates.

"This is not just ammonium nitrate," former CIA operative says of explosionRobert Baer, a former CIA operative with extensive experience in the Middle East, said videos of Tuesday's blast showed that while ammonium nitrate may have been present in the warehouse, he does not believe it was responsible for the massive explosion that ensued.

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Initial reports blamed the blast on a major fire at a warehouse for firecrackers near the port, according to Lebanese state news agency NNA.Lebanon's Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, later said that 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive material used in fertilizers and bombs, had been stored for six years at a port warehouse without safety measures,"endangering the safety of citizens," according to a statement.

Baer said he thinks that there were military munitions and propellants present. He speculated it could have been a weapons cache, but it's unclear who it belongs to."It was clearly a military explosive," he said."It was not fertilizer like ammonium nitrate. I'm quite sure of that."

"You look at that orange ball (of fire), and it's clearly, like I said, a military explosive."Baer noted that white powder seen in the videos of the incident before the major blast are likely an indicator that ammonium nitrate was present and burning. He also noticed a lot of munitions going off ahead of the larger explosion.

No evidence of an attack:Baer said while he believes the explosion does not look like solely ammonium nitrate, there's still no evidence that this was an attack. The government has blamed poor management and vowed to get to the bottom of it."It almost looks like an accident," he said."It was incompetence, and maybe it was corruption, but the question is whether it was military explosives, who was it going to or why was it stored there?"

Baer isn't confident we'll ever know the truth."I've worked in Lebanon for years, and no one is going to want to admit they kept military explosives at the port. It's a stupid thing to do."Investigation launched:Prime Minister Diab's account appeared to be backed by Lebanon's General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim, who said a"highly explosive material" had been confiscated years earlier and stored in the warehouse, just minutes' walk from Beirut's shopping and nightlife districts.

The Prime Minister has launched an investigation into the explosion, saying he"will not rest until we find those responsible for what happened, hold them accountable, and impose maximum punishment."As yet, there is no clear evidence to suggest the source of the blast.

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Those who were injured should recover quickly My ass a factory explosion. That was a black market plutonium DIRTY BOMB! You can see the energy squeeze! Ever seen the bikini islands test Beirut BeirutBlast Lebanon Let some other nations pay for it.. we have enough trouble over here The people there need the help. We can’t find fault with Russia for sending aid. However if we aren’t careful, Russia could be the country other nations start to seek out as a global leader instead of the US...HelpBeirut AmericaGetYourActTogether

Smfh. When will it all end and we all can just live in peace Good for Russia. Praying for the people of Lebanon. Well done Russia. About time the US and Israel offered help instead of starving the population and illegally occupying their land. 🙁 ...so many innocent people. 😢 This was caused by the Chinese using Ammonium Nitrate, a form of chemical warfare!

You can see the difference between; a capitalist US and communist - Moralist Russian juts haul away the debris and then it can be the Hezbollah sh**hole it always was. Don't understand why they had such huge stockpile of Ammonium nitrate, Lebanon is a big fertilizer producer or was it to make explosives?

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Lebanon Struck by Explosion at Beirut PortA massive explosion on the waterfront rocked Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut, wounding a number of people and causing widespread damage in nearby neighborhoods. If u go to youtube & type in firework factory explosions the various footages of different locations do resemble this scene, from the crackling to the shockwaves & smoke mushrooms.just baffles me how an essentially ammunition factory can set up in middle of city. Dont rule it out

Lebanon officials call for blood donations as Beirut explosion injures hundredsOfficials in Beirut put out a plea for blood donations to all major cities in Lebanon as the government grapples with a massive explosion that rocked the urban capital and injured hundreds. RichardEngel Yes, sure, fireworks factory!!! This is very similar to recent explosions in Iran! Israel is cleaning house while it has the opportunity, before there is potentially a new administration in the White House. The price Lebanon pays for allowing Hezbollah operate within its borders! RichardEngel World prays for all of Lebanon. ❤🙏 RichardEngel

Lebanon defense council recommends military oversee security in 'disaster-stricken' BeirutLebanon's Supreme Defence Council recommended declaring Beirut a disaster-stricken city following a massive explosion, declaring a two-week state of emergency in the capital and handing over security responsibility to military authorities. 😥 Iran 🇮🇷 When will countries ,MPs, power freaks bury their EGOs & put an end to their greed. All they do is hurt honest humble people trying to make a living, trying to survive most days. Those in power are not the ones getting blasted, it’s the humble ones that are loosing their lives

Beirut Explosion: What Happened in Lebanon and Everything Else You Need to KnowAuthorities say the explosion in Beirut occurred when a fire at a warehouse ignited a cache of ammonium nitrate that was being stored inside. Here's what else we know so far about the blast. Is anyone considering possibility that this was an accidental detonation of bomb material intended for elsewhere? There were multiple smaller explosions visible before the large blast. Artillery shells or rockets before the main ammunition dump exploded. Haryana is the worst hit by covid19 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Large blast in Beirut port area rocks Lebanon's capital, many people hurtA large explosion rocked Beirut on Tuesday, injuring many people as glass shattered and balconies collapsed from the impact, Reuters witnesses said. Looks massive,never seen before explosion!! Hope not much lives lost Lebanon beirutexplosion 🙄 cindymizher hope you are all OK