World, Live Updates: Biden, Putin Meet İn Geneva

World, Live Updates: Biden

Live updates: Biden, Putin meet in Geneva

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are holding a high-stakes summit today in Geneva. Follow here for the latest.

6/16/2021 11:35:00 AM

US President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will have their first face-to-face meeting today. The White House said that it seeks to 'restore predictability and stability to the U.S.-Russia relationship.' Follow live updates here:

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are holding a high-stakes summit today in Geneva. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN's Kevin Liptak, Phil Mattingly, Jeff Zeleny, Kaitlan Collins and Natasha BertrandUS President Joe Biden disembarks from Air Force One after arriving in Geneva, one day prior to the US - Russia summit on June 15, in Geneva, Switzerland. Martial Trezzini/Pool/Keystone/Getty Images

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US President Joe Biden used time away from summit meetings on his European tour this week for intense preparations ahead of his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to officials, as he works to avoid the pitfalls his predecessors faced meeting with the Russian leader.

Most of his formal meetings this week have started after noon, leaving his mornings free for consultations with advisers. He has held lengthy preparation sessions with senior officials, including Secretary of State Tony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan, to discuss the wide range of issues he plans to bring up with Putin, from cyber to Syria to Ukraine.

The President also asked foreign leaders at the G7, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for their input as he prepared for the meeting in Geneva, according to people familiar with the conversations. Putin even came up as a point of conversation during his tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, Biden told reporters, saying she “wanted to know” about the Russian president.

Given some NATO allies had expressed concern about the optics of Biden's summit with Putin, Sullivan said Biden would speak privately with leaders"about what he intends to talk to Putin about" during a summit of the defense alliance on Monday.

"He gets to hear from them as well, so that he will go into Geneva with the full support and solidarity of all of our NATO allies," Sullivan told reporters on Air Force One Sunday. Sullivan specifically highlighted Biden's meeting with Turkish President Erdogan on Monday as a chance to"compare notes."

As Biden becomes the fifth straight American president with whom Putin has met, officials want Biden to be prepared for Putin’s tactics, including his well-known habit of turning discussions of Russia’s bad practices back on the United States. Biden has told aides he believes Putin will respond to directness during their talks, and wants to be ready to offer a frank message.

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"He’s overprepared!" Biden's wife Jill exclaimed last week when asked whether her husband was primed for his meeting with Putin. Read more: CNN »

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As Biden-Putin meet looms, Geneva to host U.S., Russian summit for third timeWith the current relationship between the superpowers at its lowest, this meeting will be a crucial step in moving forward. THE DIFFERENCE.. It’s not at its lowest. That’s stupid. Who cares. Russia isn’t worth the attention we give them.

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Word of advice, Joe...if Putin offers you tea, say nyet spaseeba. BidenPutinSummit Russia ❤️ Will be nice to have a President again who doesn't fangirl over Vladimir Putin like a child whose daddy never loved him. Good! We are glad to have Russia know that it's authoritarian autocratic ways aren't appreciated and their meddling in our affairs, esp our elections isn't going to be okay. Trump is gone and USA is back.

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Biden-Putin summit live updates: 'I'm always ready,' Biden saysThe White House has called on experts to help Pres. Biden prep for his meeting with Putin—including Fiona Hill, a top Russia expert and former Trump administration official. Read more: OH GOD...Here they go again calling in those frickin SO-CALLED”EXPERTS..!! 🎯 I want to buy insurance for Biden, can the beneficiary is me?

President Biden arrives at NATO for first visit as PresidentPresident Joe Biden has arrived at his first in-person North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit Monday, vowing to reaffirm the United States' commitment to a military alliance his predecessor viewed with disdain. Os trágicos resultados da gestão Pazuello na Saúde são um prelúdio do que nos aguarda com o retorno dos militares ao poder. Não esqueçam, na década de 80, eles entregaram o país com um processo inflacionário devastador e com mais de 70% da população vivendo na extrema pobreza. First someone tell him the difference between libya and syria.... Biden is a leader the same way as BLM protesters are peaceful... 🤔

Why Biden and Putin won't hold a joint press conferenceWednesday's private meetings grant the President, who has sometimes stumbled in his messaging while in front of the press, the opportunity to confront Putin directly and without cameras. Putin should demand they be alone with out all of Biden's handlers. And we think a seasoned politician is nervous in front of cameras and that causes his gaffes. Really? We dont know all the other gaffes for obvious reasons, they dont occur in front of cameras. Dude is a vegetable

Joe Biden told Putin he had no 'soul' during odd Kremlin visit in 2011The then-VP claimed he looked into the Russian leader's eyes and told him, 'I don't think you have a soul' during their handshake. He’s not wrong 😑 Funny thing is - Biden was supposed to say 'Try the Sole' but his Bluetooth connection went bad while his handlers were transmitting. Biden will soon meet Trump’s owner

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia breaks down high-stakes Biden-Putin meetingFormer U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, and NBC's Monica Alba joined Chris Jansing from Geneva, Switzerland to discuss President Biden's high-profile meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. McFaul, who recently briefed Biden on the upcoming summit, explains the president's top priorities. Plus, NBC's Keir Simmons shares his latest reporting from Moscow. McFaul Biden can barely prepare for a nap McFaul He is brilliant!