George Floyd Protests, Minneapolis Protests

George Floyd Protests, Minneapolis Protests

Live Protest Updates: Cities on Edge as Peaceful Protesters Defy Curfews

Attorney General William P. Barr gave the order to clear demonstrators from a park near the White House before President Trump’s visit to a church on Monday.

6/3/2020 3:30:00 AM

The state of Minnesota started a human rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, citing evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color, state officials announced

Attorney General William P. Barr gave the order to clear demonstrators from a park near the White House before President Trump’s visit to a church on Monday.

Listen to ‘The Daily: The Systems That Protect the PoliceWhy complaints of misconduct are rarely enough to discipline officers using excessive force.The Times has reporters on the ground. Here’s what they are seeing.ADAM POPESCUHollywood, Calif.Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was the flash point today.

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Hundreds of protesters gathered steam for hours before converging at the corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga Boulevard, a Los Angeles landmark that in many ways is the heart of the city’s film roots. Flanked by the Capitol Records building and the Hollywood sign behind them, the protesters held “Love” signs or upstretched empty hands in 90 degree heat as dozens of Los Angeles Police Department officers filed out of trucks and formed a skirmish line in front of a Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.

The police began to evacuate adjacent businesses. Some officers held batons; others had green shotguns with rubber bullets or pepper balls. The protesters stood firm.Young women began kneeling in the intersection, some taking selfies.ImageProtesters marching along Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday.

Credit...Alejandra RosaSan Juan, P.R.Police officers used pepper spray today in Puerto Rico as more than 200 protesters wearing gas masks broke a 7 p.m. curfew.The protest, organized by Colectiva Feminista, demanded a stop to racism and police brutality in the island.

”Where are the anti racist people? We are here,” hundreds chanted on the cobblestone streets. “And we are not afraid.”Protesters blamed local officials for black lives lost.“Don’t tell us you don’t see racism here,” said Gloriann Sacha Antonetty, 39. “Because we don’t only see it. We feel it in our skin.”

Minnesota is investigating the Minneapolis police over racial discrimination.ImageA memorial at the site where Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered Mr. Floyd.Credit...Caroline Yang for The New York TimesThe state of Minnesota has started a human rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, citing evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color, particularly black people, state officials announced on Tuesday.

The state Department of Human Rights made a formalcharge of discriminationagainst the police force based in part on the May 25 death of George Floyd, which has sparked demonstrations across the country, some of them descending into clashes with police, violence and looting.

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The charge referred to a pattern of incidents in Minneapolis dating back at least 10 years that demanded investigations into the police department’s training and policies, and its “use-of-force protocols.”“There is sufficient information to investigate whether the respondent utilizes systemic discriminatory patterns or practices towards people of color, specifically Black community members, on the basis of race,” the charge stated.

Investigations by the Department of Human Rights do not lead to criminal charges, but if investigators find wrongdoing, state officials can attempt to force changes in the police department’s practices, which could include the state’s suing the police force.

While Gov. Tim Walz, Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan and Rebecca Lucero, the state human rights commissioner, were announcing the investigation inside the state Capitol, thousands of people gathered outside in 90-degree heat to continue the weeklong protests over the killing of Mr. Floyd.

A Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes — including several minutes after he had gone motionless — and other officers pressed on his back as Mr. Floyd lay face down and handcuffed on a Minneapolis street. Video of the scene quickly went viral, prompting outrage and revulsion.

Mr. Chauvin has been charged withthird-degree murder. Protesters have called for the other three officers at the scene to face criminal charges, as well.Two autopsies — one by the county medical examiner and the other commissioned by lawyers for Mr. Floyd’s family — called his death a homicide. The examination for the family concluded that the officers alone caused his death, cutting off the blood supply to his brain and the air supply to his lungs. The county autopsy said there were additional factors, including underlying health problems, which his family denied.

“The grief and anger that has torn through our city and our state did not emerge in a vacuum,” Lt. Governor Flanagan said on Tuesday. “It is built on years of injustice. This did not begin with George Floyd. But we can work to end it now.”In Paris, demonstrators linked George Floyd’s death with a local killing by police.

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ImageProtesters in Paris at a demonstration for Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old black man who died near Paris in 2016 after having been tackled by the police.Credit...Daniel Cole/Associated PressAnger at George Floyd’s killing has rippled far beyond the United States to many world capitals, where crowds have gathered to denounce police violence and racism.

An estimated 15,000 people in Paris defied police orders to gather at the city’s main law court on Tuesday. Demonstrators, most of them young, waved signs reading “No justice, no peace” or “I can’t breathe,” in direct reference to Mr. Floyd’s death.The protests were led by the family of Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old black man who died near Paris in 2016 after having been tackled by the police. Shouts of “Justice for Adama” regularly punctuated the clapping and chanting of the crowd.

“We protest for George Floyd, for Adama, for all the others and for the next ones,” said Anne-Sophie Kiminou, a 28-year-old office manager.The Paris police said in the afternoon that the demonstration was forbidden during the country’s public health emergency, which bans any public gathering of more than ten people. Paris is one of the last areas of France where the coronavirus is still considered active, and many protesters wore masks.

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Democrats have run the city for 20 years. Good luck. All they do is make promises. No results. THIS IS HUGE! “Our common goal is to obtain the human rights that America has been denying us. We can never get civil rights in America until our human rights are first restored. We will never be recognized as citizens there until we are first recognized as humans.” -Malcolm X

slavery is not over, fight, we need fight, bro Of Course they did ,,,!!!! Guilty until proven innocent!!!! But George Floyd will never be forgotten his daughter will understand when she grows up that her father started something big,good, timeless, and ageless. Her father and what he represents will never die.

More Times pidgin English: 'two of women yelled.' Two of *the women. _jasonbailey_ she'd grow up without her father if he were alive...yall ain't foolin nobody acab Let’s rebuild Black Wall Street!!! 1.00 from a million people will equal 1 Million Dollars!! Let’s donate today and reach the goal of 2 Billion dollars!!!!

The state of Minnesota just released the truck driver who drove into a crowd of protesters WITHOUT CHARGES! Gee, I always thought it would be Florida that would destroy the U.S. What about the other 3 it will help the situation imo So where did the tear gas, the rubber bullets, the wooden bullets come from?

Let it begin. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd JusticeforBreonnaTaylor JusticeForAll PoliceBrutality WeedOutRacists who is George Floyd? has he been ever cast into prison? yes, he has. any one who live in US if he or she commit an offence, he or she has been eliminated by society even white man also. do not take advantage of Floyd death then demolition and rob.

what have you do for your life and your country? the guys advantage of Floyd death then demolition and rob are guys lazy,egoistic,who has made Floyd died is police not the govement,all of you must understand like that. the democratic party stop what did you do,don not play game. The democrat run Minneapolis police department.

Theiss people dont Work? Why not investigate Trump? THUGS. now Trump is turning the problem of demonstration into Antifa as a terrorist. Trump is a dictator. Why don't you see the core problem? We need to call out the Republican Party for what they really are - they’re a racist group of people that have worked in the shadows to divide and keep us oppressed. We need to start calling the racist out by name BlackLivesMattter GeorgeFloyd TrumpDictatorship

How many more random citizens have to be beaten and killed before media stops enabling and inciting the mob by giving them a free pass? Wild goose chase? So overdue. Corrupt to the core. Cop has 17 complaints against him. 17. Come on America is fighting the cancer. Let's hope it hasn't metastasized yet.

Meanwhile in China: Chinese government is Laughing on whats going on in US No shame. Keep fueling the flames. Great “journalism “. .SturmDaniel welt de Open the economy and give these looting Democrats something to do. Policing is local and police chiefs are responsible for culture. The police chief reviewed video and felt enough cause to fire officer. Imagine how different it would be if he was arrested instead of fired.

its good to hear our flawed system is being reviewed and is in the process of creating a safer police system. this flawed system needs immediate attention. BlackLivesMatter acab1312 Вся власть советам! Негр тоже человек! Пролетарии всех областей США объединяйтесь в борьбе с сионизмом, демократией, буржуазией!

George Floyd protest live updates: Officers shot in Vegas, St. LouisPolice officers stationed in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. kneel in front of protesters amid wave of demonstrations over the death of George Floyd. Wondering who is paying for the security? Nice place for a bond fire!!!! Protect corporate icon, “f!” the public!

George Floyd protest live updates: Derek Chauvin moved to state prison'He didn’t want that man to be alone up there ... He was just being an ally.' White protester stands between police and lone black protester taking a knee before group joins alongside them amid ongoing demonstrations following death of George Floyd. And George is no longer with us. Meanwhile in Chicago.... Eye roll.....

George Floyd protest live updates: Protesters stop looters, mayor looks to honor themThe death of George Floyd, a black man who died after he was seen in a video being pinned down by a white police officer, has caused outrage across the U.S. Good. You mean as riots break out across the country?

George Floyd protest live updates: 2 police officers shot in Las Vegas in separate incidentsThe death of George Floyd, a black man who died on Memorial Day after he was pinned down by a white Minnesota police officer, has sparked outrage and protests in the U.S. George Floyd is best♥️ Tell Trump to bring his Bible When you brutalize people and violent their civil rights with impunity they will defend themselves. Especially when the president declares war against Americans. 'Good cops' need to turn in their badges and stand with protesters in the streets.

George Floyd Protests Live Updates: Cities on Edge as Police Strive to Restore OrderThe New York Times front page for Monday, June 1. The fury that has seized Minneapolis, where the death of George Floyd while in police custody set off days of protests, has swept across the country. For live updates: God, that man is the most despicable human being and president...note the small p! Terrorism

George Floyd protest live updates: NYC institutes curfewJUST IN: A curfew will go into effect in New York City from 11 p.m. Monday to 5 a.m. Tuesday, the governor and mayor said. The NYPD will also double its presence. You know the current system is completely broken when you have both witches ‘and’ Amish on the same side. Democrat party theory” Go to church and the liberal media will shout you down as a murderer spreading corona virus. Burn down a church they hail you as a hero and will post your bail”😇😇