Literally Just 25 Pictures You Need In Your Life Today, Trust Us

Tee hee hee hee.

6/14/2021 12:46:00 PM

Tee hee hee hee.

Tee hee hee hee.

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Jeff Bezos' spaceflight: Live updates

Jeff Bezos will fly to space today on the first crewed flight of the New Shepard, the rocket ship made by his space company, Blue Origin. Follow here for live updates.

Luckily, George Lucas chose to go with another title in the end. My uncle fought in the Genital Wars CRYING 🤣🤣

The Restaurants Inspiring Us to Put Houseplants EverywhereA few small pots can—literally—breathe new life into your home decor. We love plants everywhere!! Even better, plant edibles 😉

Food52 Podcast NetworkThis week on Either-Side Eaters, Katie and Jen get heated with Eater's Social Media Manager James Park about all things chili oil (he currently owns 14+ of them!). Listen and subscribe to the latest episode.

When Americans Took to the Streets Over InflationEssay: Americans under 40 have never known an era of double-digit inflation. With economic warning signs on the horizon, a look at the policy failures of the 1960s and 1970s can help the U.S. avoid a return to the bad old days. When i lost my job i thought i've lost it all, with the cash of $2000 i invested in bitcoin with terrycooleyon1 turned into $12000 in week of investment. He may not know it but he really saved my life,Contact him terrycooleyon1 for more details You can't teach people who've never read a book in their lives. All by design.

Delta Passengers Asked to Help Detain Man Who Tried Opening Plane DoorDelta Airlines sure seems to have a lot of these run-ins happening lately. I’m on flights sweating my ass off trying not to shart every time there’s a bump and mfs are doin shit like this... let’s bring trains back y’all Ban these people for life from flights. Lowest life forms This is what happens when you only have women cabin crew. Need help from passengers.

A Quiet Place Part II Brings U.S. Audiences Back to the Movies in Pandemic-Age FirstA Quiet Place Part II breaks the $100 million domestic box office threshold, a pandemic-era first

Rolling Stone Essentials: 13 of Our Favorite Things to Buy This MonthFrom a desk chair/spin bike hybrid to new Amazon earbuds and a laptop you’ll flip for (literally) here’s what we bought and used this month