List: The top 22 femtech startups in Europe 2020 | Sifted

Ava's multi-sensor bracelet, Daye's CBD tampons and Inne's saliva test – Sifted lists the top 22 femtech startups to know in Europe 2020.

9/16/2020 3:35:00 PM

'Based on our research as well as the nominations we have received, here is Sifted’s (subjective) list of the top femtech companies in Europe in 2020.'

Ava's multi-sensor bracelet, Daye's CBD tampons and Inne's saliva test – Sifted lists the top 22 femtech startups to know in Europe 2020.

is an Israeli startup using what it says is a clinically-proven, cannabinoid-based solution for gynaecological treatments, such as Endometriosis. Founded in 2017, it still has a lot to prove but is in an exciting new area of femtech. (New to our 2020 list)

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PregnancyVelmiois a Tallinn-based app helping pregnant women through their pregnancy. Instead of having generic content, it is generating information based on the users’ own data. Velmio says it will get better over time as it analyses lifestyle data from a diverse range of pregnant women and is just about to launch its product. (New to our 2020 list)

BreastfeedingElvieis a UK-based maker of a connected breastfeeding pump and a pelvic floor trainer. Having raised a whopping €45m since 2013, it is one of the most successful femtech startups over the past decade. It has also done wonders for starting a more open conversation about pelvic floor training.

Elvie’s breast pump.LactAppis a breastfeeding startup founded in Spain in 2016, providing information and a community helping women deal with problems around breastfeeding. Amazingly, it’s used by one out of four breastfeeding mothers in Spain, according to the company. Since last year, it has quadrupled its revenue and is now looking to raise more money.

New kid on the blockCoroflois a breastfeeding startup founded in Dublin 2016. It has developed a breastfeeding monitor in a nipple shield that shows how much milk the baby is drinking. The startup has raised €3.2m in total and its product is soon on sale in Ireland. (New to our 2020 list)

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