Lisa Murkowski the only GOP senator to support John Lewis voting rights bill

NBC News’ Sahil Kapur reports on the level of support so far in the Senate for the John Lewis voting rights bill.

6/9/2021 8:00:00 AM

Sen. Murkowski is the only Republican who has endorsed the proposal named after the late civil rights leader and lawmaker.

NBC News’ Sahil Kapur reports on the level of support so far in the Senate for the John Lewis voting rights bill.

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She may be ready to stop being in the Republican camp 🤨 It is constantly expressed on cable news shows that Republicans fear being 'primaried' by Trump, therefore won't split from him. I say 'BS!' All they have to do is vote with Dems to end gerrymandering, & that would end the threat. No? So what they REALLY fear is Dems not Trump.

I'm a Democrat but theoretically, if I had to choose between Lisa Murkowski and Joe Manchin, I'd choose Lisa Murkowski. It wouldn't even be a contest. 🙄 sagetwitting Where are Utah and Maine? This is sad. Maybe were tired of kissing black butts for 50 years...while they tear down all statutes of white America historical figures...Down with the white race, get them out of America...We need black & brown people in America & away with white culture

To whose drumbeat is Senator Joe Manchin dancing? Apparently not to those of his constituents in West Virginia. It just shows that the GOP have Dems in their party 😱 Become a Democrat. The Republican party as you knew it is no more. What’s wrong with the Republican Party? I do not understand them. Thank you, Senator Murkowski

Republicans hate democracy. They don’t want to ever be held accountable with “frivolous elections.”

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...and SusanCollins is a useless piece of crap! 💩 What' s the problem bring the vote to the floor, if Murkowski vote on the side of the Democrats and Manchin votes republican is that not 50/50 split and Kamala Harris has the deciding vote or have I missed a big gaping hole in my analysis. That's because she is a smart decent person.

How could anyone that's not racist disagree with the name of the bill let alone the bill itself. Only because Alaska has Ranked Choice Voting. It needs to be the federal mandate. “Republican” 🙄 Who should I follow for heavy duty/kick ass political material SO the CONTENT of the law shouldn't matter...only that it was NAMED after John Lewis?

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Mitch McConnell comes out against 'unnecessary' John Lewis voting rights act'There's no threat to the voting rights law,' the Senate minority leader said. For any racist in congress that’s for the Jim Crow Laws that have been recently passed in certain state then yes, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act is unnecessary. However We The People have a very different take on that. And we shall make sure it gets done. rolandsmartin Joe manchin Agrees America is moving towards fascism at an alarming rate and it’s unlikely it will be stopped. One benefit is that Americans won’t be able to leave their country. This is great news for anyone that likes to travel to Europe but hates being surrounded by obnoxious Americans.

What Would the John Lewis Voting Rights Act Actually Do?The John Lewis Act aims to restore provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013 on grounds that they were obsolete

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Courteney Cox, Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Brandi Carlile Perform 'Tony Danza' Tribute to Lisa Kudrow -- And She Responds!'Whaaaaaat? That's the most exciting thing ever!!!!' Kudrow said of the incredibly random performance (via toofab)