LinkedIn Says These13 Companies Are Great To Work For — And They're Hiring Right Now

Getting a job is one thing, getting a good job is another.

6/6/2021 10:15:00 PM

Getting a job is one thing, getting a good job is another.

Getting a job is one thing, getting a good job is another.

worked their magic (aka used data) to evaluate companies on employee-facing benefits like stability, continued education, gender diversity, and the ability to advance within the company.The result is a list of organizations that are investing in their employees with great benefits (think education reimbursement, mentorship, and added resources). Plus, every company on this list is hiring right now — which means you just might be able to land a role with a company that actually treats their people well. What a concept.

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1.Alphabet, Inc. (aka Google, YouTube, Waymo)LinkedIn / Vialinkedin.comYou might not recognize Alphabet, Inc., but I'm betting you've heard of the parent company's businesses — most notably Google, YouTube, and Waymo. The Alphabet giant has only grown during the pandemic, as people turned to Google Cloud and plugged into YouTube more than ever.

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Half of these companies are terrible to work for 😂

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