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Lindsey Graham predicts $2 trillion post-election stimulus package after 'bipartisan breakthrough'

Lindsey Graham predicts $2 trillion post-election stimulus package after 'bipartisan breakthrough'

10/30/2020 5:20:00 PM

Lindsey Graham predicts $2 trillion post-election stimulus package after 'bipartisan breakthrough'

Facing a tough battle with Democratic contender Jaime Harrison, the South Carolina senator said his number-one priority, if he got elected, was another coronavirus stimulus package .

Meanwhile, Graham said he would"not begrudge anybody" challenging the results as long as a court's decision was considered final."I have confidence in the process, I have no doubt that the results will be fair in South Carolina," he told WCNC.

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The latest polls show a fierce fight for the Senate seat Graham has held since 2003. The Republican incumbent is three points ahead, 49 to 46, according to a survey conducted on October 24-25 byEast Carolina University,(ECU) within the 4.1 percent margin of error.

The poll also showed Harrison five points clear among those with a four-year college degree and overwhelming supportamong Black respondents, 95 percent to three. The pair will debate in Columbia on Friday evening.Peter Francia, director of the ECU Center for Survey Research, said in a statement that this year's race was"extremely competitive." headtopics.com

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We cant live with predictions Desperation. Will he vote for it as a lame duck? Why. It pre-election Lindsey Just like. Not electing a justice in the last year of a president's term. You have no honor your lies mean nothing to the Americans you so undutifully. Served you would bring the bill up and say oh the dems wouldn't pass it again

Liar Lindsey's mouth is a revolving door. No one ever knows which side his opinions will exit from. Nor does he. He recently pleaded on Fox News for donations perhaps worried he might be racking pool balls again in his father's bar. It would be worth losing the stimulus if he did. Graham says it is a blessing to have a judge who will not make up the law 'to fit their own needs.' But the Senate blocked Merrick Garland to later push Barrett's nomination through creating an imbalance within the Supreme Court for one purpose only - 'to fit their own needs.'

graham is so full of it This should of been done when the house sent their version What a joke, liars liars liars, had their chance

‘Biggest Challenge I’ve Ever Faced’: Lindsey Graham Bets His Career On Supreme CourtThe South Carolina senator has latched himself to an unpopular president he once derided as racist and unfit for office. Now, he’s running as Trump’s top... He bet, and he will lose. Huffpo projects its own self-loathing onto its opponents.

Meaning lady g wants to look like a hero so he can get re-elected. Your not smart LindseyGrahamSC Why after election? Trying to get more votes now with that statement? Crook! So why did the senate push only 500 billion initially? Bipartisan? The Democrats will control the White House and both Houses of Congress.

NOTHING News worthy, same BS different day Imagine if Lindsay could be himself ... 😂 Rocky horror picture show closet motherfuker 🤣😁😁😅😅😂🤣 Yea right Lmao 😂 if you losers wanted to help the relief package would have happened by now. Both parties are holding the people in need hostage till after the election. Bipartisan screw job on the American people

Vindictive Trump won't sign it so we will have to wait until he is removed from office after January 21, 2021. Lmao

Lindsey Graham Bets His Career On Supreme Court: 'Biggest Challenge I’ve Ever Faced'The South Carolina senator has latched himself to an unpopular president he once derided as racist and unfit for office. Now, he’s running as Trump’s top defender. Why does it look like the mask is covering his eyes? Hypocrite! FutureLoser

Nope they are holding Americans hostage for a vote for them. VoteHimOut VoteEarly BlueWave Motivation is destiny Yeah, the breakthrough will come with Lady G's replacement. Oh so after he loses he’ll suck it up and do what’s right? I predict Lindsey is just trying to get back in realdonaldtrump's trumpCrimeFamily after trump had lou dobbs blacklist lindseygrahamSC

He's really praying for a Hail, Mary lol now he wants bipartisan breakthrough? Don't let the door hit you on your way out Lindsay Can't wait for my Grand Children to be left with their Dollar being worth 2 cents and no GDP growth. If this is the case, before Election Day might have been a good time to get it done.

Jay Ellis Slams Lindsey Graham Over Black South Carolina Comments (Exclusive)' Lindsey Graham is… he's outdated, old, he's archaic. He shouldn't be part of our country anymore in terms of leadership.' TooFab He’s probably just menopausal, that’s sometimes a logical excuse to be a bigot 😏 TooFab TooFab well said Jay

😂in your dreams Lindseybabe 😂😂😂 SOB. LindseyGrahamSC You realize that while you jammed through a SC nomination people were going hungry, losing their businesses, being evicted, right? Bipartisan breakthrough my left nut. The GOP is terrified of this election and they want to save face by agreeing to a stimulus, THEY HAVEN’T PASSED, to shore up any support they can. PASS A FCKING STIMULUS DEAL AND STOP PLAYING POLITICS! GOPCorruptionOverCountry NeverTrump

'bipartisan breakthrough' = i may actually lose my seat, i better do something A prediction 😂 It's almost as if neglecting to pass this vital aid for the people was a political stunt by both sides doing their best to make sure they weren't accidentally giving a political boost to the opposite party prior to the election. Disgusting stuff from both parties here.

I predict that Lindsey won't find the girl of his dreams — not that there's anything wrong with that. Why isn’t here now? How could you no pass this already? Resign

'The Daily Show' Taunts Lindsey Graham With A Damning Supercut Of His Own WordsSome of the South Carolina senator's old comments are coming back to haunt him. tyrants! wow The face in a million,like a lion roars.

Was it a child LindseyGrahamSC? What you did that gave you kompromat? Bye girl! Lindsey Graham I predict that you will be send home on Tuesday. And we should believe LyingLindsey this time...really! If there is good and just in the world he won't be around to vote on it. ByeLindsey👋👋 That would be a fortunate turn of events. Yes, that would be quite fine.

Wish I could spend to $2T on my credit card Lame duck says what? Someone should tell him they're already -3.3 trillion this year

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