Lincoln Project Hits ‘Sniveling Weak Crybaby’ Lindsey Graham In Brutal New Ad

The South Carolina senator has resorted to begging for donors on Fox News.

10/27/2020 12:27:00 PM

The South Carolina senator has resorted to begging for donors on Fox News.

The South Carolina senator has resorted to begging for donors on Fox News.

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nobody wants Senator Grahem in office, even the republicans! Trump does not stump him. Loe Dobbs told Fellow Republicans not to vote for him. Nobody trusts him even his own party. I think he will be voted out. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy... No reason to waste money on dinosaurs. GOP has little to offer in the way of solving actual 21st century problems.

That's an old story. Over the past two weeks his funding has been excellent Haha haha haha The consequences of abandoning his constituents and violating his oath of office. If all you're concerned with is lining your own pocket, being a public servant isn't the job for you. Lol Sissy That’s pretty pathetic.

Cry me a river... Donate & VoteJaimeHarrisonSC SendLindseyHome Womp womp Lindsey knows he's losing. This is his last chance to cash in on campaign donations to tide him over. Pitiful man. I wish John McCain were here to see what Lindsay has turned into. Everyone who likes & follows Trump, has an extremely weak mind. They’ve been looking all their lives for someone to follow. Trump isn’t gonna do 1 good thing for them & they’ll be lost without him

This might be my favorite ad, ever. Thank you, Lincoln Project. Well he was all hard when he was talking about hid new Supreme Court justice. I bet he’s “on his knees “.... TwoFacedLindsey LindseyGrahamSC has no shame, backbone... and now: no nada 😂😂😂 And the jackass brought it on himself This little piggy needs to stay home.

Donated to harrisonjaime right after the SC confirmation. We have twin whiny crybabies: one in the WH and one in the Senate. This fake liar is on the way out, and he knows it. Why does this headline make me so happy 😀 Serves him Right! It’s called Karma! These enablers and hypocrites deserve to lose their seat

Pathetic Grifting season. This makes me so happy He is one motherfu** er Good. Another donation to Harrison. Waiting on my pic of Lindsey eating a hotdog. Hahahahaha someone bet on the wrong horse. The world knows America is a covid hotspot. Say good bye to tourism for years. So you shouldn’t get re-elected. That’s part of rebuilding a strong economy.

Serves him right. I hope it’s a slow and painful road to hell for him Trump said back in 2016 that this guy couldn’t run for dog catcher he’s that thick Survivor or victim? Guess it worked Big mood Oh LindseyGrahamSC you can always sell those gorgeous southern bell frocks you have “hidden in the closest”. Alternatively you can do gay porn, I’m sure you could earn a couple of dollars. 🤣

Poor Lindsey...does no one love him A white Senator from SC, Committee Chairman, whining because a black challenger is raising more political contributions? I just saw a laughing pig fly past my window! d MAGAt shud go now cos he has already caused enough kerfuffle Dishonest post and video 'doctoring'. Doesn't most of the politicians literacy beg for money? Shame on HuffPost for such dishonesty.

Hehee! Why can't he ask his dog master to pay? Excellent reminder for me to donate more to harrisonjaime! More good news please((( nothing would make me happier than a graham loss

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner threaten to sue the Lincoln Project over Times Square billboardsOne billboard depicts IvankaTrump – an adviser to her father – gesturing to the number of national and statewide deaths due to the coronavirus. As well they should sue them if they are spreading lies! Ojej bal transpłeć pedałów All we want is the truth and nothing less

Lincoln Project Hits Back At Ivanka, Jared Over Times Square Billboard Legal Threat“Please peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such an empty bluster.” Keep firing ProjectLincoln lowers bar saves Zuckerberg. Rubbing it into the faces of the mourning for political gain displaces censorship at the nadir of political activity. Is having a tingling leg party? tt:SebGorka

Lindsey Graham campaign, losing donations race, accuses Jaime Harrison of trying to 'buy a Senate seat'Graham's Democrat rival raised $57 million in the third quarter, and said this had all been spent on campaigning already. Harris represents socialism and pay to play. Lying & cheating has how been proven to be apart of the Republican Party's DNA.The Republicans Party is filled with 'COWARDS and 'Traitors' of the American People The day Trump took office The Republican Party shed their 'Humanity'care nothing for the American People !! And his point being? Vote him out!!

Lindsey Graham losing ground to Jaime Harrison in South Carolina: Election forecastThe South Carolina Republican is still forecast to win, but his better-funded rival is gaining ground in the run up to the vote. Polls were so accurate in 2016...Graham must really be in trouble! Good 😌 Time to defeat Graham ! Good! KARMA.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Threaten to Sue Lincoln Project over Times Square BillboardsJared Kushner and Ivanka Trump threatened to sue the Lincoln Project over billboards the anti-Trump Republican PAC put up in Times Square criticizing the couple&39;s response to the coronavirus. In a letter, Trump family lawyer Marc Kasowitz rebuked the group for putting up a billboard of Ivanka Trump Can you imagine if another President put their slumlord son in law in charge of a public health plague? NO THEY NEED TO SUE YOU...JARED AND IVANKA Little knowledge of the us constitution?

Democrat Jaime Harrison shatters Senate fundraising record in bid to oust South Carolina Sen. Lindsey GrahamVice President Mike Pence’s visit to South Carolina tomorrow to campaign for Lindsey Graham shows that the Republican senator 'is in trouble,” says Jaime Harrison, Graham's Democratic challenger, about the race. Does the Republican Party of South Carolina really want a VP that has had direct contact with COVID INFECTED people really want him to visit their state? Do they rejoice in getting their constituents sick? Demented...!!!!! I wouldn’t that covid spreader near your state unless they don’t value their people. God says 'Enough evidence is there. Seek and you will find.' The right says 'The evidence is right here! Look, it's in my hands!' The left says 'What evidence? I don't see any evidence!'