Lil Pump Endorses President Trump, Trashes Joe Biden in Tax Rant

Lil Pump is ready for another four years.

10/26/2020 6:19:00 PM

Lil Pump Endorses President Trump, Trashes Joe Biden in Tax Rant

Lil Pump is ready for another four years.

's proposing.The rapper chirped up this weekend in pretty clear terms, posting a pic of him shaking hands with DT -- clearly photoshopped -- and a ringing video endorsement.Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.As for why ... it seems to be in line with what Fiddy voiced just last week when he endorsed Trump as well -- they're not down to fall into a new tax bracket under Biden's plan. If he wins, JB has said he would try to upend Trump's tax law and get folks who make more than $400k to chip in their fair share -- way more than what they're paying now.

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Of course, both 50 and Pump fall into that category, and neither seem willing or eager to give up any more of their wealth to Uncle Sam.It seems 50 didn't mean it after all -- or he's on the fence. He later said"F*** Trump" when his ex,

Chelsea Handler, called him out on 'The Tonight Show.' Read more: TMZ »

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Who? First of all his name is Lil Pump....need I say more. Trash Not one person in the Universe cares about lil Pump. Fact!!! Who is this idiot Who? This fool ain’t making $400k Who cares. Who the hell would listen to him anyway? So funny all these rich people get mad when they have to pay for something. 😂 Why is this tweet appearing everyday? This was a while back now. When did little chip/tweet’s endorsement influence my opinion?

I don't know if one person who listens to his music... Not one... Go away dude Cause so many care about what this idiot has to say. lilpump Who is he ? Never heard of him...bye!! Who’s gonna tell Kanye? I honestly have never heard of him Who? 🤦🏻‍♀️ seriously y’all will post anyone who endorses a 🤡 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤣

My guy!! Bless up!! Wait, Lil Pump is endorsing Trump? Well now I've changed my mind! Thank god for Lil' Pump. MasPuto ALaVerga This kid is barely smart enough to know what taxes are Aww Lil Trump angwy Trash lilpump is WT! 🚮🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑 Ut who endorses Lil Pump? 💅🏽.... closed case!

Who? No cares ... look at this guy ... who could take him serious on a political level Ummm 🤔 Who is he? Does Anyone Know Who This Guy Is? Ww Really Don't Care!!! The Blue WAVE is Winning, Please Vote I'm pretty sure everyone is ready to Get the Trueth FOR ONCE BIDEN-HARRIS 2020 I thought his 15 minutes were up

Never heard of HER Who? Who? Idiot XXX and not this guy? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Who in the world is lil pump Haha Who?......cares? lol nobody even knows who you are Nobody cares rappers don’t know how to think because all of them are uneducated Who is he? Nice to see that clown wasting his vote just because he don't want to pay higher taxes. Stop making millions a year if you don't want to pay higher taxes

Lol ! 3 million 7 hundred 25 sperms And that guy was the fastest ? This is why people should wear condoms ! Or abort !!! Selfish . This is not about his taxes. There are lives, real lives on the line. Lil canceled is a Nazi enabler At least he’s not a follower. WHO IS THIS Who? Considering no one has ever heard of this joke this hardly seems like news.

Rich people really don’t want to pay taxes and it’s ridiculous. Chile.. Who is he and who cares Not surprising that all the sick fux are endorsing the same candidate 🌽 Didn’t he die lol Man Trumpet gets all the good ones Is she even old enough to vote? Who is she Who? Cuhz he dont wanna pay hella in taxes cuhz he rich rich if Biden wins! He wouldn’t be saying that if he was making $400k and below a year.

Who is this heroin addicted fool? So annoying all of these stupid rich ass people don’t want to have their taxes raised so they are using their social media to trick poor people into thinking the tax raise would hurt them too. He doing right. TRUMP2020 !!! Never heard of him. I assume he makes millions Folks, millionaires & billionaires are benefiting from Trump’s tax cut so they can defend & support him all day long. You on the other hand, be SMART & vote Joe Biden for your share of the tax cuts. You won’t be left behind.

he's trash Who cares tho You will have to pardon me if I don't take my cues from a person named lil pump. Who cares about 2pump? Go pump yourself pump, get lost Nobody cares who Lil Pump endorses. No one really cares about Lil Pump at all! At least his Mom's happy Who the F is Lil Pump! This is “news” TMZ!? 🤬

Who cares. Mumble rap sucks. Considering he's only 1 generation removed from a 'shit hole country'... Too bad his parents didn't wait until 2017 to caravan into The United States. He'd be locked in a cage at the border and we wouldn't have to hear from his dumb ass. Who in the hell is Lil Punk? This guy seems like he’ll evade taxes regardless

I guess this is a thing with rappers now huh Lil ‘who?’ Wtf is on your head smh Kinda late guys JFC ... we get it. Srop tweeting this fool. fk lil bitch Who? Do Lil pump make over $400k to complain about taxes. But who is it? Crack head ew Re-thinking my vote after the highly coveted Lil Pump endorsement. Lil who?

His name is Lil Pump? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well...its a good thing no one knows who the fuck lilpump is. Cleary, this lil breast pump is just trying to get some attention. Ignorant Why would lil pumps opinion matter in the slightest How many times y’all gonna post this lol he don’t influence our or no1 vote 😂😂😂

If you want a socialist country then you gotta deal with high income tax. Money doesn't grow on trees and money certainly doesn't appear from out of your feelings. Who the hell is Lil Pump? And why should anyone care. TMZ is getting desperate for news... Who? In related news Lil Pump also endorses “The Fast and Furious” be recognized as the national movie of the United States and a 4 oz can of Axe Body Spray immediately replace the rose as the official flower of the United States. So...

Here goes another greedy and selfish American who doesn't want to pay his fair share of tax! So much for 'patriotic Trump supporters!' With a stupid name like that must be trump supporter Who? This fool just trying to get 15 minutes of fame bye nobody knows who you are or care about your taxes boy bye Tax or no tax dude gonna be broke in less than 5 years anyway, his music is horrible.

They will support trump to save a dollar..when trump lies every year on his taxes! God warned us that money is the root of all evil... Hell I didn’t know he had money to pay taxes on...silly me 🤦🏾‍♂️ Never heard of her. Who? WHO Pump it Who? Nobody cares. We don’t even know who she is & for her to be endorsing trump we really don’t care even more.

Who in the hell is lil punk? mf on them percs again what happened..? was Big Pump taken? Lil Pump is what happens when this man gets a hard on Ah who is this and why do we care who this attention grabbing putz is? Who the fuck is Lil Pump. 🤦👀 Who in the hell is Lil Pump?! Who cares about Lil Pump Solidifies my decision that I'm on the right side of history here. Thanks lil Pump. 🙄 VoteBidenHarris2020

Yeah, you look normal lol Who is he? Obviously nobody knows that guy.. Good time to find real motives of people Trash This dude is the epitome of 'Idiot'. This shouldn't even be news. Pump hasn’t been relevant in like, 2 years. His music since his last album has been absolute garbage. He’s just trying to get attention again like he had a few years ago and it’s not really working.

Who? No one cares Lil what?🤔😂 Who da fook in lil pump? Who? More like Lil Chump🤷‍♀️ Who would take political advice from anyone who calls themselves “Lil Pump” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Who? What a dumbass! He’ll be poor soon! we knew it Holy crap he changed my mind I’m voting for Trump... NOT!! Gross dude. I can’t ... No class

Let’s be honest he won’t remember to vote. I’m sure he has forgotten the date. He don’t know he will be broke again crying he was young and dumb. Playa please stop it. He is charlamangedagod sun for you ☀️ ☀️☀️☀️☀️ Lil PUnk Looks like that purple drank has kicked in fully. For the people saying it’s only for people making 400k. Biden said he’d do away with Trumps tax breaks day 1. For me that is $140 per week. 7200 a year. A lot when u don’t make much. That’s food on my table. I’ll be voting Trump.

Lol he is funny who is he I must be old or music is dead Im shocked he has ever paid taxes Who Oh wait... I meant who cares. who dat ? lil what I didn’t even know her was old enough to vote! lmao he’s a one hit wonder he should be worried about that Who? Dumbass just doesn’t wanna pay. Like everyone else. If you gonna be balling so much... pay then.

He doesn’t know shit yal are still dodging the story about Hunter biden Lil pump needs to be pumped without Vaseline! Well just well Never heard of him. He’s only looking to get some press Lmfao. Well if Lil Pump endorses Trump... Does anyone care? Yah cause he’s rich as fuck why would he want to pay more taxes means less hoes for him 👎🏼👎🏼

Who? Im tryna boycott this lil Punk. He looks like he'd be a supporter. Poor boy. I wonder if you can give more publicity to any more irrelevant people insofar as their political recommendations. You have got to be kidding...HEY, who does Daffy Duck and Goofy endorse? Lmao well, here is another little idiot

No one cares Who is he? Who? lil who? Am I supposed to know who this is? Idiot...... I don't know her. TRUMP 2020 Let me get some attention To Mask or not to Mask , Trump is the question! 🤔 COVID19 ... this is what happens when lil nazis steal the culture Who Is He? Who? These got to be some dumb ass people. I don’t support them , y’all definitely need to STOP

Wtf is he anyway I think this says it all... Vote people!!! Having a nickname like Lil Pump can’t be good for your street cred. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Who? Drank the kany-aid Shut the hell up and go sniff some coke 🙄🙄 Who the f is lil pomp Lil idiot Who? Who this he can shut up Who? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Who? Only CRIMINAL endorses criminal

No. One. Cares Honestly, it only makes any (evil) sense at all to vote trump if you are rich AF, which I'll just assume that this dude is at this point in history, or single-issue voters (and I don't see this guy as a staunch anti-abortionist, tho I could be wrong) Who? Hoe ass! Who Who? Fuck Lil pump Did he even make 400,000 to be affected by it?

What a fkn idiot🙄 Who? With a name like that... he can suck it... who TF IS lil dump anyway 🤨😂😁 Anyone who gives a shit about this guy isn’t old enough to vote. No even slightly functioning adult would find this guy entertaining. Makes sense, all the brain cells he's missing. Why do we make stupid ass people 'famous'?

Shut up already Oh since some over entitled rapper said so I guess we should all listen to him. Lol All these rappers are shook. Sorry, time to pay your way like the rest of us normal people. Take a shot of Nyquil and hit the hay lilpump This election is truly all hands on deck Hes rich he dont wanna have to pay alot in taxes.. duh!

Funny how everyone wants to take the moral high road until their wallets start taking a hit. Do not often listen to celebrities for advise but when Lil Pump talks, I listen. Lil who? Who's this clown? Who? Man I wish ODB was still around so he could kick this guys ass Who’s lil dump Why is it that established millionaires dont have a problem and only broke rappers do lol these rappers all washed up lol 😂

Yessss tax the fuck outta him Clout Chasing Who the hell is he I guarantee he is a follower! And do not know what what taxes are....🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ He's doing this for the same clout 69 would be getting from media. Just ignore this boy. Lol Most of his followers are under 18 an can't vote so all these Trump supporters are like yeahhh go Lil Pump lol. Not knowing who this soon to be irrelevant dood is. Buncha out of the loop fools

Who the hell is lil pump. Jack ass He needs to pay more taxes. He ain't doing shit good with his money BESIDES making himself uglier than he already is. All them ugly ass piercings like it looks good. 🤦🏽‍♀️ What the fuck is a lil pump? Is this found at gas stations ? what old school people call this: publicity. what new school people call this: clout. old school & new school say....boy bye

So Lil 'Punk' is following 50¢ in endorsing Trump because they don't want to pay more in taxes. Seems like most of these rappers are only concerned with money. The rap names, wow! I don't know why any grown man would want to call himself 'Lil'', 50 cent, etc. His reasons to support him is because Biden will raise his taxes? LMAO.

Cancel this clown Who? who ..... So..... Hang on — didn’t Lil Pump already endorse Trump? Who the fuck is a lil pimp 😂😂😂😂😂 he's not even a nationwide celebrity 😂😂😂😂 Rich rappers go crazy. We call that in our neighborhood, GREED Is this fool named after a penis implant? Of course this junkie would !!!

Wonder how SuburbanWomen feel about this. Might be a game changer for those on the fence. MAGA2020LandslideVictory Who?! (Who cares) Jesus H. Christ, how many of these c-level rappers are there? Who? Who? Lil Pump probably thinks his endorsement counts as a vote Haha, who? He is an idiot So who really cares

Bruh CLOWN Wait who is this fool? What stupid delusional fool! Who? . (Literally.) . I mean....he DOES look like a Trump Supporter, so I’m not surprised 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ Lmaoo all these 'rapper' saying they're voting for trump are full on selfishwith these tax percentages. Trump don't even like your stinky ass gtfo lilpump

His rap name itself should tell you why suburban will still aren’t voting for Trump. 😂 Why are tRump supporters always ranting? Him crying about paying more taxes make me want Biden even more lol. Who? I would be any amount that he is A) not registered to vote and b) even if he is registered he will not and never planned to vote in the first place

Oh well in that case I think we should all follow this exceptional leader Not even worth googling to figure out who he is! 🙄 Who’s Lil Pump? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously though, I don’t know this fool. Please help! Please retweet/share! 8-months-old baby Joshua is battling acute lymphocytic leukemia, a type of blood cancer. His life is dependent on chemotherapy & a stem cell transplant. Help Joshua's family in offsetting the cost of his treatment here:

Idiot make one hit sing and he’s super rich really Little poop? This is telling how people are willing to sell out their own, morality, and integrity in order to gain more profits. Fucking pathetic He fell off badly after Gucci gang Lmao tmz you guys are running out of things to report? Lmao Little who? Only bc the bitch is BROOOOOKE and cant pay more taxes 🤣🤣🤣

Who oh no Biden lost the highly sought after lil pump endorsement For those keeping track at home... Trump endorsements: 1. Al Qaeda 2. Osama Bin Laden’s Q Anon worshiping niece 3. Scott Baio 4. Lil Pump Lol If you dont understand what 'marginal' tax rates are you don't deserve to be rich Who? 👎🏾 I doubt he makes enough money for this type of talk

And who are you? Looking like the demon he is What the fuck is a lil pump? Joke knows joke. Mo Who is Lil Pump? Idiot. Who? Black people have been losing 60 years under Democrats, what do they have to lose ? Excellent endorsement from an educated and well respected member of the community Who that’s.....oh yeah he’s this guy right here

gee willikers lil pump told me to vote for trump finally i know who to vote for! my favorite politician lil pump!!!! Who? Drank the Kany-aid The rich really don't want to pay.. I guess He knows perfectly well that he doesn’t make more than $400k, him trying to be legit but never heard of him Who?!?!?! Another lost rapper smh

I blame this on 50. So F lil dog or what ever his name is and let only Trump supporters buy his music Lil who? Who?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Idiot Who dat? Looks like an asshole. Props to Lil Pump for keeping it real and not jumping on the “I hate Trump train” just because. Who? Should of just stuck with 50 lol What is a “lil pump”

Handler gonna pay his taxes too I might buy Lil Pump’s discography now. Nobody on earth cares what a “lil pump” thinks... I can't this guy serious and his name is Lil Pump lol More of these losers should speak out. Should make for a great endorsement for Biden to the vast majority of low paid people in the population that pay their fair share in taxes.

Who the F is Lil Pump and why would we care Sad these ppl are only bashing Biden on his tax hike. But not how he's a Pedophile 🤮 Serious question: who the fuck is Lil Pump? Who is she? Trash for Trash. Fitting. Am I supposed to know who he is? You think he’s the only “famous” person that feels that way? Who?

Who's this lil Pump? Isn't that something Trump does to his wee little winker? Another wanna be. SMDH and it's all about him and not about everyone else. But people will pay for his whatever kinda music. Keep an eye out on his taxes and possible bankrutcy. I don't think anyone really cares what any celebrities do anymore with politics. This is a nothing story.

So basically....a bunch of people with new money don’t want to pay taxes (and likely don’t even know how taxes work) are talking shit online. Got it. Forgot this dude existed, now my day is ruined Dude is clearly a Moron who happened to find fools, who are more stupid than him, to have as a fan base. The 'Music😕' Video that him and Kanye did together all but solidified that they're both idiots who attract dummies to give em their money.

Who is that I’m not trusting no man with pig tails in his hair who? 😒 How much was his trump check for? Who? Well done sir! Wow, he is clearly super informed with a solid base of history! Wrong, looks like another victim of the GOP lie campaign, doing what they do best: embarrassing themselves publicly for a group of people who think you should be parking their car or washing their dishes gopstooge

Excuse me, but who the fuck is ‘Lil Pump’ Once again tmz gives light to ppl who are a non factor ! Dummy of the century trash lilpump This is the best Joe biden advertisement you can get Why do you give assholes like this airtime? That will be the end of his career!! Mark my word This is perfect! We know how Democrats love to listen to celebrities when talking about who to vote for!

Unexceptional rapper likes unexceptional politician. this shit got more replies than likes he just lookin for clout LMAO Who? Who? Who is this child? His whiteness has broken free If he was a scumbag biden supporter would u even mention it? Basado This rich man is not your friend. Nice. But who? Fool endorses Clown, news at 11. 🙄

Ignorance at its finest. Wewww Lil who? Looks like a Trump supporter Who is this? Lol ThatNiggahCrazy Niggah What ? NiggahNews Well good thing his fan base not old enough to vote 😂 Trash recognizes trash Clown tings 🤡 🤡 well

Today's Headlines: Trump's two adversariesIn the final days of the campaign, President Trump isn't up against only Joe Biden. New poll, please let them know how you feel.

Brad Pitt Endorses Joe Biden As 'a President for all Americans'During the World Series game on Saturday night, Americans—especially those who watch baseball—heard Brad Pitt's voice endorse Joe Biden for president in a new campaign ad for the Biden team. As if I needed another reason to love Brad Pitt Your kidding, right ?

Chelsea Handler says she'll pay 50 Cent's taxes if he drops Trump supportChelsea Handler offered to pay 50 Cent's taxes if he'd reconsider supporting former Vice President Joe Biden, whose tax plan the rapper expressed disbelief over. Fox411 damm Fox411 You can’t pay somebody else’s taxes, that’s only taxable income to them. Fox411 BidenHarrisLandslide2020 🤩

Election 2020 live updates: More than 58 million Americans have already votedHalloween at the White House looked slightly different this year as Pres. Trump and first lady Melania Trump greeted children outside of the residence, but did not hand out any candy. why would you go through the risk of meeting with children but not provide any candy. these people are fucking monstrous at every opportunity. The White House is decorated beautifully He was a monster without having to dress up

More than 58 million Americans have already voted.DrJAshton: “We’re seeing an uncontrolled damage by this virus, and we’re going into colder months where the majority of the country will be indoors and this virus has shown that is spreads readily in that environment…we need to turn this trend around.” DrJAshton DrJAshton The summary of the story is that the Americans have paid the price for electing trump in 2016. But the price was so high. It costs them their lives. DrJAshton I wonder how history will judge the year 2020 and Trump's presidency

Road to 270: John King says 'follow the candidates, follow the money' - CNN VideoHere's where the US presidential election stands heading into the final full week of campaigning. JohnKingCNN breaks down the spending and traveling of President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the run-up to Election Day. JohnKingCNN JohnKingCNN I am glad I know Biden will win. I can't stand in a long line to vote, now don't have to. JohnKingCNN You FakeNewsMediaClowns really think you can call this election? You have no clue what's coming with a huge Electoral vote to re-elect realDonaldTrump Once that's done, your relevancy will completely diminish. Buh bye. VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020