Like it or not, low-rise jeans appear to be making a comeback

Like it or not, low-rise jeans appear to be making a comeback.

4/7/2021 11:28:00 PM

Like it or not, low-rise jeans appear to be making a comeback.

'It just brings back such a bad taste in your mouth from before the body positivity movement made such strides,' said fashion blogger Renata D'Agrella.

Y2K fashion, clothing that evokes the aesthetic of the early 2000s, is currently the hottest genre of vintage clothing among young people, Jennings wrote. And because fashion is cyclical, young people are beginning to move on from the '90s fashion trends inspired by shows like"Friends" and onto the 2000s.

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"Obviously, like, the high-waisted mom jeans are '80s, '90s, and then what follows that is the 2000s, so as our generation gets older, we're still pulling back from years past," said Siena Filippi, 22, of Boston, who sells upcycled and salvaged clothing at her online shop,

ri.reclaimed."So now that all of Gen Z is old enough, the 2000s is kind of the next decade we haven't touched upon. It's kind of the next one in line."On shopping sites like Depop and Poshmark and corners of the internet inhabited by Gen Z, like TikTok, Y2K fashion is having a moment, Filippi said.

"You're seeing that with the baby tees, the cropped tees and more kid-like patterns. I think more people are accepting of that and that doesn't scare them as much, but the thing that scares them are the low-rise jeans," Filippi said.

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Just make muffin tops of most wearers. Have only 1 friend/relative who was able to wear them before without being a muffin top. Have to be close to being anorexic to wear them. What's not to like😄 Hallelujah:)! I'm doing free bikini waxes in my basement. Free free free... And you thought tramp stamp recognition software was a bad idea.

So ugly-let’s hope not. I can see why!! Good! Because granny bloomer jeans are horrid. I love it. So much better than mom jeans About time to move away from high-rise again. After the 80s ended & I slipped on a pair of Levis 'Too Super Low' I swore I would never wear high rise hide your belly button & get a tug on your lady parts when bending over... ever again. seriously- hip huggers are much more comfortable!

This millennial is all for it! For men too,cause I got some manscaping to do first. Did it go out of fashion ? Does this mean the mom jeans phase is on the decline? Thank goodness! I like it. thank god... Бритни, немного поправилась)) 💩 Its crazy how many people have very strong feelings about how others should dress.

I’m sure Geatz is happy being the majority of ppl that they will look good on are teenaged girls. Oh no! I wasn't the only one raiding Oxfam last time they came into fashion. I'm still waiting for them to bring back cardigans with buttons. Geez please no I have been waiting for this!! High Rise jeans 👎🏾

Bell bottoms please Yay! So much more comfortable! Yeah buddy People can wear what they want. guess what, everyone, you don't have to wear them. Just remember ladies. You have to have the right body type to wear these. No fat chick's please fatties stay mad. What’s not to like? We called them hip huggers in the 70's

Oops, we're doing it again. NOOOOOOOO They’ll be back “out” just as quick. What’s not to like? They’re certainly better than the alternative. Retro is making always a comeback every year Sign into your Google account or make a Google account and sign in. Using a Google browser Chrome is fine in the search bar type the word helpers. Search that word and Anonymous will reply. It works fine trust me

And here I thought acid-wash jeans were coming back. Bummer. as a woman, I prefer low-rise over the hideous mom-jeans. not saying I can WEAR low-rise, just saying I prefer them. Do you have your Condo in one of the unoccupied cities in China yet? Don’t waste your time. China Russia and Germany will be destroyed in the Nuclear Holocaust. You can help save yourself and the World by following these instructions to contact Anonymous quick glances will now have the HR Dept flooded with sexual harassment allegations...from men!? WHY.... Please. No. Thank God. These chest high Erkle baggy jeans these women be wearing look horrible. I see a crack in that story... Dafuq? No more shi tcatchers That the same as hip huggers? who cares and why do you? oh yea girlie pictures.

YES! I’m actually pretty pumped about this because low rise on a 5’ frame are medium-low rise on a normal person Noooooooo No. HolyMidweekWord 주님과 그 분의 선지자는 가벼운 것이 아닙니다. Like it or not, depends on who’s wearing them Who doesnt like that? Speaking for all men...when were they a bad thing? They'll never make a comeback on this millennial body

.... Muffin Tops on the rise then too!!😂😂 Friends, I'm very ashamed to address you, but my child's life is at stake. If you can help, go to my page and read. donate or repost my tweet, please do it. Thank you very much, sorry to bother you, please