Letters to the Editor - Texas elections, Dallas College, Coppell ISD, democracy

5/23/2022 8:10:00 AM

Letters to the Editor - Texas elections, Dallas College, Coppell ISD, democracy

Letters to the Editor - Texas elections, Dallas College, Coppell ISD, democracy

Apparently George P. Bush figured out he needs to get on the Trump train with Gov. Greg Abbott as the conductor and stop bucking the Republican orthodoxy....

1:00 AM on May 22, 2022 CDT My vote, decided Apparently George P.12:30 AM on May 20, 2022 CDT Good info, thanks Re: “School vouchers aren’t good for kids or conservatives — If Texas can fully fund public schools, then do so, DISD trustee says,” by Dustin Marshall, May 13 Letters.Thank you for letterRe: the April 27 letter “Don’t privatize the water supply.12:30 AM on May 21, 2022 CDT A vast gray area Re: “The problem is professionals, not parents — We should demand the best evidence-based care for our kids struggling with gender identity,” by Lisa Selin Davis, Sunday Opinion.

Bush figured out he needs to get on the Trump train with Gov.Greg Abbott as the conductor and stop bucking the Republican orthodoxy.It explained aspects I had not been aware of, such as the fact that slots in private schools are limited, that private schools charge more than the vouchers would cover, along with Marshall’s speculation that private schools would likely increase their tuition rates by the amount of the voucher.Coming from a “family known for taking a more pragmatic approach” to immigration, Bush should know by now that Republicans are not known for their pragmatism.Gary Susko Midtown USA, Third-World country?Watching the news unfold before our very eyes, I think it is undeniable that the current administration is deliberately destroying the USA.Quite the unfortunate turn of events.Thompson, Plano Not just about money Dallas ISD’s Dustin Marshall does not believe giving parents a voucher option to perhaps choose a private school would be beneficial for their children’s education, but rather, increasing the amount of money spent per pupil in the public school system would be.However, now that both candidates for Texas attorney general are on the same page, I will have to vote for the one man who has no indictments pending against him and is not under FBI investigation for bribery.Laws should not be created to limit or prevent anyone from seeking the professional help they need.

Hans Voorn, Frisco A very basic argument I shared these thoughts with the U.According to WalletHub, Texas is ranked No.Now, still serving as the useful idiot, Biden has accelerated that goal by many times over in less than two years.S.Supreme Court.New Mexico is ranked last and also spends about $10,000 per pupil.If you are Catholic or evangelical Christian and believe that life begins at conception, that is your religious belief.The folks pulling the strings in this administration should be tried for treason.In law, life begins at birth.Greg Polito, Dallas The numbers don’t lie I live in Duncanville, where we just had our election for mayor and school board members.While Morgan’s parents helped make the best decisions for Morgan, I, too, helped my son make the best decisions for him.

Attempting to impose your religious belief on those who do not share it by banning abortion before the point of viability is in direct conflict with the First Amendment and a fundamental violation of your oath of office.No other legal argument needs to be applied.Duncanville is a city of about 39,000 and fewer than 3,000 votes were cast.Screaming for my life, the owner finally pulled the dog off of me.I urge anyone who is concerned with protecting their religious freedom to do the same.The best way to ensure that no one can impose their belief system on you is to not attempt to impose your beliefs on them.If you don’t care enough to vote in elections, stop whining about how horrible the country, state or city is.Richard Senechal, The Colony More criticism of editorial Re: “Our schools will suffer — Reform and good governance in general lost ground in Saturday elections,” May 11 Editorials.I called the parks department about it but they never returned my call.Is this the same DFPS agency that is constantly having to defend itself before Judge Janis Graham Jack for having children under their care sleep in offices, or for placing them in private facilities where they are exploited and abused? If this is the same agency, I think it should be encouraged to solve those problems rather than harass parents who are following medical guidelines for their children.

This hysterically phrased headline was followed by a long editorial full of inaccuracies about me as a candidate.Voting needs to be a priority.My campaign material clearly states my platform, background and goals.All my presentations begin with my assessment of the single-college concept.Of all the current issues plaguing our country, none is more inane than critical race theory.Some little kid is going to get really hurt someday.I candidly expressed my thoughts to the public on panels before a Dallas Morning News editorial group, the Dallas Breakfast Club, the Real Estate Council, the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce and two faculty groups, one at Richland College and another at Brookhaven College.With all this material, why was there no check of the truth of statements made pertaining to me? So much material was available.Moreover, Texas social studies and civics teachers well understand that their duties include inculcating our youth with a love of country and pride in being Texans.Perhaps there is little political effect for Gov.

Shame on The News for having two standards: one for staff writers and another for the readers/letter writers.There are dog parks for dogs, Fort Lowell is not one of them.Catalina Esperanza Garcia, Dallas/Preston Hollow Why dismiss bullying? Re: “Coppell ISD chokehold investigated — 2 students suspended; cafeteria video widely shared on social media,” Wednesday Metro & Business story.” No Texas history teacher relishes recalling that the father of Texas, Stephen F.I take issue with the closing words from the Coppell ISD superintendent’s letter dated May 15 titled “Message from the Superintendent Regarding Video Being Shared on Social Media.” He said, ”With two weeks left of this school year, our goal is to finish the year on a positive note, and I know by working together as a community, we can achieve this goal.For Texas social studies teachers, it’s always more enjoyable to elaborate on Sam Houston’s treatment of our state’s Native Texans and his opposition to the spread of slavery.I think immigration services should learn the skills of immigrants coming to the border and broadcast them nationwide so farmers and companies can hire them while they process through immigration.” There’s a fundamental dismissiveness in the tone of “our goal is to finish the year on a positive note.Perhaps, in the process, we can heal ourselves.

” This translates to you declaring that Coppell ISD can just sweep this under the rug and act like your district doesn’t need to do anything to effectively address bullying.On the contrary, I believe they are definitely mentally and emotionally tough enough to learn about our country’s and state’s uneven progress toward justice for all.This reply also goes against your district’s stated mission: “Working together, we are committed to creating profound learning experiences for each child, while nurturing meaningful relationships, to positively impact our world.Does this make any sense? When will a man step up and take a child from a female who is not willing, unable to, or was forced into pregnancy? Often, the one who helped create the pregnancy walks away, leaving the responsibility of raising a child to a woman/child who had no desire to be a mother.” Texas families will be following this situation to see what real and effective reform in response to bullying takes place in our community schools.Aldridge, Arlington Editorial missed the mark.Meanwhile, I’ve noticed Coppell ISD also responded by deleting its Twitter account.Beth Cusack, Fairview Sharing the load All of us Texans are being asked to raise our thermostats to 78 degrees lest we have blackouts..Wade would no longer be an argument.bus trip, too? As an American citizen, where can I sign up for a free bus trip to Washington D.

I can’t help but wonder if the governor’s mansion in Austin is set at 78 degrees.Parker McComas, Anna Term limits before all Term limits for Congress! I don’t think there is much to discuss — about anything — unless the primary discussion in America is about term limits for all of Congress.We take exception to this editorial that states Dr.Rich Thompson, Sherman Vote in the middle At least 26 states have candidates running for state or federal office who support QAnon, an absurd conspiracy theory, and over 40% of American citizens believe misinformation they find on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.” The problem today is many people vote for the letter next to the candidate’s name rather than the character of the individual.Our democracy is in danger, and it’s imperative that moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans and Independents vote for moderate candidates in the runoffs this coming week as well as this November.Nothing could be further from the truth.Compromise is dead on arrival in both our state and federal governments.Bruce Marshall, Dallas/Lake Highlands A recommendation misfire Re: “We recommend — Hernandez in the Democratic runoff for Texas House District 70,” May 13 Editorials.

When we give $50 to a candidate, our information is public, but huge donations to political candidates made by large corporations and the wealthy are often hidden through dark money groups.21 article by Carol Toler, Garcia had no problem with the consolidation itself but rather the lack of fiscal responsibility: “Consolidation of the seven campuses under one administration should have saved tax dollars, but did not.If you wouldn’t let a man date your daughter, why would you vote to have him president? If someone was at the Jan.It’s clear our elected officials prioritize these donors.Most of us compromise in one way or another on a daily basis.” As also mentioned in The Advocate , Garcia has earned many honors, including the Volunteer of the Year award from the Dallas ISD board of trustees.So, let’s elect federal and state candidates who believe that both political parties need to move to the center, and who are not afraid to compromise to get the work done.Gary Jones Northwest side Replacement theory Sadly, 10 Black members of the Buffalo community are dead and I think it is partly because of the Republican Party’s push of replacement theory.Audrey Maggio Monlezun, Dallas Our example At a time when so many countries across the world are coming together to show their support for democracy and freedom (including those now wanting to join NATO), the leader of the free world and bastion of democracy is more divided than ever.We highly recommend Garcia for the Dallas College board of trustees.Hopefully the voters of District 70 will heed the recommendations of the local clubs and not the recommendation of your editorial board.

How ironic (and sad) is that? Larry Postel, Dallas.

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