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Meet the Teen Vogue + @thecaseforher D&AD New Blood Award Winners

8/5/2020 5:15:00 PM

Meet the Teen Vogue + thecaseforher D&AD New Blood Award Winners

These young people are finding unique ways to talk about sexual pleasure .

for the Design and Art Direction New Blood Awards, tasking young people across the globe with solving the orgasm gap and breaking down the stigma around female pleasure. Now, the winners are in and they're making talking about women's sexual pleasure fun, educational, and easier than ever.

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Two entrants won the highest yellow pencil award, while three took home the second highest honor — a graphite pencil. Earning honorable mentions, eight entrants were awarded a graphite pencil in the competition. Winners spanned the globe, coming from the UK, Denmark, the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and South Africa.

Earning one of the two top spots were teammates Lucy Donagh and Charlotte Alford from the UK with their “Am (i) Normal?” campaign. The campaign aims to normalize visual representations ofvulvasin the same we we see penises everywhere — whether it's on screen or scribbled in notebooks or school desks.

“Everywhere you look, there are penises. They’re unavoidable!” the pair wrote in their brief. “But seeing them from a young age means the stigma has gone. They’re not shocking or intimidating, they’re just normal. Unlike vulvas.”The (i) in the title is meant to represent a vulva, and the team proposes plastering that symbol everywhere: on taxis, water bottles, in commercials, and more. It also provides a cute little doodle for young people to scrawl on their notebooks just like they're prone to drawing penises in jest.

“Girls should be encouraged to explore what their idea of pleasure is. But it doesn’t have to be complicated! By simplifying the way we see vulvas and the way we talk about female pleasure, we can be free to work out what normal is to us as individuals,” Lucy and Charlotte wrote.

See their full campaignhere.The other yellow pencil went to Sørine Blinkenberg Rossing, Louise Lindholm, Rebecca Brincker, and Caroline Aravicius of Denmark for their “Lady Library” campaign. The team capitalized on a moment almost anyone with a uterus can relate to: unwrapping a

pad. Rather than leaving that space blank, they want to fill it with facts and visuals about sexual health and pleasure.Advertisement“The pads will work as an eye-opener for young women – and as a door into a universe of vital knowledge, helping them to reclaim their sexuality and to lead a healthy life that everybody deserves," they wrote in their brief.

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You can find their full campaignhere. Read more: Teen Vogue »

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thecaseforher SaveTheChildrenWorldWide thecaseforher The menstrual pad fortune cookie idea (sex tips when unwrapping) is cracking me up … in bed.

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