Let's Get Dressed Again

Let's Get Dressed Again

6/17/2021 12:03:00 AM

Let's Get Dressed Again

The time has come for heels, jeans, and lipstick. Shop for re-entry dressing like you mean it.

Ingrid FrahmJun 16, 2021Who would have believed that getting dressed was a skill you could lose? That even the sharpest dressers among us could find themselves staring in confusion in front of our closets, incapable of putting an outfit together? More than a year spent in lockdown in the safe and cocoon-like confines of hoodies and elastic waistbands has rendered even the most style-savvy among us at a loss for how to put on clothes.

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But the time has come to get dressed again. Find inspiration (instead of trepidation) by investing in a new work blouse that may never see the cold glow of a Zoom screen. Store your sweats in favor of trousers that stillfeellike cozy pants but look ready for an important meeting or dinner party, buy some shoes for outside that are as comfortable as slippers, and spring for chic dresses that offer the comfort of a nightgown. If you're feeling truly bold, ease back into (small! block!) heels and jeans, apply a captivating shade of lipstick that won't be obscured by a mask, and stock up on accessories that make leaving the house a truly exciting endeavor. And please, don't forget your sunblock and hats.

Camille Vivier/Shaniqwa Jarvis/Ronan GallagherBack-to-Work BlousesYou've read (and shopped) more than one story that champions the aesthetic (and mood-lifting) power of a blouse that will look great from the waist up for virtual meetings. Abandon that notion and shop tops for back to work that are meant to be paired with (gasp!) pants and skirts. headtopics.com

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