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'Let me go': Woman's final moments heard on phone call before body found

Shanae Edwards, 31, an Australian teacher, is believed to have been murdered while hiking above the Georgian city of Tbilisi.

8/3/2021 2:54:00 PM

Shanae Edwards , 31, an Australian teacher, is believed to have been murdered while hiking above the Georgia n city of Tbilisi.

Shanae Edwards , 31, an Australian teacher, is believed to have been murdered while hiking above the Georgia n city of Tbilisi.

A spokesman from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said an officer from the Australian Embassy in Turkey, accredited to Georgia, had travelled to Tbilisi to liaise with Georgian authorities."The Australian Government offers its deepest condolences to the family of an Australian woman whose death is being investigated by authorities in Tbilisi, Georgia," the DFAT spokesman said, as reported by

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The Australian."DFAT is providing consular assistance to the woman's family. Owing to our privacy obligations we will not provide further detail."There are unconfirmed online reports within the Tbilisi expat community of other women being followed by an unknown man near Mount Mtatsminda.

One woman claimed to have witnessed an alarming encounter on the mountain around the same time Edwards went missing."While walking on Mtatsminda Park we came to an end of the asphalt path with my partner (it's the end of Greek Path, close to devils circle). There was a path, I guess from the city to the Park (I have never Hiked there)," one woman wrote in the 'Expats in Tbilisi' Facebook group."The thing is that 30-50m below we saw guy hiding in the woods who was having sex with some girl- it looked quite aggressive action," she added, before claiming the incident happened"exactly one day before" Edwards went missing.

Friends have posted tributes online and described Edwards as a kind, generous and free spirited young woman."You were the strongest woman I know, an incredible human being, always the life of the party, always radiant and positive no matter what life threw at you," one person wrote.

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