Lesbian teacher suspended for showing photo of 'future wife' gets $100,000 settlement

Stacy Bailey had been accused of promoting a 'homosexual agenda' after talking about her fiancée during a 'Get to Know Your Teacher' presentation.

2/27/2020 6:46:00 AM

A Texas elementary school art teacher who was placed on administrative leave after showing her students a picture of her fiancée has reached a $100,000 settlement after a judge ruled that her suspension was unconstitutional.

Stacy Bailey had been accused of promoting a 'homosexual agenda' after talking about her fiancée during a 'Get to Know Your Teacher' presentation.

As part of the settlement, the school district will provide mandatory training on LGBTQ issues to its educators and staffers, including human resources employees and counselors. It will also compel the district's board of trustees to vote on whether to add sexual orientation protections to its policies.

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"The judge's decision in this case sends a message to school districts all across this country: The Constitution protects gay teachers from discrimination," Smith toldNBC Dallas-Fort Worth.In addition to Bailey's financial settlement — $10,000 of which she has committed to donating to an unspecified nonprofit focusing on LGBTQ student issues — her 2017 suspension has been rescinded. Smith said he will also donate $10,000 of his reduced fees to the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBTQ advocacy organization.

"The Human Rights Campaign was proud to stand with Ms. Bailey as she faced and then challenged discrimination head on," Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement."Justice has been served in this case, and a talented teacher has won the right to be herself in the classroom and in her workplace. No one should face retribution simply for being themselves."

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As a Christian it’s an offense against god how American conservatives have weaponized faith issues. There is no greater sin than supporting Trump who is an Antichrist. Pride keeps conservatives from recognizing that they are accountable for their sins not other people’s sins. Maybe the school was wrong placing her on administrative leave. I'm wondering how old those kids are. Just says elementary school. I can also see why a parent would be concerned about their child at a young age. I wonder what the policy is now for that elementary school.

Why are teachers talking about theor personal lives instead of just teaching? Of course the headline is misleading! These were young kids & teacher probably pushed the envelope in speaking about her spouse. 'Stacy Bailey had been accused of promoting a 'homosexual agenda' after talking about her fiancée during a 'Get to Know Your Teacher' presentation.'

Inapprporiat yes .... unconstitutional no .... but it will continue... it is the only way this agenda can be advanced in our advanced and completely declining civilization. Should have been a lot more.. and then any excess she could share with her fellow teachers.. ffferrara66 Hmmm... I never heard of a straight person being fired or suspended from their job for showing a photo of their spouse, boy friend, girl friend or fiancee at work.

This is what is wrong with America. The only ones getting something out of this are the lawyers! Stop being stupid America! Where is the picture of the girlfriend? My suspicion is that if it was innocuous, we would have been provided with it. Honestly she was doing too much. None of my elementary teachers ever talked about their spouse or significant others. She wanted some special attention. Just teach them how to trace their hands.

The homosexual agenda today consists of maybe getting take out after early voting when I get out at 5. Stay tuned. If talking about your same sex partner/spouse is 'promoting a gay agenda', then talking about your opposite sex partner is promoting a straight agenda. Talking about your life is not 'promoting an agenda', especially if you were ASKED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

She should have been given a lot more. If more people would mind their own business it'd make our world a much better place... What teacher goes around showing pictures of their finances?! Her lawyer got most of that money Cool. The inability of conservatives to understand equal protection under the law is sad. You bigotry is still bigotry even if you pretend that it’s religious freedom. You act far more like the Pharisees than Christ

Gee.. why am I not shocked.. TX being TX. Awesome!! Insanity! This country is backwards af. If Trump gets reelected, at least he'll destroy what little is left of it. I'm happy he's in charge of the coronavirus pandemic too. We're gonna see a lot of chaos soon enough. MalcolmNance I disagree, and it’s not about her relationship with another female but personal stuff should be left outside the classroom. School is an institution for learning and there’s no time to be sharing private life. But she shouldn’t of been put on admin leave also.

Sick bastards. ❤️🌈❤️🇺🇸❤️ Keep watching to see if the school board renews her contract. Yea she deserved it 79Simon many Texans are moving forward, but overall remains an ass-backwards state. Grew up there. Couldn't get out quickly enough Sorry, but Elementary school children do not need to know ANYTHING about your personal life. Teach what you are being paid to teach. Pictures of your fiancée are for the teacher’s lounge. These young children are not your friends/coworkers... 😡

MalcolmNance This is crazy WTF at our school we have gay & lesbian teacher who are married. So many more important things to worry about MalcolmNance It is unconstitutional good!! MalcolmNance not enough but at least the right call was made here. also, i hate that state officials continually violate citizen rights but never themselves are held responsible or rarely. offender suspended her should have to pay it not the citizens and children...

MalcolmNance lmfao, now them bigots gonna be paying for their big gay wedding. guess Karma has a bi/pan streak when the mood strikes her. When exactly should the world expect to see here on the TheEllenShow ? Seriously? We currently have Pete Buttigieg,the former mayor of South Bend, Ind. making history as the first openly gay major Democratic presidential candidate, running for president, to serve the entire country as president. WhatWereTheyThinking

Good for her! Having grown up in a rural community in Texas and now, having lived in different states and countries, it's clear to see that many Texans way of thinking is far behind the times. It is slowly changing, but not quick enough. MalcolmNance All the hate going on and THIS is threatening to you?

I have so much to say about this I don’t even know were to start is Texas in another era in time is being gay still taboo if this happened up north we wouldn’t even be talking about this I don’t understand how this kind prejudice still goes on Iam done Are we now gonna expel ppl that show pictures of their drunk friends‽ What a weird, bigoted school. It would be in Texas.

Reason 573 for sending your children to private school. Fantastic. It's about time people stop doing this kind of shit to others. What about equal rights? Equal opportunity? She should have gotten ten million from that crap school. She should not done it in the first place. Showing the kids that picture had nothing to do with their education.

Oh, Texas!! You're so ass backwards sometime.... Homosexuality is FEAR to the opposite sex. FEAR makes you take the false door Wow how homophobic n cruel much love from Alaska hang in there.Stay strong n know they are the ones who need theropy n de ignorized!ARG! wtaf I support the school...I never had a teacher in elementary, high school or college ever take class time to put their personal life on display. Of course I didn't go to school when actually learning stuff was replaced with ridiculing & mocking Leftist opinions into kids.

How sick is the USA They just paid for the honeymoon Wow, so she got suspended for showing her fiancée 🤦🏿‍♂️ When teachers teach young girls how to be a lesbian. good!!! She should've asked for more! Keep suing for millions or billions until clueless taxpayers finally wake up and demand a stop to frivolous lawsuits.

Nothing wrong with having a woman-fiancé. It’s just really unprofessional to bring your personal life into the classroom; regardless of your sex orientation... I don't show pictures of my wife to my students, why would anyone? Did her fiancée look like a penis? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Made more than she would have teaching in Texas. Good for her. Nothing kids these days haven't seen anyway, get over it Texas.

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