Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' costar Margot Robbie says she had tequila before nude scene

11/24/2022 9:40:00 PM

Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' costar Margot Robbie says she had tequila before nude scene

Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' costar Margot Robbie says she had tequila before nude scene

Hollywood actress Margot Robbie recalled preparing for the X-rated scene with costar Leonardo DiCaprio for 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' and admitted it involved tequila.

Jonah Hill, left, Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio, right, attend the U.Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly Turning on the Charm & Is ‘Quite Romantic’ With Gigi Hadid by.Advertisement Cameron responded: Oh, yeah.James Cameron almost didn’t cast Leonardo DiCaprio to play Jack Dawson in “Titanic,” claiming the actor showed up to the audition with a diva-like attitude.

K.premiere of "The Wolf Of Wall Street." (Getty Images) "Something was happening in those early stages, and it was all pretty awful," Robbie recalled to Vanity Fair.So, I’m not going to fuck it up by making the wrong decision in casting.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP "And I remember saying to my mom, ‘I don’t think I want to do this,' and she just looked at me, completely straight-faced, and was like, ‘Darling, I think it’s too late not to.' That's when I realized the only way was forward," Robbie continued.” But in fact, Cameron had called him in to record the two reading lines together.

Martin Scorsese's"The Wolf of Wall Street" film also featured actors Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey.’ Then he turned into Jack.Stephanie Giang-Paunon is an Entertainment Writer for Fox News Digital.Story tips can be sent to stephanie.giang@fox.I’m like, ‘All right.com and on Twitter: @SGiangPaunon.


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This is News ? sounds lightweight these people get all the blow. Yeah ..... she was a virgin nun b4 that movie .... probably did a few wine&WINStien to get them roles yeah, well...I had a cigarette afterwards.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly Turning on the Charm & Is 'Quite Romantic' With Gigi HadidLeonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are reportedly still going strong in their budding romance. 🔥

The Wolf in No Clothing instead of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on The Wolf of Wall Street. 😂 He probably did too, shes a bit old for him I do that damn near on a nightly basis. As long you didn’t have diarrhea all is good girl 😆😉 And I had a cigarette after… Same order when you're not filming a movie.

Interesting. I always get nude before I drink my tequila. But hey! That’s just me! Nude scene means striking art😆

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