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Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez

Legendary Signs Rights Deal With Frank Miller For ‘Sin City’ TV Series; Robert Rodriguez In Talks

Legendary Signs Rights Deal With Frank Miller For ‘Sin City’ TV Series; Robert Rodriguez In Talks


Legendary Signs Rights Deal With Frank Miller For ‘ Sin City ’ TV Series; Robert Rodriguez In Talks

EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Television has closed an agreement with Frank Miller to turn his seminal Sin City franchise into a television series. A deal is close with Robert Rodriguez , which would re-team…

The prospect of Miller and Rodriguez reteaming to creatively guide this anthology series ought to get fans excited. It is unclear if they will co-direct. If you recall, when Rodriguez set up the original movie, he felt that Miller’s visual sensibility in transferring his groundbreaking graphic novel creation to the screen was so vital to the movie that the director installed Miller as a co-director. Rodriguez even withdrew from the DGA when that guild refused to bless the union. The film received a Palme d’Or nomination at Cannes. The sequel was released in 2014.

, and the studio also received a series order from Amazon for

and continued in Dark Horse Presents #51-62 from May 1991 to June 1992, under the title of

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Democrats call Stephen Miller 'white nationalist,' ask for resignation after SPLC report"It’s clearer than ever that Stephen Miller is a far-right white nationalist with a racist and xenophobic worldview," the lawmakers said. This just in - Democrats just realized that the brains behind the Muslim ban and family separation is a white nationalist Thank God. SPLC is a hate group.

Luxury rentals surge in NYC despite drop in high-end home salesThe wealthy would rather “camp out” in a rental and wait for prices to drop than buy property in New York due to high taxes. is the safest place for you to tag your friends in news articles. We write and sell access to algorithms designed to combat misinformation. Follow us overlooked_inc truth makes perfect sense.

Kiss Announce Final Concert, Map Out More ‘End of the Road’ Tour DatesRock Hall-inducted band’s legendary run comes to an end on July 17th, 2021 in New York City I saw them on their farewell tour 20 years ago. It’s was pretty good. Then I saw them on their next farewell tour. Not as good. lol that ain't gonna set well with Aussies they just cancelled the Australian tour that starts this weekend yesterday. I remember seeing 'Kiss Farewell Tour' T-shirts 20 years ago.

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