Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Explains The 'Tragedy' Of The Mueller Investigation

Toobin's new book, True Crimes and Misdemeanors, examines how Trump and his team outmaneuvered special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller, he says, gave Trump 'a free pass' on obstruction of justice.

8/6/2020 8:05:00 AM

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin's book examines how President Trump outmaneuvered Robert Mueller. He says, Mueller 'gave the president a free pass effectively on the fact that he repeatedly committed obstruction of justice.”

Toobin's new book, True Crimes and Misdemeanors, examines how Trump and his team outmaneuvered special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller, he says, gave Trump 'a free pass' on obstruction of justice.

Penguin Random HouseTrump was the protagonist of this entire affair. He's also a pathological liar, and he is someone whose perspective, if you want to call it that, was indispensable to resolving what really went on here, what Trump was thinking, what his intent was in a legal sense. So the failure to have his voice in the Mueller report and in Mueller's determinations about what to do with the information he gathered left, I thought, a massive hole in the investigation. ...

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The written questions were basically a joke. They were essentially written by the lawyers, and lawyers, doing what lawyers do, answered the questions in such ways that they could not be proven false. So there were an abundance of"I don't knows" and"I don't remembers" and"I can't recalls." And the lawyers also had matched up the questions to the record of emails, of visits, so that Trump couldn't be contradicted with actual known facts.

So the written questions were practically useless. What would have been different in oral questions is that Trump would have done what he always does, which is lie extravagantly. Trump can't help himself. That's how he behaves. His narcissism and his incredible dishonesty when it comes to anything related to things of importance to him would have come through. And that's an indispensable part of this story, and we know that because so much of what he said publicly about the Russia matter and later the Ukraine matter was so obviously false.

On how Trump's team turned Mueller into a political opponentIn the original defense team, led from inside the White House by Ty Cobb, who was a White House lawyer, and John Dowd and Jay Sekulow, there was an attitude of cooperation with Mueller, and even more so, there was Trump's relative silence about Mueller. People forget that, that ... from May of 2017 to March of 2018, Trump didn't attack Mueller.

In 'True Crimes,' Toobin Presents A Summation For The Jury In The Case Against TrumpBut [Rudy] Giuliani's insight was once he took over in the spring of 2018, was to turn Mueller into just another political opponent. And Trump joined in that effort. ... Trump and Giuliani went after Mueller as if he were another Democrat in Congress, and that energized Trump. It energized his base and it gave him the political confidence to know that this investigation was never going to end up with his departure from office. Because the only way presidents get forced out of office — and this is a lesson from Clinton's failed impeachment — is if it's a bipartisan enterprise. Nixon was forced out of office when the Republicans turned on him in 1974.

Trump knew once he had mobilized his base and the Republican Party against [Robert] Mueller in 2018 that he was always going to survive the investigation. And that's what [Rudy] Giuliani did above all, which was turn the Mueller investigation into a political matter instead of a legal matter.

Jeffrey ToobinTrump knew once he had mobilized his base and the Republican Party against Mueller in 2018 that he was always going to survive the investigation. And that's what Giuliani did above all, which was turn the Mueller investigation into a political matter instead of a legal matter.

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On Mueller's efforts to stay apoliticalThe Mueller Report Is Getting A Lot Of Attention. Here's How We Got HereMueller ... found it deeply distasteful that he became a political figure. He did not want to be the case against Trump from the Democratic perspective. He didn't like that there were Robert Mueller action figures. He didn't like that there were"Mueller Time" T-shirts and that he became, you know, the hope and dream of MSNBC. This was not how Mueller saw himself. I think there was this institutional resistance, which Mueller fostered, of becoming a political figure. And I think that contributed to his just-the-fact report, and his reluctance to draw conclusions. I think that was a flawed approach. But it comes out of Mueller's background as someone who was deeply suspicious of the political process.

On how Mueller didn't investigate Trump's financial dealings with Russia Read more: NPR »

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That's because Mueller is just unwaveringly honest, straightforward and ethical. He doesn't work to 'outmaneuver' he just present a factual report and lets the facts do their work. You spelled travesty wrong. Facts are that Mueller knew his investigation was based on fraudulent, scripted evidence paid for by Hillary. These are facts. His whole investigation was an obstruction of justice. Follow the money, Mueller rubber stamped uranium one for Obiden and Clinton. They all got paid

That's all we've had to do this whole time Just obstruct justice Man I need to try that on my next traffic ticket! Thanks for the advertisement promoting cohort Toobin's book. I'll pass for now. Maybe in a week or so I'll pick up a copy at the thrift store. Yep. Amazing the a Republican appointed by another Republican who owes his job to the guy being investigated was able to find a loop hole to ensure no charges would be brought and of course the the Sentates dereliction of their duty during impeachment sealed the deal.

Isn’t toobin that dick hack from CNN ? Mueller tapped out because he believed it wasn't his job to provide checks and balance For the umpteenth time, publicly making the case that you are innocent is not 'obstruction of justice.' You kids give this up now and go to bed. When uh didn't know about anything how can uh make article on fake agenda ?... Muslims killed wtf totally fake even millions of hindus killed in the name of allah.. by convert or die at the sight.. 1/1

Nice try Robert Mueller is a disgrace. Hey mothfkrs what did uh know about ayodhya ? Rama temple ? How do you commit obstruction of justice if there wasn’t a crime? Your not obstructing anything if you didn’t commit a crime... He did it by 32%. 🤣 Clinton literally paid Russian Intelligence Officers for lies. The FBI based their entire investigation on those lies. Joe Biden admitted to withholding US AID until Ukraine fired the prosecutor that was investigating his crack head son's multi-million dollar energy job.

Crazy talk. Mueller was a Hero Of The Resistance™️. Liberal Democrats named their dogs after him That was a good interview on fresh air Not true. Mueller was just full of shit. Mueller had nothing. The FBI knew that going in. Trump has not obstructed justice. Trump has insisted on justice. That is why Democrats have manufactured multiple lies about Trump.

Congress should have arrested those who defied subpoenas, there has been no accountability. Agreed. 10 acts of obstruction un punished. Well.....what was Mueller supposed to do? Indict a sitting president, and attempt to explain to the court how it's constitutional? That would have let Trump OFF the hook. Indicting him AFTER his term is up, is the way to go.

Will former FBI Director James Comey after being exposed by Sally Yates for illegally surveilling the President, rollover on Biden? Can't nudge the Senate GOP and CJ Roberts if they don't want to be nudged. It's a tragedy, but diapers are the only thing Trump out maneuvers. Toobin lied so hard in NPR radio today. Shame on NPR for not inviting an author with an opposing view on Russia Collusion.

Boy Scout vs Putin’s boy toy.

Jeffrey Toobin's new book examines the Mueller investigationNew Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Toobin: “The interaction, the call and response, between Russia and Donald Trump was really extraordinary and it had an impact on the 2016 election. There’s no doubt.” You mean CNN puppet! Could you repeat that? What page is that on? Then what was the point of the Mueller exercise? Totally useless. Should have recommended impeachment then and there since they (Mueller) didn’t believe you could indict a sitting president. Colossal waste of time and our money. Mueller’s testimony came across like pudding!

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