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LeBron James’s ‘Taco Tuesday’ Trademark Request Is Denied

The United States Patent and Trademark Office said that the phrase was “commonly used in everyday speech.”


LeBron James’s attempt to trademark the phrase “ Taco Tuesday' was rejected because the phrase was “commonly used in everyday speech'

The United States Patent and Trademark Office said that the phrase was “commonly used in everyday speech.”

The patent office said that the phrase was “a commonplace term, message or expression widely used by a variety of sources that merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment.”

A spokesman for Mr. James said Wednesday night that his lawyers were still looking over the patent office’s findings. Still, he cast the decision in a positive light.

Mr. James often uses the phrase on Instagram to let people know it is his family’s taco night.

by a company called LBJ Trademarks LLC. The company sought protection for use of the phrase in a host of forums, including “downloadable audio/visual works,” podcasts, social media, online marketing and “entertainment services.”

Josh Gerben, a lawyer specializing in trademarks, said if Mr. James really did want to shield himself from liability, he could file something called a “petition to cancel” that could essentially void another trademark.

Read more: The New York Times

Hey dumbass, Trademark status The Wyoming-based fast food restaurant Taco John's was granted a trademark for 'Taco Tuesday' in 1989, and has defended against other restaurants using that phrase HEMshire_farm just something I love to see Hooray! Tacos can rain from the sky once again!!! LeBronJames Lebron James is so dumb that he actually tried to patent 'Taco Tuesday' of course was denied. That's been running for years!!! DeportesRayTrue the fuck you was thinking KingJames hahahahahahahaa

Well ya have Try! How are his lawyers this clueless? Shaq owns a Pizza Hut! That's worth more than Taco Bell. Doesn’t some place in like Wyoming already own it? He should have gone with Menudo Monday! “Not three, not four” strangely still available Maybe he should try “ Fried Chicken Friday “

LeBron James might be America's most visible labor activist right now — and he's garnering support from Bernie SandersJames is a champion advocate for college athlete pay, player-driven media, and the long fight of player empowerment.

That’s some LA shit. The audacity. Im gonna trademark the word “the” Is Taco Thursday still available... How is this news? Duh Y’all really don’t read. Stop trying to trademark speech. Yeah. Just like Let's Roll! Just cause you say it, doesn't mean you can own it! Idiot This reminds me of Paris Hilton trying to claim thatshot several years ago. I’m calling dibs on trademarking ffs!


British PM Johnson tells parliament: You can tie my hands, but I will not delay BrexitPM Boris Johnson tells parliament his government will not delay Brexit any further. More here: At least the 350 claim is scaled down to 250 now. And true enough, 'his' government may well not. Is this sleazy PM who treats the EU as enemy really saying he will not abide the law of his own country in case he does not make a deal?

This just shows his character and more about his true self... The audacity! It's like me trying to trademark 'Thank God it's Friday'... espn NBA LeBronJames LeBron James' new emoji: 🤡 the audacity to TM such a thing, what a greedy bitch The Lakers can't win anything. 🤣 he tried it! You mean he’s money was no good?

Walk away with head down behind “The” Ohio State lawyers... Is Fish Friday still available? “Airplanes took aim at trade marking Taco Tuesday” What about, Taco Martes !!! Meaning, taco Tuesday, in Spanish.

Boris Johnson tells parliament: You can tie my hands, but I will not delay BrexitPM Johnson tells parliament - You can tie my hands, but I will not delay Brexit. More here: Just to sum up. 1) Facebook broke the law. 2) Cambridge Analytica broke the law. 3) Vote Leave broke the law. 4) LeaveEU broke the law. 5) Brexit and Trump were both won through breaking the law. 6) Facebook let it all happen and covered it up. Chris Wylie Lol this chump won't do shit and it's hysterical Well said

Could have told you that one, but a huge upside potential, so I don’t blame him for trying. This is like when I tried to trademark the phrase 'T_Rump is a grifter'. He's got till Thursday to think of something because Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day. What is with these Ohio people and trademarks all of a sudden?

Lame, LeBron Alexis_Harmand Good Now go win Seriously? Everyone thinks of LeBron James when they think tacos Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on 🙄 is football season pizza season, gee what with the deal with the food wars we just finished a dumb ass chicken sandwich rush now pizza, sad and there kids being denied school lunch for 9.00 Ron's always coming through in the clutch. UpgradeTheWayYouPizza BlazeBigger

I'm about to trademark 'Raw D*ick and Netflix' for us married folks. 😂 BigBoi Which was blatantly obvious when he did it. But he’s having the last laugh because you’re talking about it and people are gonna want to know what he’s up to. Expect a taco joint in the near future Odds LeBron posts anymore Taco Tuesday videos on Instagram?

He was a Hillary supporter, what did you expect? Up next, Wine Wednesday! this is almost as scandalous as that time when Michael Jordan tried to trademark the phrase “where’s the beef” I’ve lived in south Texas for 30 years, and guess what phrase I’ve heard just as long? Praise sanity... Taco John's can take their cease and desist letters and shove them up their tacos.

And a glimmer of hope sets on Wednesday

Taco Bell's Vegetarian Menu Will Soon Be Available Nationwide, And I'm Already Drooling Taco bout amazing!

Wtf LeBron lol 'Oh well, at least the hours were billable.' --Every Lawyer, Every Time. The audacity to attempt something like this after being in LA for what a year? FOH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ These types of trademarks are really a waste of time and resources. Perhaps he should have just tried to copyright 'Tuesday'... Every calender company and Ruby Tuesdays would be paying out the ass... 😆 silly

This is a thing? Lebron chose this hill? As it should be, he didn’t invent it or popularize it. I mean, once every seven days speech, but yeah

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I want to trademark Benedict Donald. Trademark 'LeBron James.' Good...that stupid Taco Tuesday thing was so played out. Take yet another L 'chosen one' 😂 Thank goodness. TheLegoMovie This is the least surprising news ever

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