Lea Michele Accused of Making ‘Glee’ a ‘Living Hell’ for Co-Star Samantha Marie Ware

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Lea Michele is accused of making ‘Glee’ a ‘living hell’ for co-star Samantha Marie Ware

On Monday night, Ware responded to a tweet from Michele, who had posted a message against the death of George Floyd with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

“George Floyd did not deserve this. This was not an isolated incident and it must end. #BlackLivesMatter,” Michele tweeted on Saturday. Two days later, Ware quoted Michele’s tweet, claiming the “Glee” star told her she’d “s— in [her] wig” while on the show. “Remember when you made my first television gig a living hell?!?! Cause I’ll never forget. I believe you told everyone that if you had the opportunity you would ‘s— in my wig!’ amongst other traumatic microaggressions that made me question a career in Hollywood,” Ware tweeted in all caps.


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Michele doesn't have much of a career anymore. Ware needs to take responsibility for her own career. Some people peak young

I thought everybody already knew of her rep of being a bitch to everyone? Spring Awakening + Glee= giant ego. Not necessarily a race thing here, but a Mean Girl thing.

honestly who fuckin cares though i have no idea who these people are on another note why are they staring into my fucking soul they look like wax figurines jesus christ someone bury them under concrete

That women has always seemed mean to me. Didn’t seem to really miss a beat when her longtime boyfriend passed.

And yet you waited til now to complain about it. Move on girl.

Wow....interesting that this comes out now. Of course, it's not like Samantha is bl-aaaaaaaahhh....just read over this Tweet. Thanks.

She wanted to shit in her wig how is that micro 😭

Are we supposed to believe that Michele, an actress who happens to be white, is 'racist' just because she was a jerk around Samantha, an actress who happens to be black? What would you call Michele if she had been a jerk to an actress who happened to be white?

I have read multiple times that Lea is not a very nice person when the cameras are off. Definitely someone who thinks shes all that.

Nice career move Sammy, excellent timing

She got what she asked for. Gurl could have kept quiet but she wanted to be relevant.

Oh wait glee was over like 10 years ago who cares

Who is she?

And what does it have to do with Michelle supporting Floyd ?

I knew Santana was right this whole time!!!

babyboisenpai LeaMichele this U

Ugly on the inside and out


Who the fuck is Lea Michele? I have never heard of this stuck up racist.

Old news. Lea was vapid to nearly anyone and everyone.

Rachel berry was always Rachel berry irl

As a nation, we are deeply hurting! But this is not excuse to shame, attack, loot, and destroy lives, buildings, businesses, and bystanders! Please have a heart for LeaMichele yall! She's pregnant, and all this stress will affect the parents & child's unborn life! Thanks!

Samantha who?

Naya Rivera time us years ago!


NO! I am shocked i tell you shocked!

Wow 😳

Well...with that face it couldn’t have been easy for her being around gorgeous Samantha Marie Ware. 😬

If Amber Riley say its true, i'll believe....And she hinted it may be.

The hell is wrong with her Can you imagine her working at any other normal job and not being fired for this? Insane.

Disgusting LeaMicheleIsOverParty


No surprise there! I know her kind!

😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣 naaaaa really 😂🤣😂🤣

I never liked her ! Evah!!!!!!

I believe it, Michele or whatever is an over rated no talent. Her singing is horrific, her acting is horrible. She must be one of Harvey Weinstein's only success story....

All these stories about her, all this time, and Ryan Murphy still hires her? Disappointing.

this shocks nobody. Her character was written based off her over the top unprofessional audition for a different character

I’m not surprised

This story from a time warp?

Not the time, important things are going out there


Shocker. Lea michelle is the reason I stopped watching glee

Tenafly, NJ being Tenafly, NJ.

Maybe samantha was just a bitch? Its two women fighting. So anyone feuding with a black person makes them automatically racist? Are black people not imperfect like the rest of humans? She had 6 years to speak up and is now tryna captalize on this important momvent smh 👀

If Lea Michele is white, then I know she be doin my girl wrong. You need be shittin in your own damn wig!

I don’t wanna be that person I’m sooo sorry but I’ve rewatched glee four times and still can’t figure out who Sam is 😥no shade just who was she like I’m confused

I never watched 'Glee' but still...

We’re talking about Glee in 2020?!

Gina now Lea rainboweeyore 😒

She played Rachael Berry perfectly what yall think 🤭 her character was a whole narcissist

Get rid of her

Doesn’t she act just like Rachel in real life?

itskeyon tamara_guajardo tu en d*sv

guess someone’s gonna rain on her parade

itskeyon she wanted to shit in her wig so pls take “accused” out of this

Is this really important? Is this even newsworthy? Come on. Wake up.

here comes the 'white girl bullying black girl comments....'

I'm pretty sure that was Rachel

carlax143 yeet

this is so staged. omg the timing.

The country is burning and this is what you want to put out.....shame on you!!

Never liked her.

Not really shocking information. I was under the impression that she made Glee a living hell for everyone on set.

I'm completely heartbroken. Not Lea... 😭😭

It’s about time!!!

Call them out!!


That was KA WICKK


Sounds like insane jealousy. Awful.

Thanks for the info. Didn’t we all know she had beef with many cast mates? Ok... back to the news on George Floyd....

Not surprising

I can see it.

Lol. How is this news right now? Literally a global pandemic, depression, violence in the streets.

itskeyon Y’all quick 😂

FFS give it a rest

I watched Glee. Ware was on 1 season and had few scenes with Michele who had just lost Monteith. I doubt they knew each other well enough to have an issue. This seems like Ware trying to use Floyd and Michele to get some press and a career boost at someone else's expense.

Samantha is a nobody trying to get their 15 minutes of fame 🤣

we welcome this intermission of messy celebrity gossip. we really do. im telling you the truth.

Naya Rivera rn:

well we all know who should have been the star of that show... MsAmberPRiley


She sooooo looks like she did this...

Lea being the worst is not news.

LeaMichele you’re cancelled girl goodbyeeeeeeee that’s it

Oh HELL NO! We rented Sam's place on AirBnB and she was the sweetest human.

Always knew she was a monster. Pls bully

Who is surprised. Lea is a toxic person...

We need more tea from glee cast and ryan murphy

LeslieNGuzman !!!


No one cares.

This reminds of the Nikky Blonsky incident with Bianca Golden

She just dragged her


IM sorry Joaquin Phoenix (while accepting his OSCAR) told everyone how he treated people like shit (forget even the Casey Affleck mess) everyone laughs it off and 'stans' him...gag

“I’m shocked” - No one ever.

Let me guess, Lea is racist and now we should all burn her house down, right.

That‘s good since we need to know who the racists are in Hollywood too so we can give them proper ‘dismiss‘! LeaMichele What a jerk! I’ll never support any of her projects!


Nunca me cayo bien Lea Michele. Por algo era 👀

why did you choose these specific pictures variety social media person? be careful gorl.....

Maybe Lea Michele is a bully; maybe she's a hypocrite. But using the murder of George Floyd as opportunity to air one's own years-old grievance and shame a personal adversary isn't appropriate. It looks like someone trying to make a larger tragedy elsewhere about them

Wtf I love Lea Michele now

Probably why she never got in the invitation everytime the cast of Spring Awakening and Glee had reunion

She said she’d shit on the girls wig. A micro aggression.

I was an extra on the set of 'The Mayor' and the star, Brandon Micheal Hall, was a sweetheart to everyone, as was the rest of the cast...except Lea Michele.

That seems rather overblown. Now, Cory Monteith choosing a heroin ride to the other side over her scratchy girlfriend voice. That was a major aggression.


That glorious video of Jessica Lange ignoring Lea Michelle is a cultural highlight.


I buy that.


vicueer get her!

...and that’s why she doesn’t get much work in Hollywood.

Who is surprised by this? She has always come off as the most phony and unlikable person since she got famous.

It's on brand. Next caller

What year is it again?Nobody cares about glee or the actors from that show. There might be more important things to be talking about right now.


I bet its the other way around.

Variety can you please wait to publish stories like this until the more important events are over? We need to give Lea Michele being a monster the proper attention it deserves

feud: glee cast created by ryan murphy (literally)


Thanks Variety, hot news OFF THE PRESS !

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