Lawyer: Remains of missing Texas soldier identified

DALLAS (AP) — Army investigators have identified the body of a soldier who vanished more than two months ago from a base in Texas, according to a lawyer for the soldiers family. Remains...

7/6/2020 2:01:00 AM

A family lawyer says Army investigators have identified the body of Spc. Vanessa Guillén, a soldier who vanished more than two months ago from Fort Hood, Texas . Her remains were found buried near the Army base.

DALLAS (AP) — Army investigators have identified the body of a soldier who vanished more than two months ago from a base in Texas , according to a lawyer for the soldiers family. Remains...

Remainsfound last week buriednear Fort Hood belong to Spc. Vanessa Guillén and Army officials informed her family in Houston Sunday, attorney Natalie Khawam told The Associated Press. Guillén, who had been missing since April, was killed and dismembered by a fellow soldier who took his own life last week, federal and military investigators have said.

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ADVERTISEMENTHuman remains were found Tuesday near the Leon River in Bell County, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Fort Hood, during a the search for Guillén. An Army spokesman said earlier Sunday that they were still waiting for positive identification of the remains.

Army officials identified the soldier suspected in Guillén’s disappearance as Aaron David Robinson. Acriminal complaintreleased Thursday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas also charged a civilian with helping hide the body of 20-year-old solider

Guillén’s family has said through their lawyer that they believe she was sexually harassed by the military suspect and is calling for a congressional investigation. Read more: The Associated Press »

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JusticeForVanessaGuillen nowthisnews HuffPost God bless her family 😔 Ft. Hood better get their sh*t together... from letting terrorists shoot up the base to these women disappearing, there seems to be some real leadership issues there. Another lovable black teddy bear, responsible? No way 😂 May she RIP🙏🏼. All involved MUST be charged, even those who delayed the investigation and are obstructing the truth being told.

Stop joining the imperialists sisters. Specifically if you are a member of a minority. What they do to you is what they expect you to do to others who are just like you across the oceans. And when they are not murdering then, they are murdering you. I am a LIFE-LONG Democrat.....BUT I would PREFER KANYE over orange dude as a president any day! KANYE would be LIGHT-YEARS better as a president! CRAY CRAY seems to be the THEME now in the U.S. anyway!

So sad for her. A life wasted in the hands of maniacs and murderers among the uniformed personnels. TyeseZ 😞😞😞🙏😞🙏🙏 😢😢😢 we need justice for gregorymorales as well....let his family bury him with honors and take him of the AWOL list. He didn't bury himself. We have a feeling there is a secret for this mysterious event that both the military and the family do not share.

🥺 Let’s not forget that there was anothersounder’s body found from the same military base! JusticeForVanessaGuillen shutdownfthood FORT HOOD? IS THAT THE BASE NAMED AFTER A CONFEDERATE GENERAL THAT FOUGHT FOR SLAVERY? ShayHynes VP SenateGOP Scavino45 SCF WhiteHouse They Knew that didn't think anyone would care they let the animal escape and the coward killed himself JusticeForVanessaGullien

I read about this. He watched her shower. Superior officers aren’t allowed to watch people shower. I feel both sad and infuriated at the same time. Sad for her family, sad that she had no recourse. Infuriated that this seems to be a way of life in the military. Just like police corruption and abuse must stop, this too must end.

Someone from the USA armies murdered her! How about the other soldier found? 💔 Where’s the protesters I hope they find who did this, m y thoughts and prayers for her family and lived ones Allhumanlivesmatter (ZERO outrage by the mainstream, just like those 26 Mexicans massacred in a Mexico drug rehab) her Latina life matters too, no one deserves to get bludgeoned to death like her and what they did to her remains.

This story is so disturbing. This beautiful young soldier was killed while serving in the US military, on a US Base, on American soil! And another soldier’s body was found during the search?!? My heart breaks for her mother and sister. They need to clean house at Fort Hood! Half staff the flag Will fascist trump impose economic sanctions against those involved in the investigations the way he did with icc. All crimes associated with USA military should be investigated. What are you afraid of.

So sorry ..may her memory be eternal. 📲 Text 'Sign QBXUXC' to 50409 OR send 'Sign QBXUXC' as a direct message to resistbot on 🐦 Twitter ⚡️ Messenger, or 📮 Telegram! VanessaGullien Brown lives matter....well not to the brother with the hammer i guess Maybe begin investigating all the DUMBS under these bases...

The public support is undoubtedly some comfort to the family - but sadly, murders among enlisted persons are not uncommon - 🙏🏼💔 Awful Obama was a cowardly, he ignored CCP invade east sea in 2014 and had left Philippines when he was President and America lost the interest in the world even east sea. now President Trump expose CCP and detered CCP in east sea and all in the world

Obama want to use position former President to support Biden for next election,this is demonstrate that democratic party want to rule the country but cowardly with enemy,and make America lost position,interest and ally in the world. the American people should consider this issue Why did it take so long?

since The President Trump win the election in 2016 the democratic party had against Trump in all things that Obama can not did when he was President, they feared Trump expose weakness of democratic party when Trump make America Great.please vote for Trump again just an ordinary tragic murder no race or sex or brutality that everyone is looking for

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