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Jamelia Fairley, Jenna Ries

Lawsuit alleges 'pervasive sexual harassment' of McDonald's employees

McDonald's was hit with a lawsuit seeking class action status and alleging a 'toxic work culture' and rampant sexual harassment under the Golden Arches.


Fast-food giant McDonald's hit with lawsuit alleging a 'toxic work culture' and 'pervasive sexual harassment ' of female employees under its Golden Arches.

McDonald's was hit with a lawsuit seeking class action status and alleging a 'toxic work culture' and rampant sexual harassment under the Golden Arches.

Ries said a swing manager she worked with at the McDonald's franchise would routinely call her a"b****" or"whore" and more,"in front of multiple other co-workers, including the General Manager," according to the complaint.

Ries said that she would respond to the harassment by begging the manager to stop, including telling him to"leave me alone,” and “do not touch me,” according to the complaint."He responded by yelling at her and threatening to get her fired."

The restaurant where the alleged abuse against Ries took place is owned by MLMLM Corporation which could not be reached in repeated attempts by ABC News for comment on Wednesday. A phone number for the franchise was disconnected on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

In May 2018, McDonalds workers in nine cities filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging rampant sexual misconduct.

“McDonald’s needs to let survivors and our advocates drive the solution," she said in a statement Tuesday."Nothing is going to change for us, without us.”

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And you no in room Not only McDonald’s; but also bars, night clubs, and all places where there is intense food serving Imagine you’re a conservative girl and you work at a sport bar where touching female employees by male employees is a norm you should comply to otherwise you’re deemed hostile. We might be interested if ABC were credible.

Should be sued for not paying a living wage to boot. Way to go after one random McDonald's in Michigan with a weirdo manager, there ABC. Any news on Epstein yet, or is child rape only newsworthy if it comes with a side of fries? Have u seen most the McDonald's restaurants they r like homeless shelters. An u think they have moral standards about how to treat employees each other or even females

They got what they deserved. Didn't have any business having a place full of filthy individuals sexually harassing eachother in work environments. It's already bad enough they serve nasty food on the menu. 'Toxic work culture...' take a few anecdotes, throw them in front of a jury, and collect millions in attorney's fees. What a racket.

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Former Employee Files Sexual Harassment Class Action Lawsuit Against McDonald’sThe plaintiff’s case is one of several Times Up Legal Defense Fund-backed legal actions against McDonald’s


McDonald's worker lawsuit claims rampant sexual harassment - Business InsiderA new class-action lawsuit seeking at least $5 million in damages claims that McDonald's has failed to address a 'systemic problem' of harassment.

McDonald’s Workers File Class Action Suit Alleging Culture Of Sexual HarassmentMcDonald's workers file a class action lawsuit claiming that the fast-food chain allows a toxic work culture to thrive across its 14,000 U.S. restaurants:

McDonald's workers sue to address 'systemic problem' of sexual harassmentMcDonald's Corp workers in Michigan filed a class action lawsuit on Tuesday... Money makes the world go round 🎵

McDonald's workers say anti-harassment efforts fall shortA former McDonald&39;s employee is suing the company and one of its Michigan franchisees over sexual harassment . On Tuesday, Jenna Ries filed a class-action lawsuit against the fast-food chain. The lawsuit comes on the heels of McDonald&39;s firing its CEO last week for having a consensual relationship lui_gough

McDonald's workers say anti-harassment efforts fall shortMcDonald's got tough on its former CEO, who was fired last week for having a consensual relationship with an employee. Now, some workers say, the company needs to get tougher on sexual harassment in its restaurants. Yeah and bring back the McDLT. Maybe they should just concentrate on how to get their ice cream machines to work. are you sitting on any stories that you should tell everyone about?

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