Lawmakers wonder: ‘How did we let Facebook get this big?’

Privacy talks charge ahead — ‘Broadband equity’ battle exposes partisan divisions

5/6/2021 6:45:00 PM

Some lawmakers are frustrated that Facebook has grown big enough to have implemented its own judicial system — but Congress only has itself to blame

Privacy talks charge ahead — ‘Broadband equity’ battle exposes partisan divisions

APPLE-EPIC UPDATETHE OG TECH MONOPOLY TAKES ON APPLE— Apple really, really doesn’t want streaming game services on the iPhone. On Day 3 of Fortnite-maker Epic Games’ antitrust suit against Apple, Microsoft’s Lori Wright spent hours detailing the company’s unsuccessful effort to bring the Xbox Cloud game streaming service to Apple’s iOS. Microsoft spent months trying to persuade Apple to let xCloud into the App Store, even sending Wright and other execs to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to talk. “We tried very hard to get [xCloud] onto iOS but were not able,” she said.

Nation Begrudgingly Agrees To Learn Devin Booker’s Name Construction deficiencies behind deadly Mexico City subway collapse, report finds Ex-Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge hospitalized after suffering stroke

—Game streaming is a way to play even technologically demanding video games online,thus saving players from buying pricey hardware. Along with Microsoft, Nvidia, Google and Amazon have each launched equivalent services, but Apple hasn’t let any of them into the App Store.

—The Netflix model: Apple initially told Microsoft to use the same model as Netflix and Amazon’s Audible, where users log in to access a catalog of available titles. But Apple later changed its mind, Wright said, and told Microsoft to make every game on xCloud available for individual download. That would be a nightmare for users, she said, and Apple’s rule “fundamentally breaks down the service we were trying to deliver.” Apple never explained “why there was a special carve-out for all other types of media and entertainment other than gaming.

—Once Microsoft realized it couldn’t get onto the App Store, the company reprogrammed the service to work through Apple’s Safari browser on iPhones and iPads, Wright said. “It was our only outcome in order to reach mobile users on iOS,” she said. Apple lawyer Jay Srinivasan pushed back on her gloomy testimony, reading aloud xCloud press reviews that called it a “super solid experience” on iOS. Wright also begrudgingly acknowledged that Microsoft recently expanded testing of the xCloud service on Safari.

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. Thank you to our sponsor, Intel.TransitionsActing FTC chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has selectedAustin Kingto be associate general counsel for the agency’s new rulemaking group, while former Free Press policy counselGaurav Laroiawill replace King as attorney-adviser for consumer protection. … The Technology Coalition, a partnership to coordinate efforts to combat online sexual exploitation and abuse, has added

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Texas high school valedictorian switches speech to speak out on state's abortion law

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World Of Wonder Unveils May Lineup Featuring ‘Freedia Got A Gun’, ‘Gay Sex Ed’ With Vanessa Vanjie Mateo & Kameron MichaelsWorld Of Wonder, the company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race, has unveiled its latest original content lineup, with Big Freedia’s gun violence documentary Freedia Got A Gun and Drag Race alum…

Getting started: The do’s and don’ts of retirement saving and investingRetirement saving goes beyond starting an IRA or 401(k) --- there’s asset allocation, goal setting and rebalancing too nice

Trump’s Social Media Magic Appears to Be Wearing OffThe former president’s blog posts are getting much less engagement than he once enjoyed on Facebook and Twitter, where his every outrage and grievance was also injected directly into the news cycle. Trump made a total ass out of himself He was/is a failure in business He is a failure in at least 2 marriages He was a failure as president He is a failure as a human AND He is failing with his “new platform” No one cares!

How conservative anger at Big Tech pushed the GOP into Bernie Sanders' cornerWhat began as a Republican vendetta against Big Tech that seemed mostly performative has morphed into something far more worrisome to big business. From evanhalper: Is this the horseshoe theory? Is it possible to find a good guy on Twitter? Y PRAYZSE FAYCE BEWK, 4 THAYR BANNYNG DRUMP FRUM THAYR ZSYTE! DRUMP VWYL REESH OUW’T 2 IZ FAWLLOWER’Z BIY UZSYNG FAYCE BEWK, AN TWYTTER, 2 N-ZSYTE MOUWR VYOLENCE ! “DA UMARYKUN PEEPUL THAYNK FAYCE BEWK, AN TWYTTER!!“ 💻⌨️🖥

Opinion | Texas bill could let a rapist sue if his victim gets an abortionSomeone who provides funds for an abortion could also be sued, even if they didn’t know that’s what the money was being used for. THINK Family planning or the exploitation of a corrupt system THINK It is beyond the pale, a completely insane conservative Christian government in Texas THINK Before you rightfully dump on Texas conservatives, remember 9/10 of the elected republicans in all of your states would support the same thing…just some are more behind the scenes. If you want this to stop they all must go.