Lauv Details New Album, BTS Collaboration at Private Listening Event in New York

.@lauvsongs details '~how i'm feeling~', @BTS_twt collaboration at private listening event in New York

2/14/2020 7:30:00 AM

.lauvsongs details '~how i'm feeling~', BTS_twt collaboration at private listening event in New York

The singer-songwriter-producer shared the stories behind his debut LP in a supportive room of his champions and media at the Kobalt/AWAL offices.

is ready to finally release his debut studio album. But before~how I'm feeling~drops next month, the singer-songwriter-producer held a private listening session and Q&A at the AWAL and Kobalt offices in New York with some of his biggest professional and artistic champions, as well members of the media, to lay the groundwork for the LP.

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After guests were treated to finger foods, beers and wine, the small audience got cozy in couches and chairs around two stools, two microphones and an acoustic guitar for Lauv and team to play a handful of new tracks from the forthcoming record. Sipping a tall glass of red wine in a pink sweatpants and a hoodie, Lauv shared a mix of self-deprecating jokes and honest reflections on coping with OCD and mania while creating the

~how I'm feeling~-- all of which earning supportive cheers, and occasional whoops, from the audience which all elicit the singer's signature smirky smile. Read more: billboard »

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