Lauren Patten Thanks Trans and Nonbinary 'Jagged Little Pill' Colleagues While Accepting Best Actress in a Musical

Lauren Patten called attention to the conversations around 'Jagged Little Pill's' gender non-conforming representation while accepting the award at the Tonys.

9/27/2021 3:51:00 AM

Lauren Patten called attention to the conversations around 'Jagged Little Pill‘s' gender non-conforming representation, thanking her nonbinary and trans colleagues, at the TonyAwards

Lauren Patten called attention to the conversations around 'Jagged Little Pill's' gender non-conforming representation while accepting the award at the Tonys.

Jay Hewlin and The Hewlin Group to investigate allegations made by former cast members, including nonbinary actor Nora Schell, who alleged in a social media post mistreatment by stage management and other members of the show’s creative leadership in regards to their health care. The producers also announced they are immediately launching an external review of the show’s policies and procedures.

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That followed a lengthy Sept. 17 statement to the production’s website and social media, acknowledging missteps in how they publicly spoke about and identified Patton’s character Jo, a lovestruck teen dealing with religious parents, their sexuality and a souring relationship while also going on their own gender journey, which has no confirmed outcome in the show. The letter also outlined significant changes to the productions on an off-stage approach to trans and nonbinary identities.

A day after the statement, Patten shared a video conversation with Shakina Nayfack, trans writer, actress and activist, to increase transparency around the conversations that were being had about Jo, and to be accountable for harm resulting from the erasure of Jo’s gender journey. Patten linked her comments to a broader conversation on Broadway about transparency and the production changes that have occurred in regards to representation, particularly over the last year.

“The truth is that I did not know as much as I should and stepping into something that I did know would resonate with a lot of folks — a lot of queer folks and a lot of trans folks,” Patten said. “I should have known more how to talk about it. I should have known how to exactly, as you said, affirm the experience without trying to be it.”

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