Lauren Boebert says God 'anointed' Trump to run for president

6/27/2022 1:28:00 PM

The anti-abortion congresswoman suggested God planned for the former president to appoint three justices to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The anti-abortion congresswoman suggested God planned for the former president to appoint three justices to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The anti-abortion congresswoman suggested God planned for the former president to appoint three justices to overturn Roe v. Wade.

including nominating three justices to the stand.White House on Saturday shortly before departing for Europe for a series of meetings with world leaders.Photo: Valerie Plesch/Bloomberg via Getty Images I have one or two white conservative Evangelical friends left.A bipartisan group of negotiators set to work in the Senate and unveiled legislative text on Tuesday.

"Glory to God.Think about that, 49 years of Roe v.“God willing, it's going to save a lot of lives," he said.Wade , 63 million children lost," Boebert told the small crowd.Days like today test those bonds of friendship.Lauren Boebert leaves a House Second Amendment Caucus press conference at the U.It will also require enhanced background checks for people ages 18 to 21 and funding for youth mental health services.S.The Senate passed the bill in a late-night vote Thursday.

Capitol on June 08, 2022 in Washington, D.Democrats unanimously voted in favor of the bill along with more than two dozen Republicans in the House and the Senate, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.” Rather, she told us, “abortions are brutal for the unborn.C.Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images "And because God called a man who was not a politician to run for office, and I believe that he was anointed for that position."If we can reach a compromise on guns, we ought to be able to reach a compromise on other critical issues, from veterans health care to cutting-edge American innovation to so much more."He answered that call despite what other people were saying, despite all the negatives that they were listening and saying how unqualified he was, he said, 'I think I can do something good for this nation.I certainly do not have the patience of Job on a good day, and I definitely don’t on a bad day.' And three Supreme Court justices were installed," Boebert added.But the bill stopped short of his call for Congress to ban assault weapons and to require background checks for all gun purchases, both of which are widely opposed by Republicans in Congress.’ We say more than enough.

"And now, five years from today, we can look back and see children running and laughing with smiles on their faces, going to school, children who would have not had the opportunity to live." Boebert, a staunchly anti-abortion lawmaker who recently had to has frequently invoked God and her Christian beliefs in public speaking.“God bless us with the strength to get the work left done.When the first enslaved Black women arrived in this country, their womanhood became defined solely through their forced reproduction of enslaved, unfree offspring.Read more.

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That makes me sick At least she’s not Catholic, encouraging abortions, taking political parties over there own religion believes. Interruption of pregnancy is a women’s right! What should we do? Eliminate the filibuster, Codify Roe, Increase the members of The Supreme Court! Eliminate the life time of the members of the Supreme Court! Let's do it now! Vote! Vote!

As if God hasn't got enough deadly problems..This sounds like a Flip Wilson routine.🤡😳 *Pro-life congresswoman. ...she continues to assure those brownie points from DJT🍄 She might be true. The coincidence of unfolding world 🌍 events seems to be pointing the nearing of the second coming of Jesus Christ

Biden signs landmark gun legislation: 'God willing, it's going to save a lot of lives'The president called the signing a “monumental day” and said the legislation was proof that Democrats and Republicans could find common ground on important issues. More restrictions/laws for law abiding citizens will not stop criminals from doing anything! Murder, rape, human trafficking, meth, theft are ALL illegal... Yet, it happens every single day!!! 🤮. You people have no idea about God Interesting that Biden didn't do a single thing in his previous 47 years in offce

God isn’t that stupid, bitch. Because god is magical. Almighty. The container that can contain a reality. God is playing the Devil. So all evil is God. Humans are stupid... so tired of you... soon gone. Finally. Just curious. Which God? Before the overturn they said it's God's will. or after the overturn God planned?

poor lady God taught them to perjure themselves. Interesting defense. EXTREMELYlowIQ Not likely considering Trump’s other personality quirks! Wow, what a Snake oil salesman’s statement to make.

God Help My Friendship With White Evangelicals After DobbsWhen you grow up a Black girl in a predominantly white small town in the Deep South, you learn to see white people’s capacity for both humanity and oppression, early, as a matter of survival God isn't real therefor can not help anybody with anything. ProfessorCrunk Good read. should cut its digital only subscription in half — forget the tote. While $5 a month seems cheap, there’s too many wanting that that are good too & $60 at once is bigger hit. JustSaying I implore people of good will to read this piece. So important.

God´s endorsement of Trump would nullify the rest of my Christian faith! Ya, he’s a Christian warrior alright. At what point do you just have to call BULLSHIT I wonder how many she had over her glittering career? Is God’s name Mitch 🙀😜 What else has happened that god planned for? Uvalde? Buffalo? Wow Republican bullshit they now accusing GOD

Time for psych evaluations of all members of congress before they are sworn in. What a dumb cunt Boobert really should return her GED. She probably had to cheat to get it, anyway. Then your god is sick

Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Safety Bill Into Law: 'God Willing, It's Going To Save A Lot Of Lives'President Joe Biden on Saturday signed into law the first major federal gun safety legislation passed in decades, marking a significant bipartisan breakthrough on one of the most contentious policy issues in Washington.

Higher levels of religiosity are linked with lower levels of intelligence. She's a walking, talking case study. 😭 Karen Anointed with pee Actually Republicans have been planning this monstrosity for decades. JoabOdero8 Yep

Biden signs bipartisan gun safety bill into law: 'God willing, it's going to save a lot of lives'President Biden signs into law the first major federal gun safety legislation passed in decades, marking a significant bipartisan breakthrough Strangely, your cable network isn’t covering it One month after Uvalde massacre , Biden signs most significant gun reform bill in nearly 30 years . If Americans actually wanted true reform of gun legislation, they would repeal the Second Amendment. The fact America can’t even change the Second Amendment shows exactly how little they want proper reform.

Sneed: Inside Mike Pence’s private meeting with big-money Republican fundraisersIt was clear Pence was testing the waters for a presidential bid, a source says, but he didn’t have to much to say about former President Trump. Formerly Chuck

Lindsey Graham praises Trump after SCOTUS overturns Roe: ‘deserves the lion’s share of credit’Sen. Lindsey Graham praised former President Donald Trump following the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade, saying Trump 'deserves the lion's share of credit here.' LindseyGrahamSC Uhh nobody cares how he “feels” he’s a net sum negative and that’s how he’ll go out LindseyGrahamSC I wouldn't trust anything, Lydnsey Graham has to say. He speaks from both sides of his mouth!