Lauren Boebert issues warning after GOP's speaker battle

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The GOP lawmaker tweeted on Saturday that people need to 'wait' and see what Republicans have in store for 'Joe Biden and the radical left.'

with anchor Bret Baier that this deal included"putting forward a border security bill, putting forward a term limits bill," and other"common sense" suggestions.

On Friday night, Boebert was one of six House Republicans to continue holding out her vote for McCarthy. However, on the 14th ballot she switched her vote to"present," which prompted applause from her colleagues.. The process was grueling for McCarthy since he was unable to secure the gavel after the first ballot, something not seen in over 100 years.on Saturday in response to Boebert's tweet,"Unfortunately when you see tweets like that, it seems unlikely there will be unity.

Representative Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, walks to the House chamber on Thursday in Washington, D.C. President Joe Biden is seen on the right. Boebert tweeted a warning on Saturday morning telling people to"wait" and see what Republicans have planned after the five-day battle for House speaker concluded on Friday night.

Agranoff continued:"It will be difficult to pass legislation with so many splintered factions in the parties. Let's hope deals can be made and egos can be put aside." Meanwhile, the struggle to agree on a House speaker has called into question the next two years of leadership in Washington D.C. and prompted


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Can’t wait for Boebert to begin babbling.

Oh please, do “halt die Klappe.” Dance!

I prefer when she screams!

She plans to do nothing .

Are GOP finally moving on from FoxNews

We are all still waiting 🤔🤔

GOP are disgusting traitors

Speed it up! Joe is getting older every second!

The Greatest Mistakes of All Times! 1-Putin thought He could finish the 2014 Grab of UK. In 3 Days! 2-China Ji thought he could infect the West in 2019,and Lockdown! Now He Plays the,'Joker' Card! Bumbling Biden Clouseau Foiled their Plots! Peter Seller's Yeh

Can we go back to print news and audio only? The histrionics would slow down.

The MAGA Republican extremist, have nothing to show of themselves but vindictive rhetoric and B.S.! Nothing but the same ol' lies and let's get back at the Democrats! What are they going to do for the American people?!?

That would just guarantee his re-election and a blue wave in 2024. You interpreted the Nov results wrongly.

She's become the GOP's version of AOC. She needs to learn that staying quiet sometimes is more powerful than always spouting off.

Will Boebert and Trump build death camps for all Democratic voters who voted for Biden ! If Trump is able to steal the presidency again !



How about this, how about she ACTUALLY does the job her people sent her to do... instead of this petty thing she has out for Biden & Democrats.


People aren't going to be very impressed, I'm afraid, since your only purpose in life is to drag the libs. People would be impressed if you dealt with gun violence, made progress on the climate crisis, or stopped inflation.

Colorado 3 has much to answer for.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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