Laura Ingraham Has Olympics Freakout Over 'Woke' Athletes, COVID-19 Rules In Tokyo

The Fox News personality just wants things to go back to how they were -- when Olympians couldn't protest.

7/24/2021 12:44:00 PM

The Fox News personality just wants things to go back to how they were -- when Olympians couldn't protest.

The Fox News personality just wants things to go back to how they were -- when Olympians couldn't protest.

Coronavirus infections in Tokyo this week surged to, with the host city currently under its fourth state of emergency.Ingraham slammed “the overload ofOlympianswho think we somehow care about their political views.”She recalled the “wonderful collective memories” of sporting excellence at previous Olympics, claiming Americans “rallied because we loved the country and we loved our athletes.”

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I too would like not to see protest. perhaps you could start by working for true equality for all mankind instead of spreading racist propaganda and lies Let's go back...when the 'coloreds' knew their place...broads weren't so lippy...and there was no such thing as 'homos'. - Every white conservative Honestly American media gives too much of air time to stupid commentator like LauraIngram and TuckerCarlson, can't we just ignore them completely!!!

Ew what a skallywag Hmmm, One of the best things about being American is our right to protest/assemble and force change. Laura Ingraham is unAmerican. She needs to get a life and get off TV. Does she want to go back to the time when. Black people had to sit at the back of the bus? Imagine living your life like Nazi Ingraham... always so angry, hateful, and afraid. And trying to make others feel the same.

I follow HuffPost just to be able to read comments from all the hateful bitches 🧐 We really need to stop giving these fringe lunatics the attention they so clearly crave. They say nothing of value or substance, they only seek to inflame. Ignore them.

So do I! Every one is an activist these days upholding the oppressor v oppressed, narrative, with out doing the required work to verify they are in agreement or not! it is almost just a fashion statement! And intelligent life just wishes Fox news would get the plug pulled permanently. This is always their big 'triggered' issue - kneeling for the anthem. They see it no other way than disrespecting the country & our soldiers when it's never been about that at all. How about trying to see the other point of view on it even just a little bit? Give it a try.

Can we go back to pre- fux?!!! I’m sick of woke ex celebrities whinging for a living You mean like in 1968? 🤔 Oh how I miss the days when I had no idea who this hateful old battle axe was She probably wants slavery back too Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens doesn't ring a bell? Horse face

Me too. To when Fox news didnt exist. A Call to Protect People and Nature! T'h'a'c'k'e'r Pass, Nevada, Thread to Watch/read: Let.go back to when women were not allowed 🚫 to be News 📰 commentators on 📺 Don’t Like it. Don’t Watch. Ingraham is protesting that athletes are able to protest! Weird! She needs to sit her old ass down.

And id like to go baco to when news reporters were meant to be unbias and held to acvount. Free speech? No, not like THAT!!!

BREAKING NEWS: 'Athletes spouting political commentary are wrong', says political commentator spouting sports commentary. “Shut up and dribble” lady steps in it again. Like so many things, I guess she thinks sports is there just for her entertainment. She conveniently ignores the fact that achievement comes with a platform.

She is a dumpster fire 🔥 Laura Who? 🤔 I think she wants to go back a bit further. Perhaps back to the days when she could sit on the porch of her ₱Ⱡ₳₦ I mean big house, and watch her people work in the fields. Terrible person. Tell that to Jesse Owens How about we go back further, when Fox News did not exist ? Good Times.

Only IngrahamAngle can be so dumb as to think players have never protested at the olympics before. I get Fox News is only about lies and misinformation but geez, one second searching would show athletes have been protesting at Olympics longer than she’s been alive. What is wrong with her? WhingeyWhinyWhiteNationalistTrashWoman? EffThatB! VichyGOPVermin!

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