Laundrie Atty. Says Parents Don't Know Why He Ran or What's in His Journal

Steve Bertolino clarifies what the Laundrie parents know or don't know.

10/27/2021 8:30:00 AM

Steve Bertolino clarifies what the Laundrie parents know or don't know.

Steve Bertolino clarifies what the Laundrie parents know or don't know about Brian's disappearance and journal.

Roberta, have no idea why their son fled with such angst the day he went missing in September. he would only say they felt he was"out of sorts."Obviously, everyone wants to know exactly what the parents knew and when -- but Bertolino insists they were in the dark on what the heck was happening with Brian as he fled from the house and vanished.

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So........the man who is paid to defend this family claims the family knows nothing. ...Riiight. Laundrie' blue-veined mother & father should be in jail for AIDING & ABETTING a criminal after-the-fact. Yeah like we shld believe him Killer killed ask dad

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Brian Laundrie notebook found near remains 'may be salvageable,' police sayBrian Laundrie's notebook, which his parents found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Oct. 20 before handing it over to authorities, “may be salvageable,” police say. Once again, Fox News late to the party Hi TuckerCarlson microphone is too hot and distorting tonight. All the clips he shows are very clear.

Florida police who were monitoring Brian Laundrie admit to mistakePolice in North Port, Florida, have admitted that they made a mistake while monitoring Brian Laundrie's movements from his home last month. And recently reported NPPD says “it’s the Laundrie’s fault.” 😭💀 Just define PSYOP please: 🙄👈 I hope the energy of some of those ladies go to the police.