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Joe Biden, John Bolton

Late Night Doesn’t Find It Hard to Believe Trump Forgot a Son

Here's a rundown of the bits worth watching from late-night TV


Here's a rundown of the bits worth watching from late-night TV

The president’s odd reference to one of his children was comedic fodder for the late-night hosts. “At least Darth Vader claimed his son,” one said.

“I mean, just listen to the flavors. You’ve got mango, jelly bean, birthday cake — those are clearly for kids, right? Adults don’t flavor their drugs. Like, I watched ‘Narcos’ — there was never a moment where someone was like, ‘Let me sample your product, man. Ah, yeah, butterscotch, I like it.’”

“Or so I hear, I’ve not seen him for a while. He better not be vaping!”

“But, look, you can’t fault Trump for not being super eager to claim responsibility for his son. I mean, the dude has been burned twice.”

Mr. Trump continued to speak about the exit of his third national security adviser, John R. Bolton, from the White House this week. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump referred to Mr. Bolton as a “tough guy; so tough, he got us into Iraq.” But he said that despite their disagreements, he wished Mr. Bolton well.

“If you knew all that, then why did you hire him in the first place? It’s like firing someone for embezzlement when they had ‘embezzlement’ under special skills on their résumé.”

“According to sources, President Trump is expected to be his own foreign policy adviser following the firing of John Bolton. So I was wrong — he could find someone more dangerous than John Bolton.”

“Tomorrow night is the third Democratic debate. The top 10 candidates will all be there: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete, Comptroller Jim, probably Samuel L. Jackson — he’s in everything these days. The Progressive insurance lady, although Bernie thinks she’s not progressive enough.”

“The third Democratic primary debate is tomorrow night — ‘and I’m going to be gaffe-free this time,’ said Joe Biden, naked from the waist down.”

Joaquina Kalukango and Paul Alexander Nolan star in “Slave Play” on Broadway.

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These SAME EXACT JOURNALISTS won’t mention Biden’s gaffe parade or exploding eyeball. That's no how you list zero of something. Anti American propaganda at its finest!! jimmykimmel StephenAtHome WalkAwayFromDemocrats NeverForget He would forget his arse if it wasn't firmly attached. Yet another example of having to tweet what these fools said the following evening, because no one is actually watching them!

NYT is desperate for news that someone will pay attention to. Their editors missed the grade school lesson on CRYING WOLF! You’ve lost credibility. If you report like a tabloid, you get the respect of a tabloid. Sell your papers at the supermarket. This is what’s become of the NYT... 🙄

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Dream Talk Show Guest, Is a General Delight On 'Late Night': WatchKelly Clarkson dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday (Sept. 9) to dish about her new daytime talk show. kellyclarkson LateNightSeth Ready to make a show pnutsings 🎶🍸🎶 with Hit Song 😉

Late-Night Hosts Poke Fun at Trump's Twitter Feud with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen'Trump called John Legend a boring musician and called Chrissy Teigen a filthy mouthed wife,' James Corden said on 'The Late Late Show.' 'In other news, Melania's campaign against cyberbullying is still going strong.'

Bolton Left His Mustache at the White House, Late Night Quips“Ironically, while Bolton is leaving, his mustache is staying on as Stephen Miller’s new hairpiece,” Stephen Colbert joked Tuesday. Here’s a rundown on how pathetic the NYSlimes is! How about real reporting on 9/11 This is a must watch for the lefties at the Times.

‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Takes A Closer Look At President Trump’s Bahamas And Bolton DecisionsAlways caustic Seth Meyers took on President Trump’s decisions on the firing of National Security Adviser John Bolton and his caution in not allowing Bahamian refugees into the country in ton… laugh like woman... love that. Are we not glad that hard hitting news journalist Seth Meyers is looking into this 😂 Cmon deadline letting cnn run your site is ruining you. serious. when will he just suck himself off to completion

Late-Night Hosts React to John Bolton's Exit, Poke Fun at His Mustache'You have to appreciate the irony of John Bolton being taken out by a preemptive strike,' Seth Meyers said of the hawkish former national security adviser. Missing A Little Late with Lilly Singh Lilly ? Thankfully, this time he found a weapon of self-destruction. Bralalalala has proposed international peace resolution. US and allied planes must drop transgender sex equality fliers into all enemy terrain. No further weapons needed. All will resolve as despots running nations never transgender. This project will weaken them infinitely .

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